Proscan TV Audio Out [7 Easy Solutions]

Some major reasons for causing Proscan TV audio out include the wrong volume set, damaged signal source, and defective mainboard elements.

Also, unsecured cable connections, outdated software versions, and faulty MTS settings are responsible for the malfunctioning the TV audio system.

Here, we have talked over the above-mentioned possible reasons and their quick and easy solutions as well. So go on reading and break down your TV audio problem sharply. 

Proscan TV Audio Out [7 Easy Solutions]

Each of the suggested methods is effective and quick working. Just go step by step procedure and definitely, and the audio problem will be solved:

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1. Wrong Volume Set

When your Proscan TV has no sound, there might be a reason for the wrong volume settings of the TV.

If the sound level is down by the remote or TV itself, you will face such an issue. Sometimes it’s also seen that someone inadvertently leaves TV by activating the “Mute” function. 

However, before getting panicked, you should check out the volume level of the TV. Make sure your TV is unmuted by pressing the Mute” button from the remote again. Alsoturn the volume up if it is low. 

2. Damaged Signal Source

If you are not getting any sound from the TV, there may be weak audio signal strength. Because of having weak or no signal from the source, the sound problem will occur normally.

The maximum signal strength should be higher than 20DB. When your Proscan TV has less than maximum strength, your TV will catch several issues, including no sound.

To trigger the problem, you have to run the signal diagnostics on your TV. No worries. For your convenience, we will add the methods of running diagnostics;

  • Press the “Home” from your TV remote.
  • Then, go to “Settings” on your TV.
  • Go to “Support”
  • You will find several options there. Find “Self-Diagnosis” and click on it.
  • Then go to “Signal Information.”
  • After clicking on this, signal checking will be started.
  • Your TV will automatically find the issue and solution as well. 

3. Defective Mainboard Elements

The mainboard or motherboard is referred to as an essential part of the TV. If there are any defects on your motherboard, your TV encounters various issues.

 So, it’s normal to have a defective motherboard element in the case of no sound or audio out in your Proscan TV. To fix, you have to find out what actual problem occurs in your TV’s motherboard. 

But to detect the issue of your TV’s mainboard seems pretty difficult or impossible to you.

You will require some professional support to handle the problem. It will be better to contact the Proscan TV dealer for this. 

4. Unsecured Connection Cables

The unsecured connection cables are also one of the major reasons for the absence of sound on your TV.

You may have to connect your TV to different external speaker devices to play the audio. There require cables or wires to perform the connection. 

Someone may have pulled out the cable accidentally, and thus the cable connections have got loosened. If the cable gets loose or disconnected from the device, your TV will lead to no sound issue.

To solve the issue, check the connected cables and plug. Tight and connect them correctly if there have any lapses.

Besides, don’t forget to check if there has been any damage to any of the cables. If there is any cut or damage, you will have to replace them ASAP. 

5. Out-Dated Proscan TV Software Version

In order to ensure that your TV will function well, it’s needed to update the TV’s firmware to the latest version.

If it is outdated or you are not updating software frequently, your TV may catch various bugs. So, there is a possibility of causing no sound on your Proscan TV of back-dated software. 

However, it’s time to update your TV if you have not been doing it for so long. There are two ways of updating the TV’s software.

One is via USB drive and another one through the internet connection. Don’t get hassle. We will include both methods for your convenience. How to update Proscan TV’s software via USB:

  • First of all, open the browser of your PC.
  • Search updated software version files by using your TV model. You will find it in the back of the TV or check the manual.
  • Download the file and then unzip it.
  • Now restore the files on your USB drive.
  • Then, insert the drive into your TV’s USB slot.
  • The firmware updating will automatically be started.

 Update TV’s software through the network:

  • Before starting, make sure your TV is connected to a network.
  • Then, press the “Home” button.
  • Select app icon
  • Then go to “Help.”
  • Find System Software Update there.
  • Select it, and the updating process will start. 

6. Incorrect MTS Setting

There may be a possibility of incorrect MTS settings causing audio problems with your Proscan TV.

Usually, you will find two options in MTS settings. Either it’s set to “Main” or “Stereo.” If the TV is not set to “Stereo,” the audio system of your TV will start malfunctioning. 

Also, if there is any obstacle in the sound source device, the stereo will fail to transmit the sound signal. To fix the issue, check out the sound source devices. Replace it if needed. Also, don’t forget to check whether your TV is in “Stereo” mode. 

7. Need Factory Reset the Proscan TV

If all the above processes fail to fix the sound problem of your TV, you will have to go through a factory reset. It will be the last attempt before going manufacturer to solve the problem.

By factory resetting, all the functions of your TV will go to the default setting. Then it can hope that the sound problem will be solved. To perform a factory reset: 

  • Unplug the TV for about 30-40 minutes.
  • Or, press the menu button for about ten seconds.
  • After that time, some instructions will appear on the TV screen. 
  • Follow them to restore factory settings.
  • Your TV is being reset, and the sound problem should be solved. 


Has Proscane TV a separate reset button?

Yes, almost in each model of Proscan TV, you will find the reset button to reset the TV’s defaults. Generally, it’s located near the control panel of the TV. 

Can I cast my phone to my tv?

By getting a chrome stick or by connecting to the same Wi-Fi network, you can cast your phone to your TV. But in the case of chrome stick, you should be MHL compatible.

Final Thought

Throughout this article, we have told you the most straightforward solution methods in the case of Proscan TV audio output not working. Hopefully, our guide could solve your TV’s audio problem. 

But still, if you have any questions, feel free to let us know through the comment box. Thanks for staying with us.

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