RCA Projection TV Convergence Problem [5 Easy Solutions]

RCA projection TV convergence problem can be easily fixed just by adjusting the TV convergence settings. The best thing about this solution is, you can solve the issue without the TV remote.

But how can you do it? You will know all about this in this article. By the end, you will have no problem fixing the RCA projection TV convergence.

Let’s start.

RCA Projection TV Convergence Problem [5 Easy Solutions]

As I have already mentioned, fixing RCA projection TV convergence basically means adjusting the convergence settings. Below, I have explained the adjusting method in only 5 steps. 

You won’t even need the remote to fix everything if you can follow my lead.

1: Set The Auto Convergence

Most televisions have an auto convergence option. This option is sometimes labeled as “convergence”, “auto convergence”, “magic focus”, and “focus adjustment”.

For RCA TV, this option is simply named “Auto Convergence”. You will find this option on the rear-projection panel of your TV. Press this button. 

An option will pop up on the screen. Follow the instruction. If nothing pops up, proceed to the next step. 

2: Adjust The Settings

Now you will have to get the settings accurately adjusted. For this, you have to go to the menu of your TV. There you will find the “Setup” or “Picture” setting. 

Under either of these sub-menus, you will see the “Convergence” option.  

3: Adjust The Convergence Option

Once you are in the convergence menu, you will have an on-screen prompt. Follow its lead to adjust the convergence manually. 

You basically have to select a point on the screen. A blue or red cursor indicates the point. Press the volume keys and the channel keys to adjust the point. Your target is to align the red/blue point to the green cursor. 

Once the points are united at one point, they will turn white. Keep adjusting till you find this white spot. 

4: Exit Settings

You are almost there. Go to the menu, and then go to the convergence option. Once you are in it, select exit to end the process. If the convergence option is already there, select exit anyway.

5: Final Touch

Now turn off the TV and wait for a minute. Then turn it back on.

Is the picture perfectly visible? If yes, you have successfully dealt with the convergence issue. If not, the problem is somewhere else. In this case, taking your device to a professional is a better option.

And just like this, you can easily get rid of the convergence problem of your RCA projection TV.

RCA Projection TV Convergence Problem In DVD Models

RCA projection convergence requires a different approach when the main device is a DVD model. In this case, you have to activate the factory mode.

Here’s how to do it,

Step 1: Turn on the device and go to the DVD sub-menu

Step 2: Find the Factory Mode in the sub-menu

Step 3: Activate this Factory Mode by selecting the box and holding it for 2 seconds

Step 4: Wait for a while till the option “Activate DVD Factory Mode” comes on the screen

Step 5: Select the box on the screen and wait for the system to restore the factory setting


What is convergence in a projector?

Convergence is the white lines that come from the lens of the projector.

Why is my projector not clear?

The projector lens accumulates dirt pretty quickly. This is why your projector isn’t clear.

Why is my TV out of focus?

The most probable cause behind out-of-focus TV pictures is misadjusted resolution capabilities.

How to get a clearer picture from a projector?

Make sure that the picture is clear and the projector lens is totally clean.

Should TV sharpness be high or low?

For optimal experience, keep your TV sharpness below 50%

Final Words:

People waste hundreds of dollars on RCA projector TV convergence problems. But as you can see, there is no need for this.

You can easily get the problem fixed for free. Just follow our easy method, and you are good to go. If you have any questions or queries, let us know in the comment below.

Note: You can read TV buzzing when off.

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