Can Command Strips Hold A TV [Explained]

TVs are pretty expensive. The last thing you want to do is to break it. Some would suggest using a strong, double-sided adhesive to mount it with the wall. But, can command strips hold a TV? The answer is no.

Command strips and other adhesive strips are not designed for such purposes. To know more, read the entire article. Make sure to pay attention as our experts discuss ways to mount your TV.

Can Command Strips Hold A TV [Answered]

No, command strips are unable to hold onto your TV. You see, Command Strips are double-sided adhesives. But, the main catch is the weight limit.

The longest command strip can hold on to 24-inch or 32-inch objects weighing around 16 pounds at maximum.

Now, take your TV. It is way more than 16 pounds. A standard 32-inch LED TV weighs more than 25 pounds. In such cases, command strips cannot hold onto the weight. Thus, resulting in disaster. 

Our experts highly discourage using command strips to mount your TV on the wall. Follow the segments to find out the appropriate ways to mount the TV.

How To Mount Your TV On The Wall

Here are several options on how to mount your TV safely on the wall. Follow the sections to know more.

1. Wall Mounts

These are perhaps the most logical approach to mounting your TV. The catch is, however, you will have to drill some holes. Now, installing a wall mount does require a good amount of manual labor. But, it is worth it.

You can have a good deal on wall mounts online. Fetch one for yourself at the best offers. Then, follow these easy steps to install a wall mount for your TV.

  • Hold the wall part (the side attaching to the wall) with the wall to have a placement understanding.
  • Make sure that the level is parallel to the ground. You can use a level tool to ensure that. Once the part is perfectly aligned as your liking, take a pencil and mark the screw holes.
  • Take a ¼ inch drill and drill holes on the pencil marks. Attach screw plugs and screw the wall part of the mount.
  • Then, attach the TV with the mount according to the instructions provided with the TV.

2. TV Hangers

Now, some TV hangers come with adhesive and metal hangers. Some also require a few screws. You can simply attach it to the wall and hang your TV. Some metal hangers require fewer screws. So, you aren’t damaging the walls that much.

3. Rails

Metal or wooden rails are popular for their height adjustability. You can install rails on the wall with a few drilling. The best part is, you can adjust the TV height by shifting the brackets. 

The brackets are responsible for holding your TV with the rails. Shifting the brackets will make the TV shift as well.

How To Secure A TV Without Wall Mounts

Now, some might not want to drill holes in the wall. In such cases, wall mounts and TV hangers don’t comply. However, you can use TV stands instead. 

The best possible way is to use TV stands. TV stands are quite popular in the States, especially for millennials. You can order one online or buy one from IKEA or other furniture stores. One drawback of this product is the pricing.

A typical TV stand can cost you quite a bit of money. Expensive ones can extend more than your TV’s actual price. So, the call is yours.

If you can’t drill holes, then TV stands are good options for you. However, judging by the pricing, it can be a lost cause for many.

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How much weight can small Command Strips hold?

Small command strips can hold roughly about 4 pounds. These small strips are pretty weak. Larger ones can hold up to 16 pounds.

Can You use multiple command strips to mount the TV?

Our experts don’t recommend using command strips to mount your TV. You can use multiple strips to increase the strength. However, it will still be risky for your TV, your family, and your children. So, not using command strips for hanging your TV will be a wise decision.

What can you do if your TV doesn’t have mounting screws?

Some companies don’t provide mounting screw holes. These require adapters. The adapters can mount on the wall or a stand.

Final Thoughts

So, Can Command strips Hold A TV? No, they can’t. You are now familiar with the reasons. On top of that, you have also explored ways on mounting your TV. Share your thoughts on which way helped you mount your TV. 

For other issues with mounting or your TV, please reach out in the comment section down below. Our experts are always here for your help. 

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