Acer Monitor Orange Light [5 Easy Solutions]

Acer monitor orange light indicates that the monitor is in standby mode. Also, the loose data cables connection or failed power supply is the leading cause behind this issue. When this happens, restarting the computer is needed after checking cables. Sometimes, a dead monitor is a major reason for this.

Go through our below exclusive guide to get all possible solution steps to fix this monitor issue. 

Acer Monitor Orange Light [5 Easy Solutions]

If there is orange light blinking on your Acer Monitor, learn the 5 major reasons for causing this. Also, fix the issue by following below most effective solutions procedures.

1. Turn off Stand By Mode

If your Acer monitor status LED light starts flashing orange light, there might have your monitor is in standby mode. The term standby is alternatively referred to as the sleep mode.

This is basically a power-saving mode, which temporarily disables some of the hardware features from consuming power. A solid or flashing amber light such as orange on the body of the device indicates the standby mode. In this situation, you have to verify if your computer is in this mode and get it out.

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How to Get Monitor Out of Standby Mode?

  • To wake up your monitor from this sleep mode or standby, you just have to move the mouse slightly. Or, you may press any key on the keyboard. Also, pressing the power button once will also work here.
  • If all above fails to wake up your computer, hold down the power button for about 5-10 seconds. This will reboot your computer. Once your computer wakes up, the indicator light turns green from flashing orange.  

2. Failed Power Cable

If your monitor is already out of standby mode and still orange light flashing, it is time to check out the power cable status. When the fluent power supply has failed, the electrical device starts malfunctioning. 

The flashing orange light indicates something happened in the power supply. There have several cables that may come loose by randomly moving or bumping. Anyway, to get rid of such type of external issue, just go through with us. 


  • Start by testing all single cables. Make sure all that is well connected.
  • Now check out the wall outlet. Disconnect your monitor cable and connect another electric device there. If the device does not show any issue, make sure there is a problem with your wall outlet. Connect your computer to a different outlet.
  • If the wall outlet is fine, remove the power cable from the back of the computer. Replace it will another power cable. 
  • Sensibly check out all the visible wires. Replace the worn-out or cracked ones.
  • Also, make sure you are plugging the cable firmly while connecting with the wall adapter.

3. Check Out The Data Cable

A loose data cable connection is another major reason for the flashing orange light on the monitor power light. Here, the data cables may get defective or not completely plugged in.

Sometimes, it is disconnected, or misconnected, which causes more problems with the monitor, including the orange light blinking. Go through the below troubleshooting steps to fix this cable problem:


  • First of all, check out the cable connection. Verify all are firmly connected. 
  • Besides, verify all the data cables are well working. Replace all the cracked or badly pinched cables. Don’t get into hassle. They are fairly inexpensive to replace.
  • Also, replace all outdated cables if there are any. Connect with DVI or HDMI cable and port.
  • If you have all those cables connected, disconnect and reconnect to the computer and the back of the monitor.
  • All cables must be inserted firmly in place.

4. Restart The Acer Monitor

If all the cables connection and power supplies are all right, it is time to restart your computer if still there blinking orange light. By restarting or resetting your monitor, it will continue functioning correctly.

Also, it will assist in eliminating all of the garbage from the function of the computer. Anyway, follow the below steps to reset your computer.

  • First of all, turn off your monitor.
  • Now, remove all the power connections from it.
  • This time, press the monitor power button.
  • Keep press the button for 15 seconds.
  • Now reconnect the power cable with the monitor and back to the computer.
  • Then, turn on the monitor. Hopefully, the orange light flashing problem is solved. 

5. Dead Computer

If all the above ones fail to prove well, be sure the computer is dead, and it is the culprit. The blinking light issue is one of the major signs of a broken processor if the cables are functioning well. You can go through a short test to confirm this fact. 

Remove all the cables from the monitor and computer. Now take the monitor and the attached cables and connect them to another computer to test it.

If the orange stops flashing, it is sure that your monitor is good. Here, the computer may be got defective, and it needs to replace. Contact the Acer monitor technical support for better suggestions.


How to put the computer in standby mode?

To put the computer to sleep manually, press the window key. When there appears a menu list, click the power button bottom-left corner of the menu. Now select the sleep option.

Why does my computer screen go black?

The computer screen suddenly goes black if there is a serious issue on the computer. Also, a broken power supply or lose cable connection leads to the same problem. Sometimes you need to replace the bad monitor.

Wrapping Thoughts

Hopefully, our assembled every single troubleshooting step has enough assistance to you to break the issue from your monitor. We can expect you are not troubled with any kind of blinking problem with your Acer monitor any longer. 

Furthermore, if there are any questions that you would want to ask us, just leave a comment in the comment section. We are always ready for you.  

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