Panasonic TV Won’t Turn On After Being Unplugged [5 Easy Solutions]

A faulty power supply seems to be the root cause in the case of Panasonic TV won’t turn on after being unplugged. Other major reasons are defective remote control, bad mainboard, or failure of any essential hardware.

The troubleshooting of this issue is not a hard task as long as you know the corrective steps and how to approach them. For all your convenience, we will explain a step-by-step guide to fix it.

Panasonic TV Won’t Turn On After Being Unplugged [5 Easy Solutions]

To resolve the issue, go through each suggested step sensibly from below. Also, learn the reasons behind this complication in detail.

1. Faulty Power Supply

If your TV is not turning on after a power outage, be sure there is a problem with the power supply. For fluently operating any electrical device, it needs an efficient power supply.

If there seems to be any type of power degradation, the device starts to malfunction. You can say the same fact about your TV as well. Now, note down are possible reasons behind Panasonic TV power supply problems:

  • Non-working wall outlet
  • Loose or faulty cable connection
  • Worn out a power strip
  • Blown fuse
  • Damaged wiring connection
  • Connected with a surge protector
  • Dead power board
  • Lower voltage supply
  • Badly connected power cord
  • Damaged HDMI cable
  • Wrong Input Source

Don’t panic. Just go through with us and follow the below suggestions:


  • First of all, go to the wall outlet where your TV is connected
  • Ensure that it is well working. Also, it will be better to connect your TV to a different wall outlet
  • If your TV is connected via a surge protector or extension cord, remove it from the connection.
  • Check out the cable connections. Make sure all the cable is firmly connected. Replace damaged ones if needed.
  • Now examine the power cord. You will also need to replace it whether there are any cuts or stretches.
  • The problem may happen due to a bad power board. Thus, you need to inspect the power board and check out every single element there. Take a voltage tester and measure the voltage supply on the board. 
  • Check and replace the blown-up fuse from the board
  • Also, check the electric circuit board and replace the fused one. 
  • Finally, plug back on the TV.

2. Defective Remote Control

Unsupportive television remote control can be the second big reason if your TV is not turning on. There may have been a stuck power button on the remote, and it is not operating. Sometimes, dead batteries are the culprit. 

In some cases, there has a power problem on the remote, and that creates obstacles to turning on the TV.

Also, signal interference in the path of the TV and remote will not let the TV turn on. So, after confirming the fluent power supply to the TV, it is time to discard the remote problem:


  • First of all, remove the battery cover of the remote.
  • Take out the batteries.
  • Now press the button on the remote control for about two seconds.
  • Put the batteries back in place. Make sure the correct placement of the batteries is in the battery compartment. This will reset your remote control. 
  • Try to turn on the TV. If needed, replace the batteries. 
  • Don’t forget to check out the signal strength between the TV and the remote. Remove the hard obstacles from the path and take the remote closer to the TV. 
  • If the issue occurs from the stuck power button, you will need to inspect the rubber button of the remote and try to unstick unresponsive buttons.

3. Power Reset On Panasonic Plasma TV

The method will be quite effective to troubleshoot the power problem of your Panasonic TV. A power reset will assist in draining the unresponsive factors from your TV unit.

After performing this process, the TV will automatically fix the software or settings issue. Go through with us to perform a hard or power reset on your TV:

How To Reset A Panasonic TV That Won’t Turn On?

  • First of all, unplug your TV from the connected power source.
  • Also, disconnect the cable connections from the TV. 
  • Now, press the button and keep holding it for at least 10-30 seconds.
  • After long pressing, the TV will drain all residual power itself. 
  • Then, connect the cables to the right input of the TV and plug the TV back in.
  • Turn on the TV using your remote. 
  • If still, the TV fails to turn on, follow the next method.

4. Bad Capacitors

A capacitor refers to a reservoir of the electrical charge on the TV that is responsible for storing and releasing the power. When the capacitors on the TV’s mainboard get bad or swelled up, it seems to be the main suspect for causing such malfunction on the TV. 

There may have one or two defective capacitors on the power board. To confirm this fact, you will need to inspect the power board and examine the caps deeply. 


  • First, remove the back panel of the TV. 
  • Then locate the power board from inside. 
  • You will find capacitors in cylindrical or spherical shapes in the middle of the mainboard. Now, if you find like popping up on the top of the capacitor body, be sure the capacitors have blown up. Also, it may be slightly bent outwards instead of flat.
  • Without any late, de-solder the old capacitors and replace the capacitors with fresh ones.
  • Contact any expert regarding this fact. 

5. Hardware Malfunctions

Now we are in such a stage when all the above have failed to prove well. The final reason behind this issue is severe hardware malfunction on the TV.

When the problem occurs from the malfunctions of electromechanical components or hardware failure, it will not be fixed by any means. 

Replacing such defective components can resolve this issue. In some cases, it is seen that the problem occurs due to a broken backlight.

When the backlight of the TV has gone faulty, you will not find any image on the screen. Also, there may have some other hardware issue that needs an expert to resolve. Contact TV manufacturers or technicians for further suggestions.  


How to update Panasonic TV firmware?

To update the firmware, go the Settings> Support. Now scroll down and navigate ‘Software Update’ from there. Click Update. If a new update is available, the TV will complete the update. 

How to factory reset Panasonic TV?

To reset the TV, go to Menu> Settings> Advanced Options. Then navigate the ”Factory Default” and click on it. Select “Yes” from the prompt to confirm the factory default restore.

Wrapping Words:

Through the above guide, we have assembled all the essential steps that are needed to resolve the issue. We can expect that the guide will be helpful enough to you if your Panasonic TV is not turning on after being unplugged. Don’t forget to share how it has reached you. Also, share with us your query regarding this article. We’ll come back to you ASAP. 

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