Philips Tv Sound Cutting Out [3 Easy Solutions]

Philips TV sound cutting out is a common issue. You will encounter this sound problem for several reasons:

  • Issue With The Audio IC
  • Maybe the Smart Volume feature is on. 

Therefore, a faulty cable top box or old firmware can also be the caveat behind the tv sound problem. Fortunately, we compiled this tv sound troubleshooting guide to solve the sound cutting-out issue. So, continue to read. 

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Philips Tv Sound Cutting Out [3 Easy Solutions]

The following three culprits are responsible for the Philips Tv sound problems. 

The sound of your Philips TV cuts out or you will get no sound from your tv speakers due to the following incorrect settings. 

  • TV SPEAKERS are turned to the Off setting in the TV menu.
  • Your Philips TV may be set to SPEAKER EASYLINK mode. If you set your tv in this mode, the tv sound will mute automatically. 


Follow the below steps to fix the sound issue of your Philips TV.

i. Access the main menu by pressing the Menu button on the remote control. 

ii. From the menu, choose the TV Settings and tap the cursor right. 

iii. Select Sound by pressing the cursor down and pressing the cursor right again. 

iv. Choose TV Speakers by pressing the cursor down and tapping the cursor right. 

v. Now, set the following settings you want to use:

  • TV speakers will turn on if you choose On.
  • TV will play audio automatically from HDMI-connected devices like the soundbar if you select the SPEAKERS EasyLink. 
  • TV speakers will switch off if you choose Off. 
  • Finally, exit the menu by pressing the MENU on the remote control. 

2. Issue With The Audio IC

Your Philips TV sound keeps cutting out due to a defective audio IC. Now, you may ask- how can I know it’s a problem with the audio IC? It’s simple.

Attach your Philips Tv to an external speaker or a soundbar to see whether the sound cuts out or not. If the sound cuts out, we bet the audio IC gets faulty. 


Replace the audio IC with a new one to fix the sound issue. If you are not mechanically inclined, hire a certified technician to do this task for you.

Also, don’t forget to inspect the cable top box and the set receiver. They also could be the culprit. Old firmware may also be responsible for this problem. So, don’t hesitate to upgrade the old firmware. 

3. Philips TV Volume Goes Down On Its Own

The sound of your Philips TV keeps cutting out or going down automatically if you turn on the Smart Volume feature. Check the ‘Solution’ section to learn how to turn this feature off. 


Press the Options button on the remote control. Then, go to Sound Settings > Smart Volume. Finally, choose Off to turn off the Smart Volume feature. 


Why does the sound cut intermittently?

Sound will cut intermittently if there is an issue with the connection or the speaker.  

Why does my HDMI sound cut out?

A simple cabling issue or a loose connection on the back of the AV source device is responsible for the HDMI sound cut-out problem.

Can a bad HDMI cable damage the TV?

No, a bad HDMI cable can’t damage the tv.

Why does my sound keep cutting out on Netflix?

The sound will keep cutting out if there is a problem with the device you are using or the title you are trying to watch.

How do you know the HDMI cable is bad?

The following signs will let you know about a bad HDMI cable.
1. Blurry picture
2. No sound
3. The Remote doesn’t work
4. Weird colors in the picture


You can’t enjoy your favorite Netflix show if your Philips Tv sound keeps cutting out. And throughout this guide, we discussed the reasons behind the sound issues. Also, we broke down how to solve the tv sound problem.

We hope those troubleshooting steps will fix the sound cutting-out issue. If not, don’t hesitate to reach out to a certified technician. 

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