Onkyo Receiver Not Displaying On TV [5 Easy Solutions]

Onkyo receivers are known for their high-quality video and incredible sound experience but the common problem users face is their Onkyo receiver not displaying on TV when HDMI is running. 

Life can get pretty boring without an entertainment system. You don’t have to feel anxious though. To fix this issue, we have come up with this guide with quick and easy steps. Follow along to fix your TV setup right now. 

Onkyo Receiver Not Displaying On TV [5 Easy Solutions]

In this section, we’ll go over what you can do to fix your Onkyo receiver issue.

1. Reset Onkyo Receiver

This is the first and easiest thing for you to try. You can reset both the receiver and the remote controller to your unit.

How to Reset a Receiver

The following procedure should reset your Onkyo receiver.

  • While pressing the CBL/SAT buttons on the main unit (note that step 2 must be performed with this button pressed down)
  • On the unit, press 7920.pngON/STANDBY. The word “clear” appears on the screen, and the unit goes into standby mode.

Note: You can also read how to fix Denon Receiver Bluetooth Not Working.

What Is The Procedure For Resetting The Remote Controller?

Here are the quick steps to reset the remote controller.

  • Press 1RCV on the remote controller while holding it down (note that step 2 must be performed with this button pressed down)
  • Hold down on 2HOME until the three remote indicator lights up (about 3 seconds). After 30 seconds, hit 1RCV once more.

2. Replace HDMI Cables

There could be a problem with the cable that is preventing a proper connection. So, try switching them out first before moving on to the next thing.

3. Try Switching Ports

This is not a task for the rookie. But if your TV has only one HDMI port then this may be your only option in case your HDMI Port isn’t working.

Again, some devices will have more than one HDMI port, so you can try setting up your receiver in a different one to ensure that the port isn’t the problem.

In case, the previous port does turn out to be bad and your TV has another HDMI port that is working fine, you can use an HDMI splitter to connect multiple inputs to one port.  

4. Consult A Local Repair Shop

The Onkyo receivers have a common hardware problem that results in people facing this no-video issue.

There are four capacitors on Onkyo receivers that will eventually fail. When the capacitors start to fail, the signal response becomes sporadic until it stops working completely.

So, let the repair person know about this issue and have them test the device out. In case, they aren’t familiar with AV receivers and how they work, a local professional may be unable to help you.

5. Get Onkyo To Take A Look

Now you must be thinking, why am I not asking you to consult Onkyo’s customer repair service first? Well… that is because Onkyo doesn’t have that many repair stores in the States. So you’ll need to fly your unit out to another state.

Also, their service is known to be crappy. They take a long time to review the issue unless you pay to be on a priority list.

On top of that, Onkyo may even ask you to pay a priority shipping fee. That’s a lot of money. But if your local repair shop can’t help you fix this issue, Contact Onkyo customer service.


How do I enable CEC on Onkyo?

Set the unit’s HDMI CEC (RIHD) option to “On.” Select “Setup” – “6. Hardware” – “HDMI” – “HDMI CEC (RIHD)” and set to “Yes” on the remote controller by pressing RECEIVER and then SETUP.

How do I set up HDMI CEC on my TV?

To find the option, use the TV remote to navigate to the settings menu or search for “Enable HDMI-CEC” in your TV’s instruction manual. You can also google TV’s model and “Enable HDMI-CEC.” The option was found under Menu > System > CEC on a Vizio TV we recently set up.

What is ARC for HDMI?

HDMI ARC is a technology that allows you to connect your TV to an external Home Theater System or Soundbar with fewer wires. An HDMI ARC-compliant speaker does not require a second optical/audio cable.

Does Onkyo receiver support Arc?

Yes. ARC can be enabled on the Onkyo receiver.

Do I really need eARC?

Without an eARC port on your TV. it doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive Blu-ray player connected to you won’t be able to send high-resolution, lossless audio (whether Dolby Atmos or any other format) to your external audio devices if your TV doesn’t have one.


Now that you have an idea about what you can do about your Onkyo receiver not displaying on TV, you can hopefully get your TV set up to start working soon.

In case you have any queries, leave us a comment below. We love to help you out. 

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