Samsung TV Popped And Won’t Turn On [7 Easy Solutions]

Samsung TV popped and won’t turn on mainly due to the backlight issues, defective power board, faulty motherboard, and bad capacitors. Also, the other responsible factors are a damaged plug or circuit board, a lousy panel, and a blown fuse.

Any of the above factors can be responsible for which your Samsung TV not turning on. But you need to know which one is the culprit. That is why you should know all the causes and solutions for each. 

Keep reading this article, and you will surely learn to fix your Samsung TV’s won’t turn on the issue by yourself.

Samsung TV Popped And Won’t Turn On [7 Easy Solutions]

Samsung TV’s loud popping noise suddenly is not a normal thing to ignore. Usually, after making a loud pop sound, your Samsung TV will turn off, and it doesn’t have any power. The causes and solutions of it are:

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1. Backlight Problems

Issues with your Samsung TV’s backlight are one of the main reasons why your Samsung TV makes a popping sound and then turns off.

To determine whether your backlight is the culprit or not, you have to first power on your Samsung TV.

Now bring a flashlight near the TV screen. Look carefully whether, after flashing the light, any image is visible on the screen or not.

If you see a faint picture on your Samsung TV screen that means the backlight becomes damaged. However, the factors responsible for it are:

  • Power surge
  • Faulty LED driver board
  • Physically damaged backlight
  • Defective components


The effective fixing ways of the above troubles are:

  • Check the power surge issue
  • Replace the physically damaged backlight, bad LED driver board, and faulty internal components

2. Faulty Power Board

When the power board in your Samsung TV stops working properly, you may experience your Samsung TV not turning on.

In your Samsung TV, the power board is the heaviest and largest board. It may stop functioning for the following causes:

  • Lousy capacitor
  • Insufficient power supply
  • The HDMI port stops working
  • Faulty T-Con board
  • Blown up capacitors
  • The power supply board stops working


If your Samsung TV popped and shut off due to the power board malfunction, you should replace it immediately. Also, to fix all the troubles mentioned above, you have to follow the solutions below:

  • Replace the bad capacitor, faulty HDMI port, bad T-con board, blown up capacitors, defective internal component, and malfunctioning power supply board
  • Ensure your TV’s power board is getting sufficient power supply and replace the faulty outlet

3. Defective Motherboard

Motherboard malfunction is highly responsible for which your Samsung TV clicking noise and won’t turn on. To be sure about whether your Samsung TV’s faulty motherboard is creating the problem or not, just take its back paneling off from it.

After taking off the back panel, you will see the motherboard on the left and check it to find the problem. However, the motherboard usually goes wrong for the following reasons:

  • Electrical spikes and surges or excess electrical shocks
  • Physical damage
  • Insufficient power supply
  • Faulty USB ports or HDMI ports connecting to TV
  • Board’s improperly installed components
  • Overheating
  • Faulty internal components


The effective solutions to these troubles are:

  • During the power surge, keep your TV off, and ensure there are no electrical spikes or excess electrical shocks in the electric line.
  • Replace the physically damaged motherboard, bad internal components, corrupt HDMI ports, and USB ports connecting to the TV
  • Ensure sufficient power supply to your TV’s power board
  • Avoid connecting too many electrical appliances in one outlet to prevent overheating.
  • Ensure all the internal components are properly installed within the board

4. Bad Capacitors

Before asking the question, why is my TV clicking and won’t turn on? You should check your Samsung TV’s internal capacitors. Capacitors malfunction is mostly responsible for stopping the working of your Samsung TV and clicking noise.

And it also damages your TV’s power board and motherboard. So the leading causes of it are:

  • A power surge or high voltage transients
  • Blown or damaged capacitor
  • Broken capacitors
  • Capacitors resistivity declines


Samsung TV’s one important part is its capacitor. When the capacitor goes wrong, the entire TV, including the power board and motherboard, stops functioning. So if it is the culprit for clicking noise on your TV, solve it immediately:

  • Make sure your home’s electric line doesn’t go through sudden power surges or high-voltage transients
  • Check for the blown, damaged, broken, or resistivity declined capacitors and replace them

5. Damaged Circuit Board Or Plug

TV’s corroded power cable or damaged circuit board is another reason for the clicking noise in your Samsung TV.

After making the pop-up sound, try to connect your TV’s power cable to the circuit board, or you can connect another Samsung device to the outlet to check whether it works or not. The main causes of it are: 

  • Board’s brunt components
  • A power surge or overload
  • Exposure to dust, heat, and moisture
  • Physically damaged board
  • Old age board
  • Power component failure
  • Defective or damaged plug


If your Samsung TV is clicking noise while on, you should check the TV’s circuit board and plug. If the faulty circuit board or bad plug is the culprit, replace it immediately. The other easy solutions are:

  • Replace or repair the circuit board’s burnt components, physically damaged and old aged board, and damaged plug
  • Make sure there is no power surge issue in your TV’s electric line
  • Keep the board and plug safe from excessive dust, heat, and moisture exposure
  • Repair or replace the failed power components

6. Bad Panel

The TV panel or the screen is the primary component of your Samsung TV. The lousy panel itself is another big reason why your Samsung TV makes a clicking noise and won’t turn on. The Samsung TV screen goes bad for the following reasons:

  • Extreme cold, heat, moisture, and humidity
  • Running the TV for an extended time
  • Color distortion
  • Dead pixel
  • Damaged screen
  • TV’s bad connection due to loose cable


Usually, when the faulty panel creates a problem, your Samsung TV screen flickers, and then your Samsung Plasma TV clicking noise won’t turn on.

However, replacing the damaged panel is the prime solution. The other ways to fix these above troubles are:

  • Keep your Samsung TV panel safe from cold, heat, moisture, and humidity
  • Avoid running your TV for an extended time
  • Replace your color distorted or dead pixels or damaged screen monitor
  • Ensure your TV cable’s good connection and tighten the cables

7. Blown Fuse

A blown-up fuse is another culprit for creating the noise in your Samsung TV, and then it turns off. Usually, when the fuse draws excessive power, it blows up. The other factors accountable for it are:

  • Overloaded circuit or faulty circuit board
  • Damaged wiring
  • Ground fault or short circuit
  • Using the wrong type of fuse
  • Improperly installed fuse


Don’t plug your Samsung TV and other electronic appliances simultaneously into the electric outlet to avoid an overpowering issue. The other solutions are:

  • Replace the bad circuit board, corroded wiring
  • Use the right type of fuse
  • Make sure the fuse is installed properly in your TV’s board


How do I reset my Samsung TV if it won’t turn on?

Unplug your Samsung TV from the outlet and wait for 1 minute. For 30 seconds, press the power button and hold it in your TV’s unplugged condition. After 1 minute, re-plug your Samsung TV, and it will start working normally.

What does it mean when my Samsung TV’s red light flashes?

Your Samsung TV’s red light flashes giving the power supply failure sign. However, a technical defect or glitch in HDMI hookup can also cause it.

Why is my Samsung TV not displaying anything?

Your Samsung TV is not displaying anything means your TV’s screen goes black. The main reasons are damaged cables, loose connection, faulty circuit board, inactive power source, or defective screen.


As you already know, several major factors are responsible for Samsung TVs popping and won’t turn on issue. We break down the A-Z detailed causes and solutions of all these factors. So if you now face these troubles, follow our above-mentioned guide and fix those by yourself.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you need any help. Comment on the comment section and our expert will surely help you.

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