Rolling Horizontal Lines On TV Screen TCL [5 Easy Solutions]

Rolling horizontal lines on TV screen TCL occurs due to internal hardware problems and software issues. Eliminating these points can fix your TCL TV in less than an hour.

Want to know how to do it? Keep reading. In this article, I have discussed the 5 easiest ways to solve rolling horizontal lines on a TCL TV screen. By the end, you won’t have any confusion left. Keep reading. 

Rolling Horizontal Lines On TV Screen TCL [5 Easy Solutions]

Knowing the reasons behind TCL TV screen horizontal lines will help you solve the issue with utmost ease. Below I have elaborated on both the causes and cures behind this malfunction. Check it out.

1. Accumulation Of Dirt

The rear end of your TCL TV screen attracts dirt. If the glass layer is not air-tight, the dust can easily move in and out through it. 

Too much accumulation of dirt hampers the function of the display. It mainly prevents a smooth supply of signals.


You basically have to clear out the dust and secure the glass layer tightly. This is how you can do it,

  • Remove all the screws holding the front panel of the TV
  • Detach the front panel of the TV and remove the glass layer
  • Use a pryer to detach the glass layer from its position
  • Take a clean lint cloth to lightly wipe the screen clear 
  • You can use a handheld vacuum cleaner as well, but set it to the lowest setting
  • Put everything back to where they were.

While installing everything back on, make sure to secure the glass layer properly. Using rubber gaskets is an uncommon yet effective solution here.

2: Loose Internal Connection

The internal wiring of the TV can get loose with time. Once they get loose, you have to take immediate action. Otherwise, the rolling horizontal lines on your TV screen will get denser.


You basically have to tighten up the internal wiring. The problem is, there isn’t any way of knowing which wire is responsible.  

Still, you can solve the issue by avoiding the extra hassles. Here’s how,

  • Remove the screws from the back panel of the TV
  • Remove the back panel to expose the internal component of the TV
  • Look for loose connections here by lightly pulling each wire
  • Push the loose wires with light force to set them tightly
  • Take a final look to make sure you didn’t miss a single point
  • Put everything back on

Now turn on the TV. If the wires are secured, there shouldn’t be any horizontal lines rolling there.

3. Power Supply Issues

Your TCL TV screen can display rolling horizontal lines due to a faulty power supply. Any display needs a consistent supply of power to work properly.

Otherwise, the TV system can’t send the perfect signal to the display sections. As a result, distorted pictures take over the whole monitor.


There are three potential culprits in this situation. Either your TV’s power receptor is broken, the cable is damaged, or there is an issue with the central power supply of your house.

If you are guessing the TV’s power receptor is the reason here, take your TV to a professional. They will replace the receptor.

In case you notice that the cable is damaged, buy a new set of it. The cables can be damaged at any point. So observe closely.

Finally, when you find everything in perfect condition while the TV display is still distorted, call an electrician to check the electrical outlet of your TV. Chances are, the excessive resistance of the power outlet is preventing energy supply to the TV.

4. Damaged Panel

Faulty graphics hardware are one of the most common reasons behind distorted display pictures. Video cable connection can be the culprit here as well. 

However, both the graphic system and the video cables come together in the graphic panel. The graphic panel’s inability to process the signal is the main culprit in this situation.


Replacing the panel is the only solution here. Though taking it to a professional is a better option, you can get the job done at your home as well. Here’s how,

  • Open the backside of the TV following the previously mentioned process 
  • Trace the video cable to locate the graphic panel
  • Remove the graphic panel from its place by unscrewing it
  • Install a new panel in its place
  • Put everything back to their place

This should get your TCL TV back to working fine.

5: Faulty Data Transmission

The coaxial cable of your TCL TV is responsible for transmitting data in your TV. A damaged cable can’t transmit accurate data. As a result, a distorted picture is displayed. 

Though this is quite uncommon for coaxial cable to put out rolling horizontal lines on TV, it’s still a possibility.


Replacing the coaxial cable is all you need to do here. But it’s not that simple. Maintain the following instructions to solve the issue properly,

  • Turn off your TV
  • Locate the antenna port at the back of your TCL TV
  • Pull out the damaged coaxial cable from there and set a new one
  • Secure the cable tightly to the port
  • Power on the TV
  • Go to the home screen of your TV with your TV remote
  • Go right and select the ‘Antenna” option
  • Here, select the “Start finding channel” option
  • Choose “No, channels 3 & 4 are not needed”
  • Wait till your TV finish scanning the antenna TV. It can take around 30 minutes
  • The system will scan to find cable TV. This won’t take much time
  • Select “Done”

And now you are done with all the setup. In some cases, changing the cable doesn’t necessarily alter the setting. But it is always better to modify the options whenever you install a new cable. 

This is all there is to it. If you can follow these points, you are sure to have a perfectly working TCL TV without any kind of distorted picture.


How do I reboot my TCL TV?

You can reboot your TCL TV from the System setting. There you will find the restart option. This is the reboot you were looking for.

What is the safe mode on TCL TV?

The safe more mode on TCL TV disables all the other applications while allowing you to check whether the TV works normally.

How much does coaxial cable cost?

Coaxial cables cost around $10 to $30.

How much does it cost to replace the TCL TV screen?

Depending on your location, TCL TV screen replacement can cost anything between $50 to $400.

How to fix TCL TV black screen?

You can fix your TCL TV black screen by simply factory resetting the whole system from the System Setting of your TV menu.

Final Verdict:

Rolling horizontal lines on the TV screen TCL bothers lots of people. But you don’t need to sweat about it because now you know how to fix the issue.

Simply follow my instructions, and you shouldn’t face further problems. However, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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