William Gonzalez (Founder & Lead Writer)

William Gonzalez, CEO & senior writer of Electrofix.com has a background in electrical engineering. Plus, years of practical experience in fixing common issues with several electrical appliances enrich his expertise to understand the inner workings of these systems.

He is sharing these practical solutions & tips with his readers to ensure the optimal performance of their electric systems. Besides his experience, he researches better solutions to any electrical issues to find out the easiest & more effective way to problem solution & shares them with our readers. 

Also, he clearly explains the critical electrical concepts in simple terms that are easily understandable to our readers. Plus, he always makes the users alert to take precautions before dealing with electrical systems. 

In fact, his passion for educating & helping others about electrical systems-related issues is proved in his writing style to make informed his audience. In a word, William provides high-quality content for our readers that are both clearly informative & engaging.

In simple words, it can be said that with his years of practical experience & deep knowledge, William is a trusted source of information & solutions to any electrical issues.

Well, when William is not writing or working on the Electrofix, he spends quality time with his family & explores new technology innovations in the electrical engineering sector.

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