Onkyo Zone 2 No Sound [5 Easy Solutions]

AV receivers don’t have zone 2 ability, low-end receivers, the second zone is in standby status, restricted second audio zone, HDMI cable problems are mainly responsible for Onkyo zone 2 no sound issue.

The Onkyo zone 2 feature allows a separate audio system to receive the second source signal in a different location. But suddenly, the zone 2 speakers may stop producing sound because of any of the above or multiple factors.

So go through this article, learn the reasons behind zone 2 no sound, and fix them by yourself ASAP.

Onkyo Zone 2 No Sound [5 Easy Solutions]

In this troubleshooting guide, we will discuss why Onkyo zone 2 stops producing sound. We will also mention the trouble’s easy solutions. Let’s start:

1. AV Receivers Don’t Have Zone 2 Ability

No HDMI second zone ability in the AV receiver is one of the primary causes which your Onkyo zone 2 produces no sound. When the AV receiver lacks zone 2 commands, the second output is nothing but the main output’s mirror.

AV receivers don’t have zone 2 ability means even in associations with specific digital sources, you will get no audio.

Simply, the Onkyo zone 2 fails to produce any sound because the receiver via the HDMI fails to convey the audio source to zone 2.


Ensure that your AV receiver has zone 2 ability. Then your Onkyo zone 2 will produce output audio in connection with the external AV component.

For the best connection of the AV receiver with zone 2 and external components use digital optical cable, digital coaxial cable or analog audio cable.

After connecting the AV component with the zone 2 unit using the digital optical or coaxial cable, change the AV component’s audio output to PCM output.

Only the analog audio or 2ch PCM signal audio can create output from zone 2 in connection with the external AV components.

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2. Low-End Receivers

The low-end receiver models from any digital audio source or HDMI fail to pass the perfect audio signal to the zone 2 output.

As a result, your Onkyo zone 2 line-out or powered output fails to produce any sound. The frequency spectrum of the low-end receiver is 20HZ -250HZ.


Connect your Onkyo zone 2 with high-end receivers whose frequency spectrum is more than 250HZ or between 5KHZ – 10KHZ. Zone 2 will produce perfect sound with a higher frequency spectrum.

3. Restricted Second Audio Zone

When the second audio zone is restricted to 2-channel digital PCM sources or 2 channel analog sources, your Onkyo zone 2 will produce no sound.

This is because the second audio zone via the receiver’s digital inputs cannot convey the sound to multichannel digital sources. As a result, there is no sound coming from your Onkyo zone 2.


Inspect your second audio zone and ensure that it’s not restricted to any digital or analog PCM sources.

Ensure that the receiver’s digital input channel appropriately conveys the sound from the multichannel digital sources to the second audio zone.

4. Second Zone Is in Standby Status

The main and second zones’ volume levels and standby status work independently. If your Onkyo zone 2 remains in standby status, it will not produce any sound. Also, the lower volume level in zone 2 caused getting no sound from it.


Make sure that your Onkyo zone 2 is not in standby mode. Also, check this zone’s volume level. And ensure that the sound is audible enough in the second zone by setting it at a higher level.

5. HDMI Cable Problem

One of the primary reasons for which your Onkyo zone 2 stops producing sound is an issue with its HDMI cable. The HDMI or optical cable cannot connect that device to the receiver, which has already played back through the second zone.

As a result, your Onkyo zone 2 will not generate any sound in connection with the digital cables and devices. However, the other surround speaker setup works well with digital connections.


Avoid using HDMI or optical cables for connecting the digital devices with zone 2. Your Onkyo second zone will play well and produce enough sound if you connect the devices using white cables and RCA red.

The second zone setup works appropriately with the FM antenna connection. However, you can move on to the FM antenna connection from the CD player to ensure sound from zone 2.

Here, watching the video on how to set up Onkyo Zone 2 will help you not to face such sound issues.  


Can I play audio from HDMI to zone 2?

No, you can’t play audio from the HDMI to zone 2. This is because most receivers with lower-end models fail to pass the perfect audio source signals to the zone 2 output from the HDMI. Even the other digital sources can’t pass the audio signal also.

How do I switch to Zone 2 on my receiver?

For switching to zone 2 on your receiver, use the receiver’s remote control. Press the remote control and change it to zone 2. First, press the remote’s power button. Then, Select zone 2’s audio source.

How to use zone 2 on my receiver?

Set zone 2 as default on your receiver. Now for controlling zone 2, you can use your receiver’s remote control. Press the remote’s party button, and your backyard speakers will play the same music, just like your main zone.

Why can’t I change the setting for zone 2?

If your zone 2 setting remains as “Configuration,” then you will not be able to change this setting. Again, if the “Zone 2” or “Zone speaker” keep on, the ground will be unchangeable.

How do I connect my zone 2 speakers to my receiver?

For connecting the zone 2 speakers on your AV receiver, use the RCA audio cable or white cable and connect. Next, connect the receiver amplifier with the second zone’s speaker terminals. Finally, use the LINE OUT L/R jacks on your receiver amp for connection.


Optimistically, this troubleshooting guide was informative enough. And now the reasons behind your Onkyo zone 2 no sound are clear to you. You will now quickly solve your zone 2 speaker’s sound issue by yourself if you face such trouble.

For any further queries, leave a comment on the comment section. Our expert technician will reply to you ASAP.  

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