Summer Infant Baby Monitor Keeps Saying No Signal [3 Easy Solutions]

Summer Infant Baby Monitor Keeps Saying No Signal due to unstable pair between the receiver and transmitter. Also, interference in signal and bad signal quality are the leading causes of this problem.

Today, we are here to bring the complete solution guide for this problem. If you are troubled with your monitor, go through this Summer Infant video monitor troubleshooting.

Summer Infant Baby Monitor Keeps Saying No Signal [3 Easy Solutions]

We have triggered three major reasons with the solution steps. Our assigned steps are effective and quick working. So, read this exclusive article sensibly.

1. Fix Accidentally Deleted Camera On Summer Baby Monitor

In every summer baby monitor, you will find an adjusted camera with it. When the monitor is turned on, the cameras start communicating with the monitor. Here monitor assigns as a receiver. To see the camera on the monitor, you must have to pair it. 

But somehow, it may be broken. If you constantly see out-of-range or no signals on the monitor, there is sure a pair broken in both units. So, your first step would be pairing the unit again.

Many of us have queries about how to connect the summer infant monitor to the camera. Here are the right procedures:

How To Pair Summer Infant Monitor

  • At first, place the monitor in the same area on the monitor.
  • Then, press the power button of the monitor to turn it on.
  • Press the Right Arrow to appear the camera option.
  • Now using the Up Arrow button, move down to the “ADD/DEL CAM” option.
  • Then press on the scroll button to select “ADD/CAMERA.”
  • Again press the scroll button. Also, press the pairing button on the CAMERA for at least 5 seconds.
  • When the pairing process is successful, you will see the pictures from the CAMERA on the Monitor.
  • If pairing is unsuccessful, repeat the same processes once again.

2. Is There Interference In Signals?

For fluent communication of the camera with the monitor, there needs a strong frequency to connect. Primarily, a baby monitor requires a 2.4GHz frequency signal band to connect the camera.

When there appear any other devices similar to this frequency band and channel, then there starts interference in the signal. 

Wireless devices like stereo speakers, mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, and microwaves use radiofrequency. Sometimes, radiofrequency is also the culprit for signal interaction.

These types of interruptions refer as frequency congestion. If there state frequent contributory factors that break down communication. 

Anyway, the only solution is to reset both units. Let’s have a look through the effective procedures to reset them:

How To Reset Summer Baby Monitor

  • First, turn off the transmitter unit or camera.
  • Also, turn off the receiver unit or monitor.
  • Then, remove the batteries from the units.
  • After some while, reinsert the battery and turn back on only the monitor.
  • Then, press the “Vol +” and “Power” buttons on the receiver unit at the same time. Keep pressing simultaneously for four seconds.
  • When the reset is done, you will hear a beep sound. Also, a red light will flash on the screen.
  • Finally, turn on the receiver or camera, and if the pair broke, pair the units.

3. Fix Bad Signal Quality

When there falls down the normal signal connection, it will start saying no signal. In short, missing a strong and good signal is highly responsible for causing such a problem in your monitor. Here is some significant reason for the bad signal:

  • Faulty power supply
  • Defective outlets
  • Faulty switch
  • Improper position of the camera
  • Defective camera power
  • Worn-out wires
  • Dead batteries
  • Obstructions between the camera and the monitor
  • Unsecured installation of the transmitter and receiver
  • Camera and receiver out of range due to long distances.

However, by following the below methods, you can easily fix this signal problem:


  • Start by checking the connected wires of the monitor and camera. Replace all the cracked and worn-out wires ASAP. 
  • Also, secure all the connections of the camera and monitor tightly.
  • Don’t miss the power cord of both units. If you see brownish satin here, be sure it got defected. Replace faulty switch as well.
  • Verify the outlets are well working.
  • Then, install the camera in the range of the monitor. Up to 600 feet is an ideal range in this case. Place the camera in this range.
  • Make sure there are no obstructions between these two units.
  • If possible, change the battery of the receiver. 
  • After turning on properly, ensure that the pair between them is strong enough and there are no blinking or flashing lights.
  • If still, there is the same message on the screen, there may have a serious issue on the monitor and camera. It will be better to contact the manufacturer.


Why is my summer monitor not working?

There may have several reasons behind this issue. That includes faulty power supply, unstable pairing between the units, dead battery, low signal strength, and frequency interference. Sometimes, defective devices are culprits. 

 Why is my Summer Infant monitor beeping?

Low batteries are the major reason for causing this. Recharging the battery will sort out it. If not, check the power supply and pair connection. Sometimes, resetting the unit proves well.

Wrapping Thoughts

There is no doubt that our article has been helpful enough for you. Hopefully, now you can conveniently fix your monitor’s issue by following our guide. 

Don’t forget to share your valuable thoughts with us. Also, feel free to include your queries if you are facing any. Thanks for staying with us.

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