Connecting Center Speaker To Stereo Receiver [7 Easy Steps]

For connecting center speaker to stereo receiver, you need to follow some simple steps. First, turn off the stereo receiver’s power. Then hook up the stereo receiver and center speaker using a speaker wire.

Next, connect the speaker cable to the speaker terminals. Finally, ensure the speaker wire’s twist ends and inserts the ends into the receiver and speaker’s connection terminal.

In this article, we discussed the step-by-step guide for connecting the center speakers to the A/V stereo receiver. Properly go through this article, learn the central speaker and receiver connecting process and do it yourself at home.

Connecting Center Speaker To Stereo Receiver [7 Easy Steps]

Below we presented the complete details of how to connect the center channel speaker to the receiver. Follow the steps below for hooking up the center speaker to your stereo receiver. 

Step 1: At first, turn off your stereo receiver. 

Step 2: Use a speaker cable for connecting the center speaker and AV receiver 

Step 3: On you’re A/V stereo receiver’s rear, connect the speaker terminals with the speaker wires 

Step 4: If the terminal has a spring clip, you should press down both the negative (black) and positive (red) clips. However, release both the positive and negative clips after pressing it. 

Step 5: Turn the negative and positive binding posts counter-clockwise for post terminals binding. And loosen both the binding posts, including red and black. 

Step 6: Beneath the binding posts, there are available slots. Now insert the speaker wire in the slots. Then make the slot’s speaker wire tighten by clockwise turning the binding posts. 

Step 7: Now, with the corresponding center speaker, connect the speaker wire’s other end

Connect Center Speaker to Stereo Receiver: Issues You May Experience

i. After connecting the center speaker and stereo receiver, you may face the following problems: 

ii. You have to set and keep the speaker’s volume at a too-high level after connecting it to the stereo receiver.

iii. You should have 7.1 and 5.1 receivers for using the center speaker regularly and producing high-quality sound from it. 

iv. Without connecting with a higher stereo receiver or 5.1 amplifiers, the center speaker will not have a perfect sound 

v. By combining the center speaker with the receiver, you may lose the speaker’s special-stereo effect. 

vi. To get better sound at the right and left rear, you may require adding 2 more speakers. 

Note: You can also read how to fix the left speaker louder than the right.

Things You Should Know While Connecting Your Center Speaker To The Stereo Receiver

  • The center speaker and Right and Left speakers should be identical. Timbre matching of these speakers is not enough, and these need to be equal. Identical speakers are the only way to improve your center speakers’ sound quality.
  • Also, the left and right speakers’ identical amp channels should drive your center speaker.
  • The Olympic Center should be placed near the left and right speaker’s closest center.
  • The A/V receiver most suits with the center speaker 
  • The center channel will significantly enhance your excellent sound experience than the phantom center. 


How do I hook up multiple speakers to a receiver?

You can hook up multiple speakers to a receiver using the series mode. First, connect the amplifier’s red (positive) connection to one speaker’s positive input. Then hook up the first speaker’s negative connection with the following speaker’s positive connection. As long as you don’t connect all the speakers, repeat this process. 

How many speakers can I hook up to my receiver? 

If you connect the identical speakers and receiver, then per channel easily, four speakers work very well. Use parallel mode to place the speaker’s two pairs and put the speaker’s other two pairs using the series mode. Ensure that the speaker’s model and size are ideal.  

Can I connect one speaker to a receiver? 

No, you can’t connect one speaker to a stereo receiver. So don’t connect your A/V receiver to only one channel. Instead of driving one speaker, connect the output of both channels. If you connect your receiver to one amplifier, your amplifier will stop working. 

Can I connect left and right to one speaker?

Left and right are parallel circuits: thus, you can try to connect these two channels together in one speaker. Accordingly, as its circuit is parallel, it will deliver the same current just like the single channel. Therefore, the sound quality would not differ much. 

How do I hook up outdoor speakers to my receiver?

For connecting the outdoor speakers to your receiver, but the volume control box and receiver at outside. Use a sheltered area to keep the speakers. Ensure enough space among the speakers and receiver while connecting them. 


Hopefully, the above article was a helpful piece for you. And now you know the way of connecting the center speaker to the stereo receiver. Connecting the central speaker and receiver is not rocket science.

Thus you will definitely do it by yourself following the above steps. But if you fail to do it for any reason, don’t hesitate. Comment on your problem. Our expert will give the solution ASAP. 

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