Why Insignia TV Red Light Flashes 8 Times [5+ Easy Solutions]

Insignia TV red light flashes 8 times is the error message of a technological malfunction. Whenever any abnormality is detected on the Insignia TV like a blinking red light, it is an obvious sign that the TV needs servicing the faulty unit. 

insignia tv red light flashes 8 times

As for the 8 times the red light blinking, most of the time it’s the power issue. The blinking problem can be related to the faulty power board or backlight failure. The other circuit boards can also relate to this matter. 

Reset your Insignia TV as it’s the most effective quick fix for every technical glitch. 

Yet, if your TV requires more troubleshooting methods, you are going to find out every aspect in detail in our article. 

Just keep reading thoroughly till the end. 

Why Insignia TV Red Light Flashes 8 Times [5+ Easy Solutions]

Here, in this article, we are going to break down all the probable reasons and solutions in a possible easiest way. 

Before moving to it, take a look at the reasons and solutions at a glance.

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Probable Reasons Possible Solutions 
Start up problem Reset your Insignia TV
Power problems Ensure your TV is getting enough power. Check the power cables. Repair or replace if needed. 
Faulty Power Board Inspect the power board. Repair the fault or replace the unrepairable one. 
Backlight failure Check the backlight strips Replace the bad backlights.
Circuit board issues Look through the circuit boards. Repair or replace the faulty circuit board. 

1. Reset The Insignia TV

When you face the Insignia TV red light blinks 8 times, it’s an obvious sign that your TV is experiencing some kind of technical issue on the unit. Sometimes the issue can be as minor as a start-up problem. 

If this is the case, you can fix your Insignia TV with an easy fix like a reset. 

It’ll kick out all the extra power dwelling on the unit & will assist the TV in turning on without blinking red light.

So, try out this easy fix first to see whether it can work out for your TV.  

How To Reset The Insignia TV

Here are the steps for you to follow to reset your Insignia TV.

  • Switch the TV off & unplug the power cord. Let the power cord unplug for one or two minutes. Hold the power button of your Insignia TV set [not the remote] for 30 seconds. 
  • Now plug back the power cord into the wall outlet and turn on your TV. When you turn the TV on, use the power button on the TV set. See if the TV can turn on now without blinking red light. 
  • Still, if the issue persists, you can try to keep the TV unplugged for more time, like one hour or 60 minutes. Then see whether it can correct the issue.   

2. Power Problems On Insignia TV

An insufficient power supplied to the Insignia can be another countable reason for the 8-times red-light blinking on the indicator. 

In this regard, a faulty power cable or loose connections can be at fault. The same goes for the defective power strips for not supplying adequate power. 

Check through the cable to see anyhow it is relatable to the blinking issue on your Insignia TV. 


  • Turn the Insignia TV off and detach all the cables, including the power cable connected to your TV, from both sides. Now, look for the power cable and whether it has any visible defects on it. 
  • Any bulge-up, burnt-out, or open wire on the cable will be counted as faulty and requires repair. If it can’t be repaired, replace the power cable with a high-quality new one. 
  • Now connect only the power cable to your TV. Ensure a snug or tight cable connection of it. While connecting back the TV, plug it directly into the wall outlet bypassing the power surges. 
  • You should try to use a different wall outlet as there may be an issue with the power port. Now, see if the blinking red light issue is resolved with this fix.

3. Faulty Power Board

In the case of Insignia TV flashing red power light 8 times, the fault can be related to the power board. It is one of the probable reasons in most cases for blinking red-light issues. 

faulty power board 

When there is any defect or loss/ miss out voltage on the power supply board, it makes the Insignia TV not turn on and blink red light 8 times. 

You may need to repair or replace the failing power supply board if this is the origin of the issue. 


Go through the process below to check the power supply board of the unit. 

  • Turn off your TV and disconnect it from the wall outlet before making any disconnection. Now place your TV face down safely. Make sure you have grounded properly. 
  • Now detach all the housing screws of the back panel and remove the panel. Check the power board now. Make sure there are no loose connections between the board and the chassis. Using a multimeter, measure the voltages of it according to the voltage written on the board or in your service manual. 
  • Any miss-out voltage or detected damaged part indicates it needs servicing. Repair the fault if it can be. Otherwise, replacement remains the only option. 
  • If you aren’t technical, we’ll suggest you have this checked out by the professionals. They will diagnose the exact fault & will resolve it. 

4. Backlight Failure

Backlight failure on Insignia TV can also make the TV blink 8 times. When the Insignia TV blinks red light 8 times and shows no picture, here, the suspect is the backlight strips. 

If any of the backlight strips is detected failing, the Insignia TV can’t be able to show any picture on the screen. Rather than functioning well, it starts blinking red light 8 times. 


  • Before jumping to the backlight failure conclusion, you can perform a flashlight test to see if it’s the backlight failure. If you can see any dim image on the screen, be sure that the backlight has failed to work. 
  • Now open the back & front panels to check if the backlight strips are faulty. While removing the panel, carefully do it so that the screen may not be harmed. Follow the user manual properly for doing this job. 
  • Using a LED tester, check all the strips and find out the faulty one. Replace the bad strip and get rid of the blinking red light problem on your TV. After servicing your TV, put everything back in reverse order.

5. Circuit Boards Issues

When all the above troubleshooting methods fail to resolve the Insignia TV flashing red light 8 times, then it is likely the circuit board of the unit may go through damage or defect. 

If any of the circuit boards fail to work or shows malfunctions, it intervenes in the functionality of the TV, like not turning on or blinking the red light eight times. 

So, you may now check the circuit board to detect the origin of the issue and resolve it for your Insignia TV. 


  • To access the circuit boards of the unit, remove the back panel by detaching all the housing screws of it. Now check the circuit boards. First, look through whether there are any loose connections as it is also a matter to regard. 
  • Now it’s time to inspect the circuit boards if no issue is found in the connections. Check every circuit board of your unit and figure out the faulty one or faulty part. 
  • According to the defect of the bad circuit board, repair or replace the unrepairable one. Either you can solve the issue with your technical experience or by contacting the Insignia TV service center. They will provide you with the repairing or replacement services according to their terms and conditions.


How do I reboot my Insignia TV?

Turn the Insignia TV off. Unplug the power cord of your TV for a maximum time of 60 seconds. Hold the Insignia TV power button for 30 seconds. Now plug back in & turn on your TV. 

How much does it cost to fix the Insignia TV screen?

The cost is about $80 for, not Insignia TV turning on, and this cost is from $90 for lines on the screen. The repair cost for no sound is $70 & for no Wi-Fi cost is $60. 

How long do Insignia TVs last?

Insignia TV last up to seven years. Yet, with proper maintenance and care, it can last up to ten years.

Final Thoughts

At this point, we are going, to sum up, the whole article with the hope that you have found our article informative and useful enough while resolving the Insignia TV red light flashes 8 times. 

We have tried our best to highlight all the probable reasons and solutions in the easiest way. 

Still, if you have any more queries, inform us through your comments. We’ll try to teach you ASAP.

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