How To Reset Motorola Baby Monitor [Explained]

Wondering about how to reset Motorola baby Monitor? Then you are on the right website where you will get all the straightforward steps to perform this. 

Motorola devices are developed with great functionality. But in several cases, it needs to be reset like other electronic devices, and many of the users are confused about this. To think about this, we are here bringing this guide where you will get all details. Start reading sensibly.

How To Reset Motorola Baby Monitor?

While operating the Motorola baby monitor, the user faces several malfunctioning into it. In some cases, it stops functioning well, and there may have no display. Apart from this, electronic devices need resetting operations in order to continue functioning properly. 

By this, all stuck garbage into the device will clear out, and the functions will flow more efficiently. Also, one should reset the monitor device occasionally to provide it a chance to take a break from often using.

Anyways, from below, you will clearly come to know about the effective procedures to reset the baby monitor. But before, let’s take a glimpse about when you should reset your monitor. 

When Will You Need To Reset The Motorola Baby Monitor

From this section, you will know exactly what moment you need to reset your baby monitor. Look through the below factors:

  • Motorola baby monitor not pairing: When there appears a pairing problem and fails to maintain communication with the camera, hard resetting of both units proves well.
  • Motorola baby monitor beeping no signal: If the monitor is constantly beeping out of signal, users first reset the monitor in proper ways before contacting a technician.
  • Motorola baby monitor sound not working: When there is a distraction in the sound system of the monitor, the first step should be to reset the complete device. 
  • Motorola baby monitor not turning on: It seems to be the most common issue on a baby monitor, and you should start troubleshooting by resting the device.
  • Disconnection Between the units: If the baby unit lost the links with the parent unit, you should reset the units in the right processes before pairing them.

Note: You can also read the Motorola baby monitor troubleshooting guide.

Reset Motorola Baby Monitor Parent Unit

To reset the parent unit of the Motorola baby monitor device, follow the below procedures:

  • First, turn on your monitor. 
  • You will find a small pinhole on the monitor’s left side.
  • Take a pin and same as like a sharp thing.
  • Now press the reset key using that pin.
  • The monitor will turn off, and the resetting process will start.
  • After some while, the monitor will again turn on when the reset is done.

Hard Reset Motorola Baby Monitor Camera

It is possible to hard reset the camera of Motorola models. Follow the below steps:

  • Hold the “Pair” button of the camera unit.
  • While holding down the ‘Pair’ button, turn off your camera
  • Keep holding for more than 10 seconds.
  • After that, turn on the camera, and this time you are still holding down the ‘Pair’ button.
  • After about 20 seconds, you will hear a beep as a confirmation sound.
  • Now release the ‘Pair’ button.
  • Let the camera for completing an internal reset procedure.
  • When the reset will be done, the LED indicator will turn red and start flashing slowly.
  • That’s all the effective processes to reset the baby unit of the Motorola device. 


How do I remove the battery from my Motorola baby monitor?

To inspect the battery, disconnect the back cover of the monitor housing. The battery will inspect which is connecting with the plastic part using the wires. Slowly pull the wires, and the battery will easily remove. 

What does LL mean on my Motorola Baby Monitor?

The LL and HH signify the temperature status that the temperature sensor absorbs from the wall. The LL sign indicates the too-low temperature. But it will turn normal after some while. 

 How do I set up the camera of my Motorola baby monitor?

Place the camera in the range of the monitor. Now point the camera lens toward the area that you desire to monitor. You can adjust the camera’s head angle by rotating it in a versatile direction.

Wrapping Thoughts

Hopefully, now you are completely clear about resetting the procedures of the Motorola baby monitor. But still, if you have any queries regarding this, don’t hesitate to let us know through comments. Our expert will help you as soon as possible.

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