Olevia TV Wont Turn On Blue Light Flashes [5 Easy Solutions]

In case your Olevia TV won’t turn on while blue light flashes, you should settle here. Many people face this problem every day, and this is why I wrote this article.

Here you will get to know the 5 reasons behind Olevia tv wont turn on blue light flashes and what you can do about them. By the end, you will be able to fix your television all by yourself. So let’s start.

Olevia TV Wont Turn On Blue Light Flashes [5 Easy Solutions]

The most common reasons why Olevia TV won’t turn on while there is flashing blue lights are wrong firmware upgrade, power supply issues, damaged condensers, damaged cables, and faulty capacitors.

There is no need to be confused. Here I will address each of these issues and provide the best solution.

1: Wrong Firmware Upgrade

Chances are, your Olevia TV stopped working right after you updated the firmware. This can happen if the upgrade is not compatible with your TV models configuration. 


If upgrading is the issue, then you have to downgrade the firmware to the system your device is compatible with. It’s quite easy to do actually. Here’s how to do it,

  • Take a USB A to B cable and have a computer ready with Windows operating system installed
  • Close all the other programs on the computer
  • Download the firmware version your TV was previously running on
  • Compress the downloaded file
  • Connect your TV with your computer via USB A to B cable
  • Make sure your TV is turned on
  • Open the Interface Tool of the Olevia TV you just downloaded on the computer
  • Wait for the file to download on your TV
  • Once the file is downloaded, wait for it to install (you will see the updates on your computer screen)
  • When all the downloading is done, you will find a dialogue box with “Ok” option on your computer screen
  • Press “Enter”
  • Disconnect the TV

Now turn your TV on and see if everything is running smoothly. If Firmware was the issue, your TV should be fine now.

2: Power Supply Issues

It goes without saying that Olevia TV needs electricity to turn on. It surely won’t run if the device doesn’t get any power. 

There are a few factors that can be the reason why your television isn’t getting any power supply.

One of the most common reasons is a faulty circuit board. When the circuit board fails to supply power to the main device, how will it run?


In this situation, you have to fix the circuit board. If the condition is more severe, you may need to modify the central power supply unit of your house. It’s a dangerous and delicate task. So, call an expert to handle the rest.  

3: Damaged Condensers

As I have already mentioned, there can be a few reasons why your Olevia TV don’t get enough power supply and, as a result, don’t turn on. The connectivity issue is one of them.

It is possible that the circuit board is okay and the power is smoothly running. Still, the TV is not turning on.

This happens when the power receptor of your Olevia TV is broken. A broken receptor can’t consume the essential power. 


In this case, you have to fix the power supply receptor. Though it is best to take the device to a professional, you can get the job done at home as well. Here’s how to do it easily,

  • Disconnect the TV from all connections
  • Unscrew the back panel of the TV and remove it
  • Unscrew the grey metal box that comes after it
  • On the grey metal box, gently disconnect all the wires (don’t pull the wires. Just disconnect them from the source of the grey box)
  • Once all the wires are removed, find the source all the wires were connected to. This is the power board.
  • Remove all the wires connected to the power board
  • Remove the two condensers connected to the power board
  • Buy identical condensers and solder them in place of the old ones
  • Secure all the wire connections back 
  • Put everything back to the way they were

Now once you turn on the TV, it should turn work perfectly. However, this process requires precious. So I would again suggest taking the TV to a professional.

4: Faulty Capacitors

The previous point has a direct connection with this problem. While the previous one deals with the condenser, this issue takes on the matter of capacitors. 

Just like the condensers, if the capacitors are broken or damaged, your TV will not get the power supply needed to run the device.


Here you have to replace the capacitors. Follow the solutions of the previous point (Reason 3: Damaged Condensers). The only difference is, you will have to replace the capacitors here instead of the condensers. Apart from this, all the other points are the same.

However, I am repeating the same thing here as well. Take your TV to a professional if you find the process too complicated. 

5: Damaged Cables

You already know that if Olevia TV won’t turn on while the blue light flashes, it means that the TV is not getting a perfect power supply.

TV cable plays a big role here. If the cable is damaged, it surely will prevent the fluent supply of power. 


Don’t try to repair a broken or damaged cable. Replace the whole cable instead. Make sure to get a new sturdy one. If the cable was in fact the main reason, the replacement should solve the issue.

This was all there is to it. If you can deal with each of these cases, you won’t have further problems with your Olevia TV not turning on. 


How to reset Olevia TV?

To reset Olevia TV with the remote, you have to follow this path, Menu > Settings > Factory Default. Now, wait for a few moments while your Olevia TV gets to reset mode.

How do I set up an Olevia TV antenna?

To set up an Olevia TV antenna, you have to follow this path, Function > PROG > Channels > Scan. Here you will find your connection options. Choose your antenna.

What type of TV is Olevia?

Olevia is a flat-panel LCD HDTV. 

Why does my TV keep turning off by itself?

If your Olevia TV keeps turning off, the timer is probably on in the system. Go to the menu and turn the timer setting off.

Why does my TV keep turning off by itself?

The reason behind this can be the wake-up timer. Go to the menu and turn off the wake-up timer.

Final Words:

Now you know what you need to do in case Olevia TV won’t turn on blue light flashes. Following our method will lead you to a sure fix.

However, if the problem is too complicated, don’t hesitate to take your TV to professionals. If you have any confusion or any query, let us know in the comment below.

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