Motorola Baby Monitor Night Vision Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

The major reasons behind the Motorola baby monitor night vision not working include an improper light setting in the baby’s room or the wrong adjustment of the display on the parent unit. Sometimes, the defective night vision sensor of the device is the root cause.

Anyway, there are some potential ways to fix the problem most effectively. Today we are here bringing the complete solution guide for this baby monitor issue.

Motorola Baby Monitor Night Vision Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

It seems the most common problem on every baby monitor. Don’t get in trouble if you are struggling with the same problem with your device.

Our complete discussion will assist you in fixing this issue from your unit. So let’s get started.

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1. Reset The Night Vision On The Camera

If the night vision function stops working on your baby monitor device, the first step should be resetting the night vision on the camera. The method is quite effective, and most professional manufacturers suggest it.

Here, we will include all the needed steps to rest the night vision mode of your device. You just need to go through with us:


  • First, you need to place the camera in a dark room. Make sure the room is completely dark, and no light from other rooms can filter through. Otherwise, the night vision will fail to activate.
  • Now, close the door of your room.
  • Then, turn off all lights in the room.
  • After that, take your cell phone or any other flashlight and turn on the flashlight. Now, shine the light directly into the camera lens. Keep holding the light for about 30-45 seconds.
  • Remove the light from the camera lens.
  • Leave it for some while to readjust.
  • Then, check the video on your baby monitor, and hopefully, the problem should be fixed.

2. Keeping Baby’s Room Dark

If resetting night vision mode doesn’t fix the issue, the light in your baby’s room may be the culprit. The night vision mode on most of the Motorola brands highly depends on the light in the baby’s room. 

In this case, if the night vision is not functioning, be sure it is not detecting any light in the existing room. If there is insufficient light in the room, the night vision mode will fail to start.


Now you have to make sure that there is at least minimal light in the room. If it is completely dark, the night mode will not be active as there is no light to be enhanced. Anyway, place a night lamp and a small light in the room. 

But here also keep in mind that there should not be so much light. Excessive light in the room is also responsible for malfunctioning the night vision mode on the Motorola baby monitor. 

3. Adjust the Display Settings

Sometimes the display setting is of the parent device responsible for this. If the brightness level of the monitor device is too low or dim, you can’t be able to see the high-quality display in night mode. 

Sometimes, users don’t pay attention to it. But the matter of wonder is that it can be one of the leading causes if you are not seeing any display on the monitor.

Anyway, if the above steps are already done, check the display setting of the parent unit.


This time, you need to increase the LCD brightness of the parent unit. There are about 8 brightness levels in the parent unit.

Just press the left arrow or right arrow to adjust the brightness when the Parent Unit is in-camera viewing mode.

4. Check out the Power Supply

To operate the camera units needs a proper power supply. As it is connected to a wall outlet through a power adapter, thus it should be well working.

If there are any faults with the power source, the camera will fail to start all the functions. 


  • Switch off the camera by pressing the ON/OFF button.
  • Disconnect the unit from the power adapter. Leave it for some while. Then connect it with the power adapter. Then re-connect the power adaptor into a suitable electrical outlet.
  • It will be highly better to change the power source/power adapter for the camera.
  • Finally, turn on the camera.

5. Reset the Both Units

If still, there is the same issue on your Motorola device, resetting the units may prove well. The resetting process is highly effective, especially to dismiss all the disturbing factors that are responsible for this issue. 

Also, it will help you to reset the device to the factory default setting. After this process, we can hope that the night mode on the baby unit will start to operate again. Anyway, if you are confused about the right procedures to reset the unit, here you go:

To reset the camera:

  • Locate the power button from underneath the camera. Press it.
  • Press the pair button for about 10-15 seconds and this time, turn off your camera.
  • Now, switch on the camera, and you need to hold the button continuously.
  • You will hear a beep sound and an LED light flashing on the camera. It signifies the hard rest of the unit.

To reset the Motorola Baby Monitor:

  • Locate the pinhole button on the monitor’s left side.
  • Take a sharp pin or something like that. Insert the pin into the hole and press it.
  • The monitor will turn off, and after some while, it will start again.

6. Re-connect the Units

After resetting the units, your next step will be the reconnect the units. There should be a strong signal connection between the units. Thus, a portable pairing is a must. Here are the suggested steps:


  • First, press the menu button on the monitor.
  • Find the camera option by pressing the Right and Left navigational buttons.
  • Then, press the Up/Down button to select the camera.
  • Finally, press Ok to confirm it.
  • Then, move to the camera and press the pair button from underneath the camera unit.
  • After some while, the pairing process will compete.

7. Faulty Night Vision Sensor

If all the above causes have been ruled out, be sure that the night vision sensor of the camera gets faults, and it is the root cause behind this issue.

The sensor helps to activate the night vision mode when there is low light condition. Anyway, contact the manufacturers to replace the bad night vision sensor of your device.

Wrapping Words:

Hopefully, our comprehensive article on Motorola baby monitor troubleshooting is quite informative for you. We can expect that now you know all the possible steps to fix the night vision problem of a baby monitor. 

If still there is any question on your mind, let’s know through comments. We will get back to you ASAP.

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