How To Fix RCA TV Red Light Blinking [Reasons + Solutions]

RCA TV red light blinking twice or 5 times mainly due to the open lamp door, malfunctioning TV lamp, and the defective power supply board. Any of the factors can cause your TV’s red light to flash, but which is the main culprit? You need to find it out.

rca tv red light blinking

So, this guide will explain the major factors responsible for the above troubles and their quick solutions. Also, you will learn how you can replace your RCA TV’s defective lamp.

Thus, don’t waste time and keep reading this troubleshooting guide. And you will assuredly learn to fix your RCA TV’s power light flashing issue by yourself.

RCA TV Red Light Blinking Twice & 5 Times [Explained]

If your TV’s red light blinks 5 times, pauses, and then again blinks 5 times, it means the TV’s lamp is trying to start. If after five minutes your TV doesn’t start and blinks steadily twice, then the following factors are causing it.  

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1. Open The Lamp Door

Opening the lamp door prevents your RCA TV from turning on, and thus your RCA TV red light blinks 5 times.

open the lamp door

The flashing red light on your RCA TV means the lamp door has come loose.


On your RCA TV’s side, locate the lamp door and then close it. Then shut off your RCA TV and turn your TV back again.

Your TV’s lamp should turn on, and your RCA Roku TV red light blinking twice problem will be solved.

2. Defective Lamp

A dead lamp is another major reason why your RCA smart TV’s red light blinks 5 times. If suddenly your TV’s lamp goes out, your TV will make a popping noise, and the TV screen will become black.

defective lamp

Your TV will not display any pictures and will blink the red light. However, your RCA TV lamp becomes defective for the following reasons:

  • Burnt-out, broken, or damaged lamp
  • Poor cooling
  • Dirt or dust build-up within the lamp
  • Cheap manufacturer lamp


Check your TV board’s inside to find out the defective TV lamp. A thin glass tube is presented in each lamp. Now the lousy lamp has the shattered glass tube or the hole melted in it. 

So if you find any such lamp be sure that this faulty lamp is causing your RCA TV power light to flash. So, to get rid of this trouble, follow the solutions below:

  • Replace the broken, burnt-out, damaged, or cheaply manufactured lamp
  • Ensure proper cooling in your TV
  • Clean the lamp’s dirt or dust build-up

How To Replace RCA TV Lamp

You should immediately replace your TV’s dead lamp to fix your RCA Roku TV power light flashing issue. For replacing the lamp, follow the quick steps below:

Required Tools

required tools
  • An RCA DLP lamp
  • A T-10 & T-15 Torx driver
  • A flat-head screwdriver
  • The Pliers pair
  • Lint-free cloth or a pair of gloves
  • Tape

The lamp replacing easy steps are:

  • Locate the TV lamp first. Usually, your TV’s lamp is located just behind the rectangle door.
  • Loosen the rectangle door’s screw using the flat-head screwdriver
  • Loose the screw and open the compartment door using the two clips. On each side, there is one screw that needs to be loosened.
  • Now pull back the tray gently and remove your RCA TV lamp from the enclosure.
  • Carefully pull out your TV’s rear lamp cover and release the side clips.
  • Now using the Torx driver and plyer, unscrew the lamp connectors.
  • After removing the enclosure back, you now have easy access to remove the circled three screws.
  • Now take apart your RCA TV lamp.
  • Then you need to install a new and original lamp. Tighten your RCA TV lamp’s top washer by placing the lamp into the plastic cage.
  • Tighten the side panels to secure your TV lamp
  • Place the lamp cover back on your RCA TV, and the lamp replacement is done.

Note: Don’t throw the used TV lamp into the regular garbage as it contains mercury. Thus properly recycle your RCA TV lamp.

3. Malfunctioning Power Supply Board

A faulty power supply board within your RCA TV is another culprit for which your TV blinks the red light 5 times.

malfunctioning power supply board 

The defective PS board fails to supply the secondary voltage within your TV, and your TV fails to operate or turn on. However, your TV’s PS board become lousy for the following reasons:

  • High electricity frequency variation, power surge, or short circuit
  • Blown capacitors
  • Lousy transformer
  • TV overheating
  • Board’s non-functioning or faulty internal components
  • Malfunctioning resistors 
  • Board is getting an insufficient power supply
  • Defective electrical outlet
  • Broken MLCC components 
  • Power board charging excessive current 
  • Damaged or broken power cable or board’s internal component’s loose wiring 


Check your RCA TV’s power board and internal components to find the damaged one. Then replace the faulty part. And the other effective ways of resolving the above troubles are:

  • Prevent your TV’s power surge, high electricity variation, or short circuit by installing the dynamic voltage stabilizer
  • Replace the blown capacitors, bad transformer, faulty resistors, malfunctioning electrical outlet, broken MLCC components, and broken or damaged power cable
  • Make sure the power board is getting a sufficient power supply.
  • Ensure the PS board is not charging high power
  • Tighten the board’s internal wiring connection  


Why is my RCA TV not working?

Your RCA TV is not working mainly due to the TV’s improper power supply, broken or damaged power cable connection, faulty electrical outlet, defective internal hardware components, etc.

Why is my RCA TV saying no signal?

The major factors for which your RCA TV says no signal are selecting the wrong input source, incorrect setting, or antenna fault. Try changing your TV’s input to AV to fix this issue.

How do you fix an RCA TV that won’t turn on?

You need to reset your TV which won’t turn on. Also, check your TV’s electrical outlet and cable connection and make sure your TV is getting the proper power to operate.

Final Words

So, now you know the major reasons why your RCA TV’s red light blinks 5 times. If you suddenly experience your TV’s red light flashing, you will fix it yourself by following the ways above. 

Comment on the comment box and let us know whether you successfully solve your TV’s power light blinking hitch or not. We are always here to help you.

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