LG TV Touch Buttons Not Working [4 Easy Solutions]

LG TV touch button issues can be very serious for an individual. However, these buttons can often get damaged due to several reasons such as system failure, hardware failure, locked buttons, or contamination.

Some of the reasons are very serious. These can cost you big bucks. By reading this tutorial, you will learn how to fix LG TV touch buttons not working problems. Read the whole article to explore more… 

LG TV Touch Buttons Not Working [4 Easy Solutions]

Follow the below solutions to the problems and get rid of the issue in no time…

1. System Failure

Your LG TV buttons will not work if it has any sort of system failure. LG Smart TVs come with smart and upgradeable software. Once you are done with the system restore, the buttons should be working just fine.


  • Press the Smart Button from your Magic remote.
  • Scroll further to find the setting options. Generally, it is the ‘gears’ icon.
  • Now, go to ‘General’ and find the option, ‘Reset’.
  • Once you select the ‘Reset’ option, your TV will ask for reset permissions. Grant it to start the system restoration. The TV will restart itself. Enter all the essentials and preferred language. Find updates and upgrade the software.
  • Once you are done, check the buttons. It should be working unless there are other problems. 

2. Locked Buttons

Sometimes, the settings of your touch buttons can be remotely turned off. This feature is for preventing naughty kids from trying to operate the TV manually.

In newer models, you can go to the Menu and unlock the keys. However, it might be accidentally turned on. Follow the solution to get rid of the problem.


  • First, hold on to the ‘Setting’ Button for 5 seconds.
  • Some models don’t have the said button. In such cases, you will have to hold on to the ‘Home’ button for 5 seconds.
  • Then quickly insert the password. You can find your access password from the ‘INSTART’ button. Once you press the ‘INSTART’ button, go to option no. 13>Access Codes. You will find your password.
  • Once you have entered the password, you will see the installation menu. Select ‘LG Hotel Mode Setup’.
  • Find the option named ‘Local Key Operation’. If it is set to ‘No’, then shift it to ‘Yes’. Your touch buttons will start functioning onwards.

3. Contamination

Dust and debris can block the touch sensors of your keys. These can affect the reaction of the buttons. Your ‘LG tv power button not working’ issues might occur. To eliminate this problem, follow the solution.


  • Turn off the TV first. 
  • Observe the buttons and look for dust or debris.
  • Take a microfibre cloth and some Alcohol-based cleaning solution. Damp the cloth first.
  • Gently rub the buttons to clear the dust.
  • Avoid excessive solutions to damage the hardware.
  • Leave the buttons to dry out. Plug the TV back in. Once you have cleared the dirt, your buttons should function just fine.

4. Hardware Failure

Hardware failure can be catastrophic. Some ICs and expensive LED panels can cost you big bucks to repair. Touch buttons are cheaper to replace.

However, you should consider this first before going for an LG TV power button replacement. In the majority of cases, all you need to do is to reset the hardware. It should solve your problem. 


  • First, pull out the plug of your LG TV. 
  • Leave it for 30 seconds.
  • Plug it back on after the resting period. 
  • Turn on the tv and try to use the touch buttons. A quick reset should solve the problem. But, for major hardware flaws, contact a certified technician or LG customer support. 

How To Conduct Hardware Reset Your LG TV

In many cases, you might have to conduct a hardware reset of your LG TV as well as the remote. Follow these easy steps to reset the remote as well as the TV.

TV Hardware Reset

  • Unplug your TV and leave it for 30 seconds.
  • Then, hold on to the power button for 20 seconds. It will drain out all the electricity from the hardware components.
  • Press all the keys multiple times to clear any short connections.

Remote Reset

  • Take out all the batteries.
  • Hold on to the Power button for 20 seconds to drain out the remaining electricity. 
  • Press all the buttons rigorously to clear any short connections.

Once you are done, plug everything back on. Your LG TV and remote have been successfully reset to the factory version


Does the malfunctioning touch keys of the LG TV cover under warranty?

Yes, your warranty does cover your touch buttons and other components of your LG TV. 

Is LG TV Touch Button Replacement Expensive?

If you still have a warranty, LG will do the repair work for free. However, replacements can be very costly if your warranty is over. Local technicians can do that at a cheaper rate. However, consider the pricing of new units before heading for any sort of repair work.

Can I do a hard reset of my LG TV without a remote?

Yes, you can hard reset using your touch keys. Go to settings>General>Factory Reset>Enter the passcode and you are done. 

Can I fix the hardware issues of my LG TV myself?

No, if you are not a certified technician, do not attempt to open up the TV. You might accidentally damage major components.

Final Thoughts

You have successfully gone through all the solutions to the ‘LG TV Touch Buttons Not Working problem. We firmly believe that the said solutions will solve your problem in no time. 

Still, if you face any problems, feel free to share that in the comment sections. Our team will get back to you with a fitting solution ASAP. Till then, stay safe and have fun! 

We hope our ultimate guide on solving your LG TV touch button malfunction was very handy. Now, you can fix the LG TV touch button not working mishaps all by yourself. 

Follow the instructions and always make sure to identify the problem correctly. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section down below. Till then, take care and enjoy your LG TV! 

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