Denon TV Audio Switching [3 Easy Solutions]

Denon TV audio switching mainly due to HDMI control turned on in TV and receiver, defective HDMI cable and HDMI devices malfunction. This troubleshooting guide presented the exact causes and solutions to each problem. Keep reading this writing till the end, and you will certainly learn to fix your TV’s audio switching issue by yourself.

Denon TV Audio Switching [3 Easy Solutions]

The major factors responsible for the random switching of Denon TV audio and their effective fixing ways are the following:

1. HDMI Control Turned ON in TV and Receiver

If the HDMI control is turned on in your TV and Denon receiver, then you can experience your Denon receiver switching inputs. Due to the turned-on HDMI control, the AVR likely thinks that the user wants to hear from the TV source.

So when you power up your TV and Denon receiver, it keeps switching the audio. The On HDMI CEC feature is the major reason why the Denon receiver randomly switches inputs.

The CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is the HDMI standard’s recent addition. This feature allows signal control from one device to communicate with other devices. Unfortunately, when this function remains On, your Denon TV audio keeps switching.


Inspect your TV and Denon receiver’s HDMI control option. Next, follow the manual’s configuration setting and set the HDMI control off.

If your Denon TV audio suddenly keeps switching, at first, go to your TV menu. Then check the HDMI- CEC features and ensure it is in the Off position.

2. Bad HDMI Cable

A faulty HDMI cable is another culprit for which you encounter your Denon TV audio switching not working issue. The HDMI cable goes bad for the following reasons:

  • Cable’s physical damage
  • Damaged internal wiring
  • Extreme power force shearing the HDMI cable into two
  • Too old cable


Whether the HDMI cable is physically damaged or its internal wiring gets corrupted or cables shear into 2, the only solution to all these is to replace the HDMI cables. To replace the cables, follow the easy steps below:

  • Unplug or turn off your Denon receiver
  • Removed the damaged or malfunctioning HDMI cables
  • Put back the new HDMI cable
  • Make sure the wires are seated and fitted correctly in place.

After replacing the old aged and faulty HDMI cables, you will get the Denon best sound mode for TV.

3. Faulty HDMI Devices

The malfunctioning HDMI devices are another factor for which your TV audio signal keeps switching.

If one of the boxes (Apple or Sky) becomes defective, it will conflict with the HDMI control. The cheap Google boxes and older Sky boxes are the culprits which disable the device’s HDMI control.


Test each HDMI device by unplugging it each time. Make sure the Apple or Sky boxes and HDMI control are not conflicting.

Replace the old, aged, cheap, or malfunctioning skyboxes to prevent the HDMI control option from disabling on the device.


How do I get sound from TV to Denon Receiver?

In the ARC-supported HDMI port, connect an HDMI cable. Then set the speakers in your TV menu to the audio system. Now on your TV’s HDMI setting, turn on the Control. Also, turn the Control On in your home theater or A/V receiver system.

How do I fix my Denon surround sound?

To fix your Denon surround sound, check all device’s link connections. Also, inspect the proper connections of speaker cables and the input source’s good selection. Finally, adjust the volume, and check the connector setting of digital audio.

Why is there no sound coming out of my Denon receiver?

Your Denon receiver produces no sound mainly due to the reversely connected output connectors and input connectors. Also, the damaged cables, input source’s off settings, and digital output audio connection with the faulty device are responsible for it.

How do I turn on the ARC on my Denon Receiver?

To turn on the ARC on your Denon receiver, you have to turn on the HDMI control in the TV and the receiver’s menu. To enable the receiver’s audio output, you have to ensure the correct setting in your TV. Press the remote’s SETUP button < Video < HDMI setup.

How do you reset a Denon Receiver?

Turn off your Denon receiver’s power. Then, simultaneously press the TUNER PRESET CH – and TUNER PRESET CH +. If the display shows the “Initialized” message, release these two buttons and remove the fingers.


Now you are aware of why Denon TV audio switching and what culprits are causing this issue. So, if you find your Denon TV audio not working, from now, you can solve it instantly by following our solutions mentioned above. However, yet, if you struggle to fix it, don’t hesitate to comment. We are always ready to help you.

Note: You can also read how to fix Denon receiver volume changes by itself.

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