Sanyo TV No Sound [7 Easy Solutions]

The major causes of Sanyo TV’s no sound are Turned off TV audio setting, blown TV speakers, low volume on the TV, and the muted setting is on. The other issues are improper Audio and Picture settings, cable box problems, and outdated software.

Restart your TV to fix its audio setting, replace the blown speakers unit and press the remote’s up button to increase the volume.

Also, perform the factory reset to adjust the Audio and Picture to the default setting and update your Sanyo smart TV’s software to fix its no sound trouble.

Any of the above factors may cause your Sanyo Roku TV no sound problem, but you have to trace out which one is causing it. Keep reading the detailed causes and solutions of each, and you will be able to fix your TV’s audio hitches by yourself.

Sanyo TV No Sound [7 Easy Solutions]

Your Sanyo TV may display a perfect picture, but it produces no sound. Or your Sanyo TV’s video content is not matching with its audio. Then be sure that your TV is facing audio trouble. 

However, the major cause of Sanyo TV problems is no sound, and their simple solutions are presented below. Let’s start the discussion:

1. TV Audio Setting Is Turned off

The turned-off audio setting is one of the major problems due to which you may encounter your Sanyo TV no sound HDMI complications. Your Sanyo TV’s audio setting may change unconsciously or for different reasons. 

Your Sanyo TV’s audio setting may be set to the off position. As a result, you are not getting any audio from it. If the speakers of your TV are turned off, you will experience your Sanyo TV no sound with a firestick


Check your Sanyo TV’s audio setting and if it is in the turn-off position, turn it on. After changing the audio setting to on position, use the TV’s special key combination and restart your TV following the steps below:

  • Turn on your Sanyo TV using the remote
  • 5 times press the Home button, and then once press the remote’s Up button
  • Now twice press the Rewind button and twice select the Fast Forward
  • Wait for restarting your Sanyo TV

After rebooting your Sanyo smart TV, check its audio quality and sound, and hopefully, there will be no issue at all.

2. Blown TV Speakers

Suddenly you may experience your Sanyo TV having no sound after a power outage, and it happens because of the blown TV speakers.

A sudden power outage creates excessive voltage pressure or voltage drops suddenly. As a result, your Sanyo TV speakers become damaged or blown out. The other causes of it are:  

  • Speaker’s physical damage due to excessive power
  • Broken or melted internal parts within the speakers
  • Overpowering speakers
  • The defective or broken cord
  • The entire speaker unit is faulty
  • Speaker’s blown fuse


So, if the blown speaker is the culprit for the no sound issue, there are several ways to fix it. Follow the ways below:

3. Low Volume on TV

Somehow your TV’s sound is set to low volume, and that is why you are not getting sound from your Sanyo TV. It’s not a problem at all.


When your Sanyo TV stops producing sound, first check its volume level. Press your Sanyo TV remote control’s up and down buttons to increase or decrease the volume level.

If the lower volume setting causes this sound issue, after increasing the volume, it will be solved. However, if your Sanyo TV’s volume is already at the up-level or highest setting, the problem may be somewhere else.

4. Sound Is on Muted Setting

The “ON” mute button on your TV is one of the main reasons why you are experiencing your Sanyo TV audio problems.

You may overlook this silly issue and may try to find the bigger one. But when your TV’s sound stops working, first check whether your TV is muted or not.


Check and press your Sanyo TV remote’s mute button to see whether it fixes the audio problem or not. If you find your Sanyo TV’s mute button is turned on, turn it off, and your TV’s audio system will be okay.

5. Improper Audio and Picture Settings

Your Sanyo TV’s audio and picture are not set to their original default settings. Setting your TV’s audio and picture to any other setting other than default creates the no sound issue.

While going through these settings, you may change them unconsciously. Or change may happen automatically after resetting or restarting your TV. Also, the setting may change after plugging and unplugging your TV from the outlet.


However, to fix your Sanyo smart TV’s no sound trouble, check the setting and ensure it is in the default setting. And be careful while you are navigating your TV’s settings to avoid unwanted changes.

To set the settings at the default option, reset your Sanyo TV’s Audio and Picture settings by following the simple steps below:

  • Turn your Sanyo smart TV on
  • Click on your remote’s home button
  • Now press on Settings < system < Advanced System setting
  • Press your remote’s okay button
  • Highlight factory reset and click on the remote’s right arrow
  • Now click on the TV’s Audio and Picture setting to reset it
  • To reset your TV again in its default settings, 3 times press the pause/play button

The restating process is complete now, and your Sanyo TV’s audio will start producing good quality and perfect sound.

6. Problem With Cable Box

The issue with your audio cable box is another reason for getting no sound from your Sanyo TV. A loose wire connection in the cable box or the defective cable box may cause this trouble. Or, when the cable box goes through overpowering or excessive power, it may go wrong.


Check the cable box’s wire connection and pull the plug off your Sanyo TV’s back. Then reinsert the plug again into the cable box to ensure the perfect working of your TV’s audio. The other solutions are:

  • Tighten your Sanyo TV’s cable box’s wire connection
  • Replace the defective cable box
  • Ensure your TV’s cable box is not facing excessive power or voltage

7. Outdated Software

Sanyo smart TV’s software has become out-of-date, and for this reason, it is creating a sound issue or producing no sound.


Updating your Sanyo Smart TV software is the only solution. To update the software, follow the easy ways below:

  • Press your Sanyo TV remote’s Home button
  • Go to TV’s Settings < System < System Update
  • Select the Okay button
  • Check the available new software update for your TV
  • Press Update, and your Sanyo TV”s software will be up to date


How do you troubleshoot a Sanyo TV?

One of the easiest troubleshooting ways is resetting your Sanyo TV. Whether your Sanyo TV won’t turn on, produce no picture or no sound, and the screen becomes black, unplug your TV from the outlet and then reset it.

How do I reset my Sanyo soundbar?

By turning on your Sanyo sound bar, you can reset it. Turn on your Sanyo TV and press your remote’s “Line.” Then within 3 seconds, five times, press the remote’s “Pause/Play” button. This process will set the soundbar to its default mode again by resetting it.

How do you program a Sanyo remote to a Sanyo TV?

Press your TV remote’s power button by aiming it at the device. Your Sanyo TV will receive the codes sent by its remote. Repeatedly press “CH+” to generate additional codes. To save the code in your Sanyo TV, press “SET.” And your TV will respond to it by turning it off.


Hopefully, you now know all the major reasons behind your Sanyo TV no sound problem. If suddenly your Sanyo TV stops producing sound, check for the exact reasons and, following the solutions mentioned above, fix it by yourself. 

If you fail to resolve your TV sound trouble by yourself and need any help, comment in the comment section. ASAP you will get the solutions.

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