Samsung Baby Monitor Out Of Range [3 Easy Solutions]

Many of the Samsung baby monitor users have a common query about “Samsung baby monitor out of range.” The major reason behind this includes a broken antenna, faulty signal quality, and frequency congestion. 

If you are also troubled with such a problem in your monitor, consider the problem is solved. Here you will find the complete solution guide that will surely break down this issue. So, go on reading…..

Samsung Baby Monitor Out Of Range [3 Easy Solutions]

We have assembled each of the fixing methods in a very straightforward way. Moreover, all will be effective and quick working. So, don’t miss a single step from below.

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1. Bad Signal

Samsung monitor out of range means the baby monitor cannot be able to access the camera. When it happens, be sure there falls a normal signal, and the monitor starts malfunctioning.

Lack of good signal quality is highly responsible for causing such a problem in your monitor. There have various reasons for bad signals. That includes:

  • Improper position of the camera 
  • Defective camera power
  • The camera unit antenna is not connected to the right position
  • Cracked wires
  • There may have an obstruction between the camera and the monitor
  • Unsecured camera and motion installation
  • The long-distance between the camera and the monitor

Anyway, the following steps will guide you to fix this signal problem conveniently:


  • First of all, check all the connections between the monitor and the camera. 
  • If you find any cracked or worn-out wires, don’t get late to replace them. You may inspect both units for better investigation.
  • After solving the problem of the wires, make all connections stable and secure.
  • Now, place the camera in the rand of the monitor. A standard range for a baby monitor is generally around 600 to 800 feet.
  • Don’t forget to pair the monitor and camera. Make sure the pairing is stable, and it is not blinking.
  • Remove all the obstructions between the camera and monitor to prevent interference. 
  • Now change the location of the antenna regarding the camera position. If both units are on the same floor, then the antenna should be upright. If not, place the antenna vertically or lay it flat on the floor.
  • Finally, turn on the monitor. If still, there is the same message, follow the next suggestion. Hopefully, it will prove well. 

2. Frequency Congestion

When the signal is all okay, the frequency congestion will be the main culprit. Also, when there is a frozen picture or limited range on your baby monitor, it is one of the main reasons. 

The word frequency congestion refers to the frequent contributory factor that is responsible for communication breakdown. Anyway, the only way to fix or remove these congestions from the frequency range is to reset the monitor and camera.

Don’t get in hassle. Here, we are including the right procedures to reset both units.

How To Reset Samsung Baby Monitor?

  • First, turn off the camera.
  • Turn off the monitor as well.
  • Disconnect both units from the power line.
  • Then remove the battery in the parent.
  • Leave in this position for about 10-15 minutes.
  • After that, plug in the camera and monitor.
  • Turn them on. 

Are you still seeing the out-of-range message on display? The monitor antenna may be broken. Scroll down to know in detail.

3. Broken Antenna

If your Samsung baby monitor is constantly showing out of range, the antenna can be the main reason. The antenna seems to be an essential part of connecting the baby monitor. It is basically a visible physical component of wireless infrastructure. 

The primary function is to connect with the signal and transmit it between multiple wireless points. So, if it is broken or damaged somehow, the monitor will fail to catch the signal, and ultimately it will show an “Out of signal coverage” message on display. 


The only way is to fix the antenna is to replace the broken antenna with a new one. Buy a new antenna that fits your Samsung model and connect it. If you are wondering about the right process to replace the antenna, our below section is for you.

How To Replace The Broken Antenna From The Baby Monitor?

  • First, take a plastic opening tool and start removing the screen protector from the front of the monitor very slowly.
  • You will see many 4mm screws on there. Unscrew it using a screwdriver.
  • After unscrewing, you can easily remove the screen and expose the circuit board.
  • Here, you have to disconnect the speaker wire from the monitor for better access.
  • Now, just de-solder the antenna from the mainboard.
  • This time. Remove the broken antenna from the case.
  • Fit and screw the new SMA connector to the mainboard.
  • Finally, connect the antenna with this SMA connector. 

How To Pair Samsung Baby Monitor With Camera?

Every baby monitor comes with a camera that needs to pair with the receiver unit. When the receiver is powered on, the camera communicates with the receiver. Here receiver is assigned as the monitor.

So, before minting the camera, it is a must to pair it with the monitor with the receiver. Follow the below steps to pair the monitor with the camera:

  • Insert the battery and power on the adapter. 
  • Then, turn the switch “On,” and immediately, the LED screen will start displaying.
  • Same, power on the monitor by connecting it with the adapter.
  • Then, press the monitor menu button.
  • Press the [+] button to scroll to the Pairing option there and press OK to open this menu.
  • After that, select Camera 1 and press OK to confirm.
  • A timer will start for about 30 seconds. Meanwhile, you have to press the “Pair” button. Otherwise, it will fail to pair.
  • You will find the Pair button on the back of the camera.
  • When it is successful, you will see the viewable camera on the monitor.

Wrapping Words:

We can expect that you could fix this out-of-range issue successfully by following our guide. Don’t forget to share your valuable thoughts regarding this article and how it has reached you. 

Also, if you still have any queries or questions about this article, let us know through comment. Our experts will help you ASAP.

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