Roku Remote Every Button Turns Off TV [5 Easy Solutions]

Roku remote every button turns off the TV mainly due to the corroded batteries in the remote, the TV and Roku remote become unpaired, Roku remote malfunction, HDMI interference, and remotes get low power signal. If you are struggling with this problem, this article is just for you.

By reading this article sharply, you will learn the exact reasons responsible for creating each problem. And you will also get to know the solutions to each of these troubles. So, learn the details and fix your Roku remote’s issues by yourself. Let’s start!

Roku Remote Every Button Turns Off TV [5 Easy Solutions]

Suppose you are watching TV and suddenly every button on your Roku remote turns off your TV. Isn’t this situation annoying? Mainly the following major factors create this annoying situation. Also, their solutions are the following:

1. Corroded Remote Batteries

Your Roku remote’s damaged or corroded battery is one of the main reasons why your remote’s every button starts working.

The corroded batteries create a license issue with the remote’s button. And as a result, on the Hisense Roku remote every button turns off the TV. The leading causes of it are:

  • Roku remote battery’s hydrogen gas release
  • Acid Leakage from the battery
  • Physical damage
  • Slow responsiveness
  • Low battery power
  • Storing the battery within the remote for an extended period


You can either clean the corroded battery or replace them. For cleaning your Roku remote’s corroded battery, follow the steps below:

  • Remove the battery door in remote
  • Take out the batteries
  • On the corrosion and around the battery, spray lemon or vinegar
  • Scrub the battery’s corrosion part properly

However, the other fixing ways are the following:

  • Ensure that your Roku remote battery is not leaking acid or releasing gas
  • Replace the physically damaged battery or low-power battery
  • Avoid storing the battery within the remote for a longer time to prevent gas leakage

2. TV And Remote Become Unpaired

Another cause for which the sharp Roku remote all button turns off TV is the TV and remote become unpaired. Unexpected unpairing of your TV and Roku remote can take place for the following reasons:

  • TV’s system update
  • Wi-Fi network changing
  • Low power
  • Using the TV with a different Roku box
  • General technical glitch


If your TV and Roku remote got unpaired for any of the above reasons, then the only solution is to pair them up again. Follow the easy steps below for pairing up these two devices:

  • Disconnect your TV from the electrical outlet or simply unplug it
  • Wait for 30 seconds and then reconnect your TV again by plugin it in the electrical outlet.
  • Locate your Roku remote’s pairing button. Typically the pairing button is located on the battery compartment or the device’s front.
  • Hold down the remote’s pairing button for five seconds and hold it as long as you don’t see the blinking Roku remote.

Note: Wi-Fi connection is not available in the older Roku Remote model. Instead, they come with an IR sensor. If your IR pointer Roku remote fails to pair up, the TV’s receiver is probably blocked with dirt. So, during pairing, ensure that there are no obstructions between the Roku remote and the TV.

3. Defective Roku Remote Itself

The Roku remote malfunction is responsible for working every button simultaneously. As a result, your TV turns off irrespective of which button you press.

Usually, the Roku remote’s physical damage, corroded battery, or system malfunction creates problems in it.   


If the faulty remote itself is the culprit, you should reset it. Perform the following steps to reset your Roku remote. The resetting steps are:

  • Remove your Roku remote’s battery
  • Remove the Roku box’s power supply
  • Navigate to Settings < System < Restart
  • Wait for 20 seconds, and then connect power to your Roku box again
  • Wait to load in the Roku box’s home screen
  • Now take your Roku remote and reinsert the battery into it 

[Note: All the above steps will work even in the case of an IR sensor Roku remote]

However, the other general fixing ways are: 

  • Replace the physically damaged Roku remote and its damaged battery 
  • Upgrade your TV and remote system

4. HDMI Interference

The nearby HDMI cables create interference in your Roku remote’s signal. As a result, every button on the Roku remote starts working or turns off your TV because of the HDMI signal interference.


Using an HDMI cable extender is the solution to this issue. The cable extender allows the streaming stick to stay far away from the HDMI port of your TV.

5. Remote Gets Low Power Signal

The low power signal is another reason why every button on your Roku remote keeps turning off your TV. Mainly, defective power sources or outdated remote device systems are responsible for this issue.


Ensure that you are not operating your Roku remote in a low-power signal. If your TV’s power signal gets low, replace your device’s power source. Also,

upgrade the remote’s system by pairing it with the TV again or resetting it.


How do I turn my TV On with my Roku remote?

First, directly connect your TV and Roku remote. Then press your Roku remote’s Home button. Next, navigate to Settings and then press “OK. Select the Roku remote and devices. Now go to the TV control’s remote setup and press “START.”

Can a Roku remote control multiple devices?

If you have a gaming Roku remote, then your Roku remote can control multiple devices. In addition, for controlling the same player or Roku TV, the user can use a second remote or a totally new remote. 

How do I stop my Roku remote from going to sleep?

Press your Roku remote’s Home button. Then scroll and go to settings. Now select System < Time < Sleep Timer. Then pick the sleeping time interval according to your wish. The available sleeping interval is 30 minutes and 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 hours.

How do I stop my Roku remote from controlling two TVs?

To stop your Roku remote from controlling two TVs, you have to purchase two different Wi-Fi Roku remotes. An IR remote comes with Roku; abandon that. Because if you pair your TV with a Wi-Fi remote, it will still operate following the IR command.

Why are only power and volume working on my Roku remote?

Your Roku remote’s only power and volume buttons are working because the remote stopped functioning beside these two buttons. You need to repair your Roku remote and TV to start the entire remote functioning again.


So, now all the factors are known to you for which your Roku remote every button turns off the TV. If you face this trouble, try to fix it yourself by following our above-mentioned easy solutions.

Don’t worry if you fail to resolve it. Comment if there is still an issue. We will quickly guide you with the fixing ways.

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