How Electrofix Started Journey

Electrofix was founded by William Gonzalez. After completing his graduation in electrical engineering, he worked as a project engineer at a renowned company for 3 years. He pursued his passion for helping others with their electrical issues with his extensive knowledge in this field.

Through his education & practical working experiences, he realized the necessity for reliable & informative resources to help people in fixing common problems with their electrical appliances.

Then in 2021, he started & has been sharing high-quality troubleshooting guides & maintenance tips on different types of electrical products to reduce our readers’ struggles.

Over the years, our blog has grown in popularity & appreciated by many of our readers for our helpful solution guides. Also, they started to query about different types of issues with their electrical products.

For that reason, William has engaged Nighat (one of his friends who is an expert too in the same field as William) in Electrofix to make his work easy.

Since then, Nighat & Willam have been working as a team for the “Electrofix” audience.

Thanks a lot to know about our journey & contact us if you have any queries.