Why Sharp TV Red Light Blinks 6 Times [Solved]

The Sharp TV red light blinks 6 times is the error code of the Start-up communication error 6 until a version of notification transmission. 

When the Sharp TV encounters any malfunction on the internal or external unit, it blinks red light in a pattern. This red-light blinking indicates different malfunctions of the Sharp TV.

If the Sharp TV’s red light blinks 6 times, the overheating or connection issue can create the problem.

The issue is mostly related to the flawed CPU or the mainboard. The faulty internal components can also relate to it if the TV keeps blinking 6 times. 

Power reboot your TV as soon as you see the 6 times blink, as it can resolve many cases related to the TV. 

Otherwise, further troubleshooting may be needed, which we will discuss today. So. without going anywhere else, keep reading this comprehensive article till the end. 

Here, you will find all the information about Sharp TV’s red light blinks 6 times, including all the possible reasons and effective solutions in detail.

So, let’s get started.

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1. Power Reboot On Sharp TV

As a way of resolving the 6 times red light blinking on Sharp TV, a power reboot on the TV can be an efficient method.

Sometimes on the TV set, extra residual power on the unit can make your TV not turn on and blink red light. 

When you reboot your TV, the TV completely shuts down, and it kicks out all the extra power of the unit. In some cases, the red-light blinking issue on the Sharp TV may be resolved by it. 


  • Reboot your Sharp TV by disconnecting its power cable of it. Before disconnecting the power cable of your Sharp TV, turn it off. 
  • After disconnecting the power cable, let your TV unplug for about 5-10 minutes. Press the power button of your TV set, not on the remote, for 30 seconds. 
  • Now connect your TV to the power source and turn it on by pressing the power button of the TV. 

2. Connections & Overheating Issue

Due to cable connections or overheating issues, sometimes you face the Sharp smart TV red light blinking 6 times. 

When there is a faulty wiring connection on your TV, it can’t get enough power to turn on or to function properly. 

The connected external devices can also be the probable reason for this persisting issue, as they can contribute to blinking issues. 

Overheating on the Sharp TV is a possible reason for which the TV starts blinking red light 6 times most of the time. 

If the vents or the slots are dirty or there is no good ventilation system, the TV won’t turn on instead, it will start blinking red light. 

So, these things also matter to consider while troubleshooting the Sharp LED TV red light blinking 6 times. 


  • Turn the Sharp TV off and disconnect the power cord. Also, disconnect all the other cables and external devices. 
  • Check the condition of the power cable as well as all the other cables if they have any defects. If it is, repair or replace the bad one. Also, check out the power ports.
  • Now go through the vents/slots of your TV. Vacuum the vents/slots on the back of the display if they are quite grimy. Ensure a good ventilation system for the Sharp TV. Keep all those things away which can make your TV overheat. 
  • Only connect the power cord of your TV, bypassing all the other cables and the external devices. Plug up the TV into a different wall outlet without using any power strips or power surges. 

3. Force Turn On Sharp TV

When you are facing the Sharp TV red light blinking 6 times, and the TV can’t power up, you can try to force turn on your TV. 

Through this process, you will try to turn it on by pressing several buttons on your TV set. If the TV turns on with these buttons, you will eliminate the issue without further troubleshooting. Check the process out as follows. 


  • To force turn on your TV, all you need to do is locate the [Power] button, [Volume Down] button, and the [Channel Up] button. Now press the buttons at a time. 
  • If the force turns on to work out for you, you will hear a “click” sound on your TV. The TV will turn on like normal, and then after that, it will continue to turn on and off like normal. 
  • If not, proceed to the next step.

4. Flawed CPU Or The Mainboard

The time when you have tried all the troubleshooting methods, but it can’t resolve the red light blinking on your Sharp TV, now you may need to check the internal unit of it. 

check the motherboard

In the case of the red light blinking on Sharp TV, it’s mostly the fault of the mainboard. When the mainboard has faulty components, the Sharp TV shows the error message of the red-light blinking 6 times.

As the issue is related to Until version notification transmission, you have to check the UART bus between the main CPU and sub-CPU to resolve the blinking problem on the unit. Go through checking on the mainboard or the CPU of your TV. 


  • First of all, disconnect your TV and let it cool down for some time. Now place your TV safely and unscrew all the screws on the back panel. 
  • Remove the back panel and check the motherboard. Check on the mainboard for any defect or damage. 
  • Look through the ICs on the mainboard. If any of them is damaged, repair or replace them. Also, look through the CPU and sub-CPU, as the issue may be related from here. 
  • Check the UART bus between the main CPU and sub-CPU of your Sharp TV. In case of those having any glitches, repair or replacement is a must. 
  • After resolving the issue of the CPU or the mainboard, hopefully, the red light blinking 6 times will be resolved. With good experience in diagnosing and resolving a technical issue, you can easily fix the persisting problem. Otherwise, take the advice of the experts. 

5. Faulty Internal Components

When the Sharp TV is still blinking red light 6 times, the other internal components of the unit may malfunction, creating the problem. 

In case of defective components or loss of/miss out voltages on the boards can make your Sharp TV blink 6 times. 

To resolve it, you may need to check the power board and the other components in search of the origin of the 6 times red light blinking. 

Go through the checking process on the internal unit to resolve the problem. 


  • After removing the back panel of your TV, inspect its internal components of it. Check the connections of the boards and the chassis if they are snugly seated. 
  • Check the other boards, like the power board, using a multimeter. Measure the voltage of the components according to the service manual or the voltage written on the chassis. 
  • If you find any miss-out/voltage loss on the power board or faulty or damaged components, that might create the issue. Repairing the bad board or replacing it if needed will resolve the issue on the TV. 
  • You can take the help of the technician as they can figure out the exact issue happening on it. Call the Sharp TV service center. They will provide you with the service according to their terms and conditions. 


How do you factory reset a Sharp TV?

Press the [Menu] button. From the menu, go to the [Initial Setup]. Now select [Reset] and press [Yes] to confirm factory reset on Sharp TV

How do I troubleshoot my Sharp TV?

When your TV is showing any malfunctions like not turning on, showing a black screen, power reset your tv. Unplug and plug back your TV for a duration of a minimum of 60 seconds. Press the power button of the TV for 30 seconds. 

What are the 4-digit codes for a Sharp TV?

For a Sharp TVthe, 4 digits codes are 1378, 1375, 1362, 1312, 1311, 1298, 1274, 1157, 1153, 1099, 1097, 1081, 1078, 1077, 1064, 1025, 1011, 1009, 1004, 0386, 0165, 0093, 0039.

Final Thoughts

To sum up the article, we hope that you will troubleshoot your Sharp TV while the TV is blinking red light 6 times without hassle after reading this article. 

You can easily fix the problem with good technical experience or with the help of experts. 

If you need any kind of information furthermore, please be in a hurry to inform us. We’ll try to get to you ASAP. Thank you so much for visiting our webpage.

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