Mitsubishi TV Blinking Green Light [7 Easy Solutions]

The major reasons for Mitsubishi TV blinking green light are degradation in power supply, bugs or glitches in the software, or the TV has failed to boot. Faulty capacitors, defective external device connections, or server hardware failure are also responsible for such issues on TV. 

If the issue is related to the reboot failing, you will have to prevent it first. Need a power cycle on the TV after ensuring no fluctuations in the power supply.

Anyway, to resolve the blinking issue, the below comprehensive effective guide will assist you surely. So, let’s start reading. 

Mitsubishi TV Blinking Green Light [7 Easy Solutions]

Here we have included all the trouble points behind the TV blinking issue. Also, you will find all the needed steps related to Mitsubishi TV troubleshooting the blinking green light.

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1. Insufficient Power Supply

While finding Mitsubishi TV blinking green light fixes, the first suspect is an insufficient power supply.

If there has not enough power supply in the TV, there easily persists several problems including blinking the power light. Now we will figure out the exact malfunctions lying to the power supply:

  • Problems with the wall outlet.
  • Defective power adapter
  • Faulty wiring and cable connection
  • The insufficient voltage supply to the unit


  • First, disconnect the TV power adapter from the power source.
  • Check out the voltage supply using a multimeter.
  • Also, verify all the wires and cables are in good working condition.
  • Check out the power adapter deeply as well. Replace the defective power adapter.
  • Finally, connect the TV to a different wall outlet.
  • Ensure a snug connection between the adapter and the power source.
  • Meanwhile, you can disconnect and reconnect all the cables in order to reset them.

2. Power Cycle The TV

Power cycling is one of the most effective methods to fix the Mitsubishi TV green light blinking issue. By doing a power cycle, the internal software glitches will easily be eliminated.

Also, it will assist in erasing all the unresponsive factors that are stuck on the electricity supply source. In order to perform a power cycle, follow the below instructions:

How to Reset Mitsubishi TV

  • First, turn off the TV by pressing the power button either from the remote or the TV itself.
  • Now, you have to unplug the TV power adapter connection from the power source.
  • Leave the TV unplugged for about 5-6 minutes in order to let it reset.
  • Meanwhile, power cycling will perform through the TV unit.
  • After that while, plug the power adapter back into the source. Ensure a sung connection.
  • Turn on your TV and check if still, Mitsubishi TV flashing green timer light

3. TV Stuck on Boot

In the case of the Mitsubishi TV blinking green light, there has a higher possibility of a failed booting process through the TV unit. The TV has surely stuck on the boot loop, which creates obstructions in continuing the TV function fluently.

When this happens, the TV does not respond to any command supplied by the remote. Anyway, there have some easy fixes that will easily remove this booting issue from your TV. 


  • Take your remote control and point it to your TV.
  • Press the power button from there.
  • You will press the button several times.
  • Or, you may hold the button continuously for about ten seconds.
  • When you find the green light is fading out, release the button.

4. Software Bug

If still, you are struggling with the Mitsubishi TV green light no picture, be sure there have software bugs in the TV system. There are a variety of software problems that can cause such type of blinking.

To diminish this bug or hitches on the software system, you will need to perform a software reboot sequence on your TV.

In these reset sequences, there are a few steps that need to perform carefully. Don’t worry. Here we have already included all the needed steps to precisely do this troubleshooting. 


  • First, move to the control panel of your TV and push it to open.
  • You will find a “System Reset” button. Press the button using a pointed object.
  • Hold the button for about 10 seconds.
  • At the same time, press the Power and Menu button for about 20 seconds.
  • In the next step, press and hold the Display and Power Button simultaneously for about 20 seconds.
  • Now, press any of the buttons from the front button and push it to the “ON” position.
  • Certainly, it will erase the software bug and fix the blinking green light issue from your TV.
  • If not, move to the next step. We have many more options.

5. Faulty External Device Connection

In most cases, the blinking problem occurs from the bad connection of the external devices. There have several devices connected to your TV like DVDs, tuners, or cable boxes.

Either the device has defects, or there may have faults in the connection. While troubleshooting the TV issue, we can’t ignore this major part. Go through the below processes to fix the issue:


  • First, power off your TV and disconnect the power connection.
  • Now, remove all the connected external devices.
  • Next, you will have to reset the input source settings on the TV. For this, go to the TV Menu.
  • Select “Input” from the option and then “Name.”
  • Press “Enter.”
  • Select the “Exit” option to clear all the source settings. 
  • Now, check if the green light is blinking or not. 

6. Failing Capacitors

After ensuring all the above processes, you will have to concentrate on the TV hardware if there is displaying a continuously blinking green light. Sometimes, the problem starts from the bad DM board.

Here, the failure of the capacitors on the board is a common issue. The capacitor is an essential element of the TV hardware which acts as a reservoir for electric charge. 

Also, it stores and releases electricity to the TV. Damaged capacitors will fail to do so and there create a signal problem from the power source.

For that, the TV’s green light starts blinking. Here, you will have to find and desolder the bad capacitor.


  • First, unplug the TV and disconnect the power connection from it.
  • Remove the back panel by unscrewing it.
  • Now disconnect the wiring from the DM board to inspect it.
  • After disconnecting all the screws and wires, pull out the board carefully.
  • You will find a few capacitors there.
  • Now examine it, and if you find visible damage, including popping up from the top, swelling up, and leakage from the body of the capacitor, be sure it is damaged. 
  • Unsolder the bad capacitors and remove them.
  • Re-solder the fresh new ones in that place.
  • Reassemble the TV and turn it on.

7. Hardware Failure

If all the above steps have been ruled out, be sure the problem may relate to the hardware system of the TV. Sometimes, there occur several hardware damages that can’t be fixed by any means.

In this, it will be highly better to contact Mitsubishi customer service for the next suggestions. They will suggest to you what you need to do this time.


Why is my Mitsubishi TV screen flickering?

Flickering the TV screen is related to the loose cable connection. In many cases, cables are damaged, or there may have been a faulty connection. Sometimes, the problem persists from the defective ports.

Why is my Mitsubishi TV screen black?

Burnt out or damaged TV lamp is the root reason for the black screen. Other major reasons are the wrong input source, faulty cable connection, running the TV on backdated software, hardware glitches, and blown capacitors.

How do I connect my HDMI to my Mitsubishi TV?

To connect the HDMI to my Mitsubishi TV, connect the device to the A/V receiver with an HDMI cable. Next, from the A/V receiver’s front panel control, select the desired device’s HDMI input. The detected input device will appear on the TV screen. 

Wrapping Words:

Throughout the article, we have explored all the points on how to fix the Mitsubishi tv green blinking light issue more easily. Hopefully, now you have a crystal clear idea about it, you will fix your TV’s issue by yourselves. 

But if you have any questions regarding this fact, leave a comment below. Our experts are always ready for your assistance. 

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