Samsung TV Volume Loud When Turned on [Reasons + Solutions]

Beyond any doubt, unusual and sudden loud sounds on your TV are irritating and disgusting. But what’s even more frustrating when you’ve just powered on your Samsung TV and experience an unexpectedly louder volume, even though the volume is set at very low.  

Well! Several factors can contribute to if your Samsung TV volume loud when turned on or at the lowest setting. Such as:

samsung tv volume loud when turned on
  • Malfunctioning remote control 
  • Activated sound sensor 
  • The automatic Volume is turned on
  • Incorrect sound setting 
  • Internal wiring issues
  • Software bugs on TV
  • Or due to a defective volume circuit board 

Even though all these issues can’t be solved at home, most of them have easy solutions that we can follow. Sometimes, the issues just need a simple power cycle or a software update to be fixed.

For your convenience, here we have a comprehensive guide for you, highlighting all the common causes of Samsung TV volume being too loud on the lowest setting or when turned on. Let’s dive right in.

Samsung TV Volume Loud When Turned on [Quick Overview]

There are many significant reasons that can cause your Samsung TV to sound tighter when you turn it on. If you are aware of these reasons, you will understand whether you can fix it at home or call a technician.

Let’s have a quick glance over the six common reasons why your Samsung TV volume is loud when turned on along with their solutions.

Issues with the sound sensor> Deactivation of the Sound sensor
Previously set custom sound level> Activate the Standard sound setting
Automatic Volume is on> Turn off the Automatic Volume option
TV Software bugs> Update the software
Internal Wiring problem> Call a Professional
Hardware issues> Call a Professional

Why Is My Samsung TV Volume Loud When Turned On [Easy Solutions]

After using multiple Samsung TVs for decades, I faced this issue many times. And I found different reasons for the issue every time it happened. I also looked for other possible reasons that can make your Samsung TV volume loud when turned on. 

So, let’s check out the reasons for their solution in detail.

Reason 1. Issues With The Sound Sensor

When your Samsung TV volume is too high when turned on, it might result from issues with the sound sensor feature. The Sound Sensor is designed to detect the sound of the surroundings. It has functions like Active Voice Amplifier and Adaptive Sound+ in Intelligent Mode.

These functions help enhance your viewing experience by adjusting the sound according to the running content and the environment. If the sound sensor is not working properly, it can cause an unintended volume change.

There is a simple way you can try to check whether the sound sensor is causing this issue or not. You just have to turn off the sound sensor mode and check whether it happens again.

Fixing The Issue:

Turning off the sound sensor is easy. There is a button on your TV that indicates the activation of the Sound sensor. You will find the button on the backside of the TV. Once you find the button, push it to the right to turn it off.

Now, check the TV screen. A window will pop up to confirm the deactivation of the sound sensor mode. Once it is done, turn off your TV, and turn it on again.

Is the sound still higher than normal? If yes, it can be because the voice amplifier of your TV has a separate option and it is not deactivated even if you have turned off the sound sensor option. So, just turn off the active voice amplifier.

For that, use your remote control and follow the instructions below:

  • Select “General.”
  • Choose “Intelligent Mode Settings.”
  • Select “Intelligent Mode” and turn it off.

The Voice Amplifier and other intelligent voice functions like Adaptive Sound+ are all combined and shown as the Intelligent mode. So, when you turn it off, all the smart audio systems will be turned off and it will be gone to its general audio mode.

So, if there are any issues regarding the sound sensor, it will be solved as you’ve turned the function off.

Reason 2. Previously Set Custom Sound Level

Did you customize the sound setting previously? In time, it can be because your Samsung TV is too loud when turned on. This issue can happen because of the clash between the standard sound system with the customer sound settings.

When you turn on the TV, it assumes to have the standard setting because of any internal issue. But the sound level is different as it is already customized. That’s why it works unnaturally and sometimes becomes louder or even it can have totally no sound at all.

Fixing The Issue:

If you have previously customized the sound setting, you have to bring it back to the standard setting. For that, use the remote and press the Menu button. Next, Press the up or down buttons to select Sound.

standard sound setting

Then press the Enter button. Here, you will find the Standard Sound Setting. Click on this option and turn this function on. Now, the standard sound setting is on and the customized one is gone. So, there is a chance that your TV won’t be too loud when you turn it on.

Reason 3. Automatic Volume Is On

Active automatic volume is another reason for your Samsung TV volume problems. Indeed, this issue can make your Samsung TV volume loud when turned on. The “Automatic Volume” or “Auto Volume” setting is generally enabled in most Samsung TVs.

The Automatic Volume setting analyzes the audio signal to maintain a consistent volume level across different sources like commercials, movies, and TV shows. However, it sometimes fails to accurately gauge the perceived loudness of content.

As a result, the TV sounds become excessively loud especially when you turn the TV on. It can also happen if the last content you watched had a high volume level.

Fixing The Issue:

When the automatic volume setting is the problem why Samsung TV volume is loud when turned on, you have to disable the setting. This is easy and you can do it all by yourself. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Access TV Settings

First, you have to use the TV remote and navigate to the settings menu. The exact steps to go to the settings can be not the same on different Samsung TV models. You may find it in the menu or on the home page.

Step 2: Find Sound Settings

In the settings menu, there will be options like Sound or Audio settings. You may get them in the Picture & Sound or Sound section.

Step 3: Find The Expert Setting

In the Sound option, you will find a bunch of other options. And you will find the Automatic Volume option. Most probably, you’ll find it in the 4th to 6th options.

Step 4: Disable Automatic Volume

The automatic volume adjustment option can be labeled with different names like “Auto Volume,” “Smart Sound,” or something similar. Now, disable this feature.

disable automatic volume

Finally, you need to restart the TV. It will ensure the automatic volume function is successfully done. When the TV is on, adjust the volume level as you like. Hopefully, your TV won’t be loud when you turn it on.

Reason 4. TV Software Bugs

Another possible reason why a Samsung TV volume is too loud on the lowest setting or when turned on is software bugs. These software bugs can affect different functions of the TV including its audio settings.

These bugs can also cause the TV’s volume settings to malfunction. For instance, a bug might cause the TV to remember an incorrect volume level as the default when it’s turned on. It can also result in the TV starting with a high volume setting and becoming excessively loud.

Fixing The Issue:

Many people have a misconception that a software bug needs you to call a technician. But actually, it’s easy to fix at home. You just need to update the TV software to get rid of all those bugs. Here are easy instructions to update the TV software.

update tv software
  • Open the TV’s settings using the remote control.
  • Tap on the Support option.
  • Choose ‘Software Update’ in the Support.
  • Select ‘Update Now’ to manually check for and install available software updates.

Most of the time, software updates fix problematic bugs and resolve issues like incorrect volume settings. So, regular software updates are essential especially to ensure the TV operates smoothly and without glitches.

In this case, I would like to suggest you enable the auto-update function. It will always keep your TV software updated. For that, just follow the steps below:

enable auto update
  • Connect the TV to a stable internet connection.
  • Go to the ‘Software Update’ option in the ‘Support.’
  • Look for the “Auto Update” feature. It must be here in the Software Update section.
  • Now, enable it if it’s disabled. It will let the TV automatically download and install updates in the background.

Enabling auto-update ensures that your TV receives timely fixes for software bugs as they are released. So, you don’t need to update the software again and again.

Reason 5. Internal Wiring Issue

Your Samsung TV’s volume can also become loud when turned on because of an internal wiring issue. Inside your TV, there are numerous cables and connections that transmit audio signals to the built-in speakers.

If these internal wires are compromised in any way, it can lead to unexpected volume fluctuations. Because of the same reason, your TV can be much louder when you turn it on.

Fixing The Issue:

Even though all the previous causes have solutions that you can do yourself, this one may need a technician’s help. It is certainly difficult to figure out exactly where the issue is.

You can contact a qualified technician or Samsung’s customer support to schedule a professional inspection of your TV. They are trained to find out and rectify internal wiring problems.

you might need to buy some loose TV parts like the cable if there is any damaged part inside the TV. But if it’s just loose or disconnected wires, you may not have to pay a lot.

However, you shouldn’t attempt to fix internal wiring issues yourself or by a local technician if it still has a warranty. Remember that disassembling your TV may void its warranty. In this case, you should seek help from the authorized warranty service.

Reason 6. Hardware Problems

And finally, it can be a cause of a hardware issue. When a Samsung TV’s volume unexpectedly becomes loud, especially when turning it on, there can be different hardware problems.

These hardware issues can disrupt the normal audio output and lead to an unpleasant and disruptive user experience. Here are some potential hardware-related causes:

  • There can be a malfunctioning internal speaker. The speaker may be stuck in a high-volume state or have damaged components making it produce sound at a higher level than intended.
  • If the inside circuit is damaged, it can send incorrect signals to the speaker or amplifier and your TV sound can act weirdly.
  • Faulty remote control buttons or circuitry can send unintended volume signals to the TV and finally cause a sudden increase in volume upon turning it on.
  • A malfunctioning amplifier chip or circuitry can also lead to excessive volume levels.
  • In some cases, power surges or electrical issues in the TV’s power supply or mainboard can cause abnormal behavior, including volume spikes.

Fixing The Issue:

As you’ve seen, hardware-related issues can happen because of different TV parts. So, it will be difficult for you to figure out exactly which part is causing this issue.

That’s why, I’ll suggest you contact a technician or claim the TV’s warranty if possible. Professionals have different devices to find TV hardware issues. So, that can figure out where the problem is and also fix it.

Just as you see, the first four causes have certain solutions to try at home. So, if your Samsung TV volume is loud when turned on, you can try the first four tricks to fix it at home.

I’ll add some troubleshooting tips in the next section that can help you too. If none of them work, most probably it’s something related to the hardware or the internal wiring system. In these cases, just seek a professional’s help.

Troubleshoot Samsung TV Volume High When Turned On

Most of the time, our TV has an issue and we don’t have any clue where the problem is. In such a case, some troubleshooting tricks can help.

Generally, when your Samsung TV volume is too loud on the lowest setting or when turning it on, there are some easy and common tricks that have the possibility to solve the issue, no matter what the exact issue is.

So, doesn’t it sound good to try them first? Well, check out the following tricks that might fix common internal or setting-related issues and solve this problem.

Power Cycle The TV

Just a simple power cycle can often fix a lot of issues with a TV, including issues with its sound setting. Power-cycling the TV is super easy. First, you have to turn the TV off and unplug it from the power source.

Then, wait for about 5-10 minutes, and plug it back in to turn it on. Hopefully, the sound is okay when you turn it on. If it is still so loud, try the next method.

Adjust General Audio Settings

Are you sure that the TV’s audio setting is okay? You can check in the Sound Setting option that you’ll find in Menu. If you find that the volume level is not right in the Audio setting, you should adjust it.

Check For External Devices

If you have external devices like cable boxes or gaming consoles connected to your TV, they might have their own volume settings.

As a result, there can be a clash between the TV sound and the devices’ sound settings. So, adjust the sound setting of that device. You can disconnect them from the TV to see if the TV sound is okay or not.

Check For HDMI-CEC Settings

HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) lets devices control each other. Sometimes, a connected device may send a signal to increase the TV’s volume when it turns on.

In this case, you can simply check the HDMI-CEC settings in your TV and connected devices. Also, you can disable this feature if needed.

Check The Remote Control

Sometimes, your TV volume can be high if the volume buttons on your remote control are stuck or jammed. So, you should check the remote first. Just press them a few times to ensure they are functioning properly.

Factory Reset

And finally, you can perform a factory reset on your TV. A factory reset usually erases all the settings of a TV. So, make sure to note them down or take a picture of your settings menu before doing this.

To factory reset your Samsung TV follow the instructions below:

  • Press the Menu button on your remote.
  • Use the arrow keys to select Support in the menu.
  • Scroll down to Self Diagnosis and press Enter.
  • Choose Reset or Factory Reset.
  • If prompted, enter your TV’s PIN code (default is usually 0000).
  • Confirm the reset when prompted.
  • The TV will restart and return to its factory settings.
  • Set up your TV again by following on-screen instructions.

If none of the above steps resolves the issue, it may be a hardware problem. Contact Samsung customer support or a qualified technician to diagnose and repair the TV.


How to change the sound mode on my Samsung?

To change the sound mode on a Samsung TV, you have to press the Sound Mode button on the remote. Then, select the audio mode you like, from the list of modes displayed on the screen.

Should I attempt to fix my Samsung TV hardware when it’s still under warranty?

No, you should not try to fix your Samsung TV hardware when it’s still under warranty. It can void the warranty. you should contact Samsung’s customer support for authorized repairs.

Can the sound sensor cause audio issues in my Samsung TV?

Yes, a malfunctioning or defective sound sensor in a Samsung TV can potentially cause audio issues. It can affect the TV’s ability to detect and process sound input accurately.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you have now enough idea of why your Samsung TV volume loud when turned on. Here, I suggest you try the Troubleshoots first. Sometimes, a simple power cycle, sound setting change, or software update can help fix this issue.

Well, if none of the troubleshooting works, try the first four solutions I mentioned in the first section. As you saw, for the fifth and sixth reasons, you need to ask a professional for help.

Once again, I would like to remind you that don’t attempt to open the rare panel or any other parts of the TV if it’s still under warranty. You should do it too if you don’t have the basic technical knowledge.

Last time we covered a comprehensive guide on Samsung TV Volume control problems. You can check it as well if you need to.

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