JVC TV Turns On But Black Screen [9 Easy Solutions]

JVC TV turns on but black screen mainly due to the defective cable box, problems in the TV station, not adjusted picture control, reception disturbance, and antenna connector not connected.

Also, the other causes are the TV’s wrong input source, TV lamp malfunction, the TV being in sleep mode, and an insecure HDMI connection.

jvc tv turns on but black screen

To solve all these problems, you need to replace the malfunctioning cable box and damaged TV lamp.

Try another TV station if a particular channel is not working and adjust the picture control. Also, ensure the TV is receiving correct input, and the TV is not in sleep mode, and ensure a secure HDMI connection.

Read thoroughly the details below, and you will surely learn to fix your JVC TV’s black screen problem by yourself.

JVC TV Turns On But Black Screen [9 Easy Solutions]

After turning on your JVC TV, you hear the sound, but the TV screen is black, isn’t it terrible? Actually, several factors cause it. The major causes behind this problem and their easy fixing ways are:

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1. Faulty Cable Box

When the cable box, Coax box, Sat box, or HDMI cable stop functioning perfectly, you may experience JVC TV problems. The causes of it are:

  • Damaged cable box
  • Insecure and loose cable connection between TV and Cable box
  • The cable was plugged in the wrong port
  • Signal interference between the cable box and TV


First, try to fix your TV’s cable box by rebooting it. To reboot the receiver box, follow the steps below:

  • Turn off your JVC TV
  • Now from the electrical power source, unplug the receiver (cable box)
  • Wait for 10 seconds
  • Plug the receiver box back into the outlet and give the power to it
  • Turn on the TV

If rebooting solves your cable box malfunction, then it’s okay. But if still, the problem exists, then do the following:

  • Replace the damaged cable box
  • Ensure your JVC TV and cable box’s secure and tight connection
  • Plug the cable in the correct port
  • Make sure there is no obstruction or signal interference between the cable box and the TV

2. TV Station Experiencing Problems

When you are trying to see a particular channel using the remote control, your JVC TV may fail to display that channel for the station issue.

When your TV fails to cope with the station’s coding or programming, it shows a black screen. The factors that cause it are:

  • A particular channel is not displaying a picture
  • Website down
  • Damaged or poorly installed antennae
  • Signal interference
  • TV’s broadcast signal is creating issues


If you experience a black screen on a particular channel, you should try another channel. The other ways to solve it are:

  • Check the antenna and replace the damaged or poorly installed one
  • Make sure there is nothing creating signal interference to your TV
  • Ensure your TV’s broadcast signal is performing perfectly

3. Not Adjusted Picture Control

TV’s picture control is not adjusted with its program and screen size is another reason why your JVC TV displays a black screen.

Picture control has numerous adjustment aspects, including the picture’s brightness, sharpness, backlight, etc. 

If any of these settings become fail to adjust with your TV’s program or setting, you will experience your JVC TV turning on and then shutting off with no picture.


To fix this problem, check your TV’s picture control adjustments and adjust them. Perfectly adjust your JVC TV’s brightness, sharpness, and backlight.

4. Reception Disturbance

Don’t get overboard thinking about what to do when your TV turns on but the screen is black. First, check whether your TV is facing a reception disturbance or not.

Local interference in TV reception causes your JVC TV’s black screen, or the picture can also break up into squares. The factors responsible for it are:

  • Electrical or radio interference
  • Too much distance between the TV and the transmitter
  • Obstruction is blocking your TV’s antenna, and it is reducing the signal
  • Defective antenna system
  • TV malfunction


By checking your JVC TV’s signal strength meter, you can easily check whether your TV’s reception disturbance is the culprit for the black screen or not. The other solutions are: 

  • Turn off other electrical appliances or radios while you are turning on your TV
  • Make sure the TV and transmitter are not set at too much distance
  • Remove the obstruction in front of your TV antenna and make sure the signal is perfect
  • Replace the faulty antenna and malfunctioning TV

5. Antenna Connector Is Not Connected

The antenna connector’s faulty connection with the TV is also responsible for its black screen. The leading causes of it are:

  • Antenna cables are not perfectly connected
  • Loose cable connection
  • Damaged antenna connector
  • Worn out cables


To fix all these troubles, first, check your antenna connector to see whether it is perfectly working or not. Replace the faulty antenna connector and also follow the other solutions below:

  • Ensure your TV’s antenna cables are perfectly connected
  • Tighten the cable connection
  • Replace the worn-out cables

6. TV’s Wrong Input Source

Your JVC TV’s remote control’s input button redirects you directly to your TV’s input source menu.

From the input source menu, you can select one that you want to display, such as an HDMI-connected device, TV, or USB drive. 

So, if you put the wrong input in your TV, it will not display the picture. And it is another factor that causes a black screen on JVC TV.


During the input source selection, using the remote, make sure you are selecting the correct TV input. Also, ensure that your TV is not getting the wrong input source and your TV will display pictures.

7. TV Lamp Malfunction

The lamp inside your JVC TV coordinates your TV screen’s images and colors. Now when this TV lamp gets overheated, it fails to project the images and colors perfectly. Overheating diminishes the lamp’s longevity and eliminates the TV’s picture also. The accountable factors of it are:

  • Overheated or melted TV lamp
  • Loosen lamp
  • Melted connectors inside the TV lamp
  • Broken lamp


Continuously running the TV for a long time may cause a malfunction of the lamp inside the TV. So, avoid running your TV for an extended period. The other solutions are:

8. TV Is In Sleep Mode

If the sleep mode in your TV is on, your JVC TV will shut down automatically after a certain period.

And your JVC Smart TV will show a black screen. When you put your TV on sleep mode, the power becomes ON, but your TV will display no picture on its screen.

It’s not your JVC TV brightness problemIt’s simply you bring a change in your TV’s setting, and put it on sleep mode, and that is why your TV turns on, but it is not displaying the picture.  


Check your TV whether it is in sleep mode or not. If so, go to your TV’s settings and change it to normal mode.

9. Insecure HDMI Connection

An insecure HDMI connection is another reason why your TV turns on and produces sound, but there is no picture in it.

HDMI cables usually keep connected at the TV’s back. However, the following reasons can cause insecure connection:

  • HDMI cable loosely connected to your TV’s back
  • Short cable connection
  • The cable plugged in a faulty port
  • Corroded or damaged cable


Before thinking about “why does my TV turn on but the screen is black?” You should check the tiny things first. Such as checking the TV’s HDMI cable connection at its back. 

Check and ensure the secure HDMI cable connection to your JVC TV. However, if you find it’s the culprit, immediately do the following:

  • Ensure the HDMI cable’s tight connection at the TV’s back
  • Replace the corroded, damaged, or shorted cable
  • Try plugging the cable in another port other than the defective port

How To Soft Reset JVC TV

When your JVC TV goes through the wrong input or station problems, you need to know how to reset JVC TV without a picture. Without a picture, you can soft reset your TV, and it will solve the problem. To perform the soft reset, follow the easy steps below:

  • Turn off your JVC TV and unplug it from the outlet
  • Press your TV’s power button and hold it for 10-20 seconds
  • Now plug your TV back into the outlet and turn it on

After performing this reset, all the power issues in your TV will be solved.

How To Factory Reset JVC TV

If, after performing the soft reset, the screen is still black, then you should conduct the factory reset on your TV. The resetting steps are:

  • Go to your JVC TV’s Settings
  • Locate the system and select the Advanced system settings
  • You will get the “Factory Reset” option
  • Select the option and Factory Reset everything


How do you troubleshoot a JVC TV?

Check your JVC TV’s all component connections and the power outlet. Make sure your TV’s the correct input source. Also, against your cable box, DVD recorder, satellite receiver, or TiVo setting, check your TV’s settings and ensure the correct channel setting in your TV.

Why does my JVC TV standby light flash?

The activated TV timer function is responsible for the flashing standby or red light on your JVC TV. TV’s internal circuit malfunction, faulty T-con board, and the activated protection circuit cause this problem.

How do I fix the blinking red light on my TV?

To fix your TV’s blinking red light issue, you need to power reset your TV. First, unplug your TV from the electric outlet. Then wait for 2 minutes. Now plug your TV’s power cord back into the outlet. And then turn your TV on again, and the red light blinking will disappear.

Bottom Line 

Expectantly, the above explanation has been helpful for you, and now you know the major causes of why your JVC TV turns on but black screen.

If you go through the above problems, follow our guide, and you will definitely solve your TV’s black screen issue by yourself. In case you need any help, just comment. We are always here to help you.

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