Why My Insignia TV Volume Too Low [Solved]

Insignia TV volume too low mainly due to the TV’s audio setting issue, minor bugs and glitches in the TV, the TV speaker’s malfunction, and the remote’s volume button stopping working.

Also, connecting Bluetooth audio devices to Insignia TV, outdated software, and not-adjusted TV volumes are responsible for this trouble.

insignia tv volume too low

The easy way to get rid of all these problems is to perform a power reset on your Insignia TV. If the power reset fails to fix the issue, you should perform a factory reset. Also, keep your TV’s software up-to-date. 

Sharply read this article’s each point to learn the details of each of these above issues and their solving ways.

Why My Insignia TV Volume Too Low [Reasons + Solutions]

The major factors responsible for Insignia TV volume problems and their simple solutions are:

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1. TV’s Sound/Audio Settings Problems

If you disconnect the external speakers of your TV or change the audio source, you may encounter your Insignia TV volume problems.

After connecting additional speakers or other external audio devices to your TV, the audio setting also changes.

Whether you connect or disconnect the external audio devices to your Insignia TV causes a low volume issue.


After connecting or disconnecting additional speakers to your Insignia TV, you should manually change your TV’s audio setting. The volume will start to work normally after manually changing it. The easy steps to change the TV’s sound setting are:

  • Go to your Insignia TV’s setting and open up the audio setting
  • Click on audio
  • Click on an audio configuration
  • Now turn your Insignia TV’s volume back to its internal source

2. Minor Bugs And Glitches In TV

Sometimes minor bugs and glitches cause Insignia TV low volume problems. The TV’s short-lived fault is called a glitch. And bug means TV’s system error.

There are no specific reasons behind why all these happen. But, bugs and glitches can cause various problems in your TV, and your TV volume can go wrong.


Restarting the TV is the easy solution to fix your Insignia fire TV volume issues. All the minor glitches and bugs will clear out by restarting your Insignia TV.

To restart your Insignia TV, go to its setting. Then select and press restart. And it will fix the minor bugs and other errors in your TV.

3. Defective TV Speakers

If, after restarting, you still see your Insignia TV sound very low, then the minor bugs and glitches are not the culprit. Now it’s time to focus on the speakers.

The TV’s faulty speakers are another factor causing the low volume trouble. The causes of your TV speaker’s malfunctioning are:

  • Improper connection of soundbar and external speakers
  • Speaker’s internal component failure
  • Faulty wiring or a speaker’s loose wire connection
  • Damaged signal source


The faulty TV speakers cause the Insignia TV volume problems, and it causes the buzzing or humming sound production. Fix the lousy speaker’s trouble by following the ways below:

  • Replace the defective speaker and its failed internal components
  • Ensure the TV soundbar and external speakers have the proper connection
  • Check the speaker’s wiring. Tighten the loose wiring and replace the damaged wiring
  • Inspect the speaker’s signal-receiving source and replace the corroded source

4. Remote’s Volume Button Is Not Working

Sometimes, you may experience your Insignia TV sound very low for silly reasons. If your Insignia TV volume is muted, you will get no sound or low sound from your TV.

Again, when your TV remote’s volume button stops working, it can produce low sound. The TV remote volume button stops working mainly due to the following causes:

  • Damaged remote
  • Dead or corroded battery
  • Faulty button on remotes


If you see your Insignia TV is producing low or no sound, immediately you should check your TV’s remote button.

If it is muted, press your TV remote’s “Volume Up” to increase the sound level. The other easy fixing ways are:

  • Replace the faulty remote or whose button is not working
  • Check the battery and replace the corroded battery

5. Bluetooth Audio Device Connected o the TV

Another reason your Insignia TV volume is low is connecting a Bluetooth audio device with your TV.

When you connect the Bluetooth device with your Insignia TV, like the external speaker or headphones, then through Bluetooth, your TV plays audio. As a result, your TV produces zero or low audio.


Make sure your Insignia TV is not connected to Bluetooth devices. Avoid using external Bluetooth devices on your TV, and you will get proper sound from it.

6. Outdated Software

Outdated TV software is another reason for which you encounter your Insignia TV volume low. TV’s outdated software produces a low sound.

It fails to keep your Insignia TV up to date with the programming and latest content.


If your Insignia Fire TV volume is too low, fix it by updating your TV’s software. Follow the steps below to update your TV’s software:

  • Navigate the setting on your Insignia Fire TV
  • Choose your TV’s option “My Fire TV.”
  • Now select “About” to check your Insignia TV’s system updates
  • Update the system by selecting it

7. TV Volume Is Not Adjusted

Improper adjustment of your TV’s volume is another reason why your Insignia TV sounds very low. Maybe your TV’s sound is adjusted to the lowest level, so you are not getting enough sound from it.


You can adjust your Insignia TV volume in two ways. You can adjust the volume using a remote or without a remote. The ways of adjusting volume in these two ways are explained below:

i) Adjust the Insignia TV Volume with a Remote

  • Press your Insignia TV remote power button and hold it for 5-10 seconds. Or you can press your TV remote’s setting button
  • Now select sound
  • Select your preferred sound settings option by changing the sliders

ii) Adjust the Insignia TV Volume without the Remote

Press your Insignia TV panel’s volume up/down button and adjust the volume according to your need.

Though the multi-buttons are not available in a few Insignia TV, most TV comes with these on/off, channel on/off, and volume up/down buttons.

How To Do Power Reset On Insignia TV

If any silly issue causes no sound on your Insignia TV with HDMI, performing a power reset will solve all these. Sometimes the internal settings conflict makes the volume situation worse.

Only a complete power reset can fix the problem. Follow the easy ways below to power reset your Insignia TV.

  1. Remove the TV’s main power cord or cable
  2. For 5-10 seconds, push the TV’s power button after removing the cable
  3. Re-plug your Insignia TV again into the electric outlet
  4. Now turn your TV on

Performing the above steps will remove the sound glitches and trouble in your Insignia TV.

How To Do Factory Reset On Insignia TV

A soft reset is ok for solving the minor issues in your Insignia TV. But the half-software update or software issues for which Insignia TV sound really low requires a hard reset or factory reset to fix it. The easy steps to factory reset your TV are the following:

i. Safely eject all expandable storage.

ii. Take out each connection and cable that runs directly into the TV, (Unplug your Insignia TV). 

iii. For 10 seconds, the navigation circle’s right side and back buttons simultaneously hold together.

iv. On the TV screen, you will see two options to cancel or continue the factory reset.

v. You can either choose “Continue” to run the factory reset. Or, if you don’t choose automatically, the device will take the factory reset after a few seconds.

vi. After performing the hard reset, all issues will go. Now by using the remote, you can control your Insignia TV.


How do I calibrate my Insignia TV remote?

Press your Insignia remote’s “TV” option. Now press your Universal Remote’s “Setup Button” and hold it until you see the LED light. The light indicates your remote is ready for the program. Finally, from the program instruction guide, enter the code.

Can you use a Universal remote on Insignia TV?

Yes! You can use the Universal remote on your Insignia TV. Using the existing or new universal remote control, you can command your Insignia TV.

How do I hook up a soundbar to my insignia TV?  

On your Insignia TV’s front, place the soundbar. Connect your TV and optical cable. And then connect the soundbar with the optical cable. Now turn your TV speakers down and set the audio output of your TV to PCM using the remote.

How do I reset my Insignia soundbar?

Unplug your Insignia soundbar. For five seconds, hold the power button of your Insignia soundbar. Now again, plug in your soundbar and turn it on.


Optimistically, now you know why your Insignia TV volume is too low as we discussed the detailed causes of each factor behind this issue and their solution. 

If suddenly you see your Insignia TV volume is low, following our above-mentioned ways, fix it by yourself. Comment if you have any other queries. Our expert will reply to your queries.

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