Philips TV White Light Flashing [5 Easy Solutions]

Philips TV white light flashing mainly due to the TV stuck in standby mode, defective internal circuit section, and mainboard malfunction.

Also, the power plug’s loose connection between the wall socket and TV and outdated software is responsible for this issue.

In the following section, we note down all the major reasons for these above problems and their practical solutions. Take a few minutes and thoroughly read this article till the end. And you will undoubtedly learn to fix your TV’s white flashing trouble by yourself.

Philips TV White Light Flashing [5 Easy Solutions]

Philips TV-led blinking codes, or error codes, provide fault indication. Flashing the white light on the front of your Philips TV eliminates your access to the TV screen, and it indicates the TV is not getting a signal. The main factors responsible for it and their solutions are the following:

1. TV Stuck in Standby Mode

TV stuck in standby mode is one of the main reasons why your Philips TV won’t turn on the white light flashing. To see whether your TV is in standby mode or not, observe your TV’s LED indicator when it fails to turn on.

After pressing your TV’s power button, if the LED indicator shuts off, then be sure your TV is in standby mode. And for remaining in this mode, your TV is flashing white light. The causes responsible for it are:

  • The TV’s remote control isn’t working rightly
  • Damaged batteries in remote
  • The remote battery’s positive and negative end is not installed correctly
  • Change in TV’s Timer setting and Eco settings


If your TV goes into standby mode, you can reset your TV or do the following to get your TV off from this mode. The easy fixing ways are:

  • Ensure your TV’s remote control is working properly
  • Replace the remote’s damaged batteries
  • Ensure the battery’s positive and negative end is correctly installed in the remote
  • Adjust your TV’s Timer settings and Eco settings

2. Faulty Internal Circuit Section

Internal hardware failure or malfunctioning internal circuit section is another reason for which your Phillips TV flashes 3 times the white light. The possible reasons for this issue are:

  • Lousy electrolytic capacitors
  • Blown fuse
  • A power surge or voltage fluctuation
  • TV’s overheating
  • Fuse’s fault downstream


Due to the defective internal circuit section, your Philips TV fails to get a perfect signal. And as a result, it flashes white light 3 times. The effective solutions to this crisis are:

  • Replace the bad electrolytic capacitors and blown fuse
  • Ensure there is no voltage fluctuation or power surge issue in the TV’s electric line
  • Avoid operating the TV for an extended period or don’t use other appliances and TV in one outlet to avoid overheating
  • Make sure the internal fuses are running properly

3. Defective Main Board

Your Philips TV blinked white light 6 times due to the main power supply board malfunction.

When there is an issue with the power supply board, it fails to supply information and signal to the TV, and the TV can’t turn on. The leading causes of it are:

  • The power board’s blown the main fuse
  • Faulty electrolytic capacitors
  • TV’s Loose connection with the power board
  • The HDMI connection is not sending any signal or the input is not working
  • Short resistor or capacitor
  • Disconnected power cord
  • Damaged circuit board
  • Faulty power supply board itself
  • Melted internal components within the board due to a power surge


When your Philips TV starts flashing white light and won’t turn on, at first check the mainboard for an outward damage sign. If it is the culprit, replace the damaged mainboard. The other solutions are:

  • Replace the blown main fuse, lousy electrolytic capacitors, short capacitors, and damaged circuit board
  • Ensure your TV and power board tighten the connection
  • Make sure your TV’s input is working correctly, or the HDMI connection is sending a signal perfectly
  • Properly connect the power cord to the TV
  • Inspect the board’s internal melted components and replace them

4. Power Plug’s Loose Connection with Wall Socket And TV

A power plug remains connected to the wall socket and TV on both sides. Now the loose connection of this power plug is also responsible for the white light flashing on your Philips TV.

A faulty power plug damaged TV port, or wall socket is mainly responsible for this issue.


Check the TV and wall socket’s power plug connection and ensure that the plug is firmly connected to both ends. Also, replace the defective power plug or wall socket.

After tightening the power plug’s connection, reset your Philips TV so that it starts functioning perfectly again. You can also use a different electrical socket to fix this issue.

5. Outdated Software

If the mainboard in your Philips TV is functioning perfectly, then the outdated software could be the culprit for which your TV is flashing white light. Old software on your TV substantially increases the chance of turning off the TV.


You can download the updated software from Philips TV’s website, and then you can update it on your TV.

Keeping your TV software up to date ensures that your Philips TV is perfect to work. After conducting the software update, reset your TV to function correctly.

How To Reset The Philips TV

Fixing most of the above factors, which create the white flashing issue in your Philips TV, requires resetting the TV to perform flawlessly. Thus you should know how to reset your Philips TV. For resetting your TV, follow the easy steps below:

  • Press your TV’s “MENU” button using the Remote
  • Scroll down and choose “SETTINGS.”
  • Twice press on the “SETTINGS” option
  • Now select “RESET AV SETTING.”
  • Select “START” and click on the “OK” button
  • Exit from the MENU by pressing the “MENU” button


How do I fix my Philips TV that won’t turn on?

Inspect the AC power cord of your Philips TV and plug the cable into the electrical outlet. Now disconnect the TV by unplugging it and wait for 1-2 minutes. Now re-insert your TV’s plug into the main electrical board. Again turn your TV On.

Why is my Philips TV blinking On and off?

Your Philips TV is blinking on and off because the TV entered into the protection mode, faulty mainboard, TV’s malfunction, and loose power connection. Also, connectivity issues, poor video sources, and damaged lighting conditions can lead to this problem.

How do I reset my Philips TV without a remote?

Plug your Philips TV into a power supply and turn it on. Now turn the TV’s screen on by clicking on the power button. For 15 seconds, click on the power button and hold it. Once your Philips TV restarts, then release the power button.

Why does my Philips TV keep shutting off?

Philips TV keeps shutting off mainly because of the active sleep setting, malfunctioning mainboard, defective T-con board, faulty capacitor, or lousy internal components. Also, lousy cable connections or damaged cable and improper connection between TV and cable cause this.

Why is my Philips TV black and white?

Your Philips TV is black and white mainly because of the incorrect cabling or damaged cable connection, faulty video source, and the TV is getting the wrong input. Also, software issues and faulty capacitors in the power supply board cause this crisis.


We break down all the detailed factors responsible for your Philips TV white light flashing. And now you know their solutions also. So if you face the same issue with your Philips TV, you will now solve it by yourself in no time. 

Feel free to comment and let us know whether you successfully fix your TV’s white flashing problem or not. If not, our expert TV technician will immediately help you.

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