How To Turn On Emerson TV Without Remote [4 Easy Methods]

When your Emerson TV’s remote becomes damaged or missing, you need alternative ways to turn on your TV. Thus you need to know how to turn on Emerson TV without a remote.

You can easily turn on your Emerson TV without a remote by following 4 simple methods. The methods are to use a universal remote, manually turn on your TV, reset your Emerson TV and plug in and out your TV in the power outlet. 

In this article, we conducted in-depth research and then explained the detailed steps of each method.

So, this well-researched article is for you if you are looking for ways to turn on your Emerson TV without the remote control. Sharply read it, and you will absolutely learn to turn your TV without a remote.

Why Is Your Remote Control Not Working

You may need to turn on your Emerson TV without a remote for different reasons. However, your TV’s remote control may start malfunctioning for the following causes:

  • The remote goes wrong, or its buttons are not working
  • Missing remote
  • Remote’s broken power button
  • Damaged, corroded, or dead batteries
  • Defective remote itself 

Whatever the reason is, even without a remote, you can turn on your Emerson TV.

How To Turn On Emerson TV Without Remote [4 Easy Methods]

Your Emerson TV’s most vital part is its remote control, without which turning on and off the TV and also controlling it becomes difficult. If your TV’s remote stops working for any reason, you need alternative methods to turn on your TV. 

In the following section, we explained all those different ways in which you can easily turn on your TV without using the remote. So, let’s start:

Method 1: Use A Universal Remote

Without your Emerson TV remote, you can switch on your TV using the universal remote. However, first, you require to set up the universal remote. Setting it up is easy, and following two ways, you can do it.

  • When you are using a different type of system or home theater, you need to follow model-specific instructions for setting up a universal remote.
  • You can use the Remote Control app on your mobile phone to set up a universal remote. From Google Play, Android users can easily download this app. After downloading it, search for your Emerson TV device by name.

After finding your Emerson TV name in the app, press on it and connect. The app’s simple user interface contains volume control, pause, play, and stop buttons.

Now, this app will act as a universal remote. And using this app, you can not only turn on your Emerson TV but also can control it.

Do Every Android Phone Support Remote Control

The mobile phone’s remote control system excites everyone. But the fact is not every Android phone supports the remote control. Only mobiles with built-in infrared blasters support this remote control feature.

If your android phone doesn’t have this built-in infrared blasters feature, it will not support the universal remote control functioning. Whether your android phone has the infrared blaster feature or not, you can find out by searching on Google.

Method 2: Manually Turn ON Your TV

Another simple and easy method using which you can turn on your Emerson TV without a remote is to go near your TV and press its power button. First, you need to know where is the power button on Emerson TV.

Find out your Emerson TV’s control panel. You will find the power button at the bottom right corner of your Emerson TV back panel.

The closest button on your Emerson TV’s right-hand side is the power button. Now manually press the power button to turn on your TV without a remote.

Note: If your TV is mounted to your home’s wall, reaching the power button may be hard. If your TV doesn’t turn on after pressing the button manually, you need to contact Emerson Customer service.

Depending on your Emerson TV model, the power button may stay in a different place. If you don’t find the power button after following the steps mentioned above, you should follow the easy ways below to find it.

  • Read through your Emerson TV manual and try to trace out the power button’s location.
  • Some Emerson TV comes with the touch power button, so check for it. Usually, at your TV’s lower panel’s middle point, you will find it.
  • Check the right and left sides for the power button at your TV’s top. The power button will be distinguishable by color, size, power symbol, or label.

Method 3: Reset Your Emerson TV

Another simple way to turn on your TV without the Emerson TV remote is to reset it. After resetting your Emerson TV, it will turn on. So to reset your TV, you need to follow the simple steps below:

  • Find out your Emerson TV’s power button and press it.
  • Your TV will first blink yellow, and then the yellow will turn green. Press your TV’s power button again if it doesn’t blink red.
  • The red light blinking will power up your TV, and you will also be able to change the channels.

Method 4: Plugging In and Out In Power Outlet

Another easy way to turn on your TV without an Emerson TV remote is to plug in and out the TV’s cord in the power outlet.

Almost on every TV, this method works by switching on and off your Emerson TV by disconnecting its power source. 

However, to ensure the effectiveness of this method, you have to ensure your TV is in the ON position before disconnecting it.

If, before unplugging your TV, it remains in the off position, this method will not work to turn on your TV. So to complete this method, follow the steps below:

  • Unplug your Emerson TV from the power outlet
  • Within 15 seconds of unplugging, plug your TV back into the outlet
  • Your TV screen will show an orange light, and this light indicates that your TV has been turned off.
  • Now try pressing your Emerson TV’s power buttons after 30 seconds.
  • The red light flashes on your Emerson TV and will signal that you successfully turned it on without a remote.

Note: Don’t leave your Emerson TV plugged in position for an extended time. Long-time plugging will cause overcharging, and it can damage your TV’s battery life.


Why won’t my TV turn on, but the red light is on Emerson?

If your Emerson TV turns on and blinks a red light, there is an issue with it. A faulty IR sensor, defective mainboard, or bad power source may cause this red light to blink. Restart your Emerson TV to fix it.

Where is the reset button located on an Emerson TV?

The reset button is located at the connector panel on an Emerson TV. The reset button is recessed and small, and for holding it down, you require a pen. To reset your Emerson TV hold this button for 15-30 seconds.

How do I get my Emerson TV out of standby mode?

Unplug your TV’s power cord from the outlet. Wait for 60 minutes. Now press your Emerson TV’s power button and hold it for 60 seconds (Not the remote’s button). Plug it back again and keep holding your TV power button during plugging it back.

How do I connect my phone to my Emerson TV?

Connect your HDMI cable’s one end to your TV’s HDMI port and connect HDMI’s other end to your phone’s USB port. Now turn on both your phone and your Emerson TV, and automatically these two will start pairing.


So now you know how to turn on Emerson TV without a remote. If your remote goes bad or is missing, try out any of these or all methods, and you will surely succeed in turning on your Emerson TV without a remote. 

However, if you still have any queries, comment and let us know. We will answer your queries ASAP.

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