How Electrofixs Team Creates Content

Electrofix’s main goal is to provide knowledge & guidance to fix your electrical systems-related issue that is tested & proven.

A question may arise in your mind what’s going on behind the scene or how we create these guidelines for you?

In fact, every content of Electrofix must pass some specific procedures before reaching you to lessen your struggle. Let’s go ahead to know how we work to produce accurate informative & effective problem-solution guides for everyone.

Need of Audience

At first, we research the needs of our target audience including the common issues they are facing with their electrical products, their pain points & the information they are looking for. Thus, we find out the topic of the content.

Content Aim

When the audience needs are identified, next we define the aim of the content, whether it is educating them on a specific topic or providing a step-by-step solution guide to a common problem. We clear the goal to ensure effective & focused content.

Information Gathering & Testing

Once the topic & its objective is identified, we gather information about the issue. In this step, besides our knowledge & practical working experiences, we do research too about the problem to gather as much information as possible. Then, we test & verified all the gathered information with our experiences & make the issue clear.

Creating Outlines & Writing The Content

After gathering all verified information, first, we create outlines of the content including the main points to cover, clear structure & supportive evidence. Then, we write a well-organized & easy to follow solution guide in simple language. Also, we add relevant images & videos to make the guide easily understandable by our readers.

Edit & Review

When the content is written, we review & edit it carefully to make sure the content is error-free, accurate & covered all the points. We also ensure the written content is highly informative & engaging.


Finally, we publish the content for our audiences & ensure easily structured content that is easy for search engines to crawl as well as easy to access for our readers.  

Well, these are the whole procedure to create a problem-solving guide to an issue with your electrical systems that are reliable for you to fix the problem.

To know more, go through our about page & how we start Electirofixs.

If still you have anything to know, feel free to contact us.