Summer Monitor Out Of Range [5 Easy Solutions]

The Summer monitor is out of range mainly due to the handheld camera unit and the monitor becoming unpaired, the baby unit is not getting a signal, too much distance between the baby unit and the parent unit.

Also, the baby monitor’s signal interference and busy channels are responsible for this problem.

We conducted in-depth research on each of the above issues. And in this troubleshooting guide, we explained all the possible factors responsible for these.

We also mentioned the solutions to deal with these troubles. So, learn all the fixing ways properly so that you can fix your summer monitor’s problems by yourself.  

Summer Monitor Out Of Range [5 Easy Solutions]

This troubleshooting guide discusses all the major problems and their solutions, which are creating the summer monitor out-of-range issue. Let’s discuss: 

1. The Monitor and Camera Are Not Paired

The summer baby monitor keeps saying out of range when the monitor and the camera are not paired. Your summer infant monitor can’t operate alone, and it works perfectly by pairing it with the camera.

Now, if the camera and monitor become dis-paired for any reason, your monitor will show this message.

Usually, the monitor and camera get unpaired if you accidentally or intentionally delete the camera on your handheld summer infant monitor.

Again if you disconnect the baby monitor from the electrical outlet or reset the infant monitor, the monitor and camera get unpaired.


If for any reason, your summer infant monitor and camera get out of sync, you can resync (re-pair) them following the steps below:

Step 1

Move the camera and monitor to the same area. Keep the summer infant monitor ON. Then press the monitor’s front menu button. Now go to the option “ADD/DEL CAM” by using the scroll button. Finally, select the “ADD/CAMERA” option by pressing the scroll button.

Step 2

Simultaneously press the monitor’s scroll button and the camera’s pairing button. And hold them together for 5 seconds. Then release the buttons.

Step 3

Now, the picture will be visible on your summer screen monitor from the camera

Note: If you fail to complete the above steps, your summer baby monitor screen will again show you the message “Out of Range.” Again you need to repeat all three steps above for pairing the camera and baby monitor.

2. Baby Monitor Is Not Getting Signal

Your Summer infant monitor says out of range when the monitor fails to get a proper signal from the parent unit. The reasons for it are:

  • The parent unit and baby monitor are not closer
  • Wireless or electronic appliances are creating interference by using the same frequency or channel
  • The baby monitor is installed too close to other devices


If your baby monitor fails to get the signal properly, you should unplug the handheld unit and reset it. The other solutions are:

  • Move the camera unit and monitor unit closer. And at the vertical position, adjust your summer infant monitor’s antenna.
  • Stop the infant monitor’s signal interference by repositioning it and changing the channels or stations.
  • Install your baby unit far away from other devices
  • Avoid using other wireless and electronic appliances near your summer infant monitor, which uses the same frequency or channel.

3. Excessive Distance Between the Parent Unit and Baby Monitor

Your Summer baby monitor camera is out of range, and one of the main reasons for it is the parent unit and baby monitor’s excessive distance. The infant monitor receives a signal from the handheld camera or parent unit.

If the handheld unit is too far from the baby unit, it will obviously fail to send the proper signal. As a result, you see the out-of-range message on your monitor.

Too much distance creates obstacles in the parent unit and the baby unit’s well-established radio link. As a result, it fails to get a signal.

In addition, due to the distance between the two units, large metal objects like mirrors, metallic doors, refrigerators, filing cabinets, or reinforced concrete create blockage in the radio signal. As a result, the monitor displays the out-of-range message.  


Follow the manual and see how far the baby monitor can receive the perfect signal from the parent unit, then set the units within that range. The other solutions are:

  • Reduce the parent unit and baby monitor’s distance by moving them closer. But the two units should not be closed more than 1 foot.
  • You can use the portable parent unit to get a better signal. The portable unit vibrates to give an alert and ensures a better signal.
  • Ensure the baby monitor and handheld unit’s radio link is perfectly established and there is no blockage in it.

4. Signal Interference

Frequency congestion or signal interference is one of the main culprits for which your Summer baby monitor keeps saying out of range. This issue takes place for the following reasons:

  • Using electrical equipment with the same frequency such as cordless computers, TVs, walkie-talkies, fluorescent lights, mobile phones, or dimmer switches.
  • Large objects like a refrigerator, filing cabinets, mirrors, or metallic doors block signals or create interference.
  • Using wireless products such as Bluetooth systems, wireless networks, or microwave oven 
  • Solid structures like reinforced concrete or wall block signal
  • Metal and floor heating
  • Neighbor’s network


To prevent the signal interference issue, you can move your baby monitor and handheld unit in the room’s different positions. The other solutions are:

  • Avoid using the same frequency of user electrical equipment near the baby monitor. Or turn off these electrical appliances while your infant monitor operates.
  • Ensure that there are no large or metallic objects between your summer infant monitor and the handheld unit.
  • Make sure the floor or metal heating is not making the signal weak.

5. Busy Channels

Channel congestion is also responsible for which your summer infant monitor displaying an out-of-range message. Usually, when too many appliances use the same channel or network, the channel becomes busy. 


To avoid a busy channel, you should reset your summer infant video monitor. To reset your monitor follow the steps below:

  • Shut off both the parent and camera unit
  • Unplug the parent unit, remove its battery and leave it for 1 minute
  • Make your home’s Wi-Fi line busy by streaming YouTube videos or in any other way
  • Now wait for 30 seconds after turning on the camera
  • Ensure the antenna’s vertical position in both the camera and parent unit
  • Finally, turn on the parent unit by plugging the battery

Note: If, after resetting the units still, the baby monitor shows the out-of-range message, then you should follow the user guide’s instructions to relink them. And obviously, keep the parent unit and camera closer during relinking.


How do I extend the range of my baby monitor?

To extend the baby monitor’s range, wrap a metal piece and antenna in aluminum foil and keep them both on the baby monitors. Using the aluminum foil, cover the entire wire piece. And finally, place your infant monitor as high as possible.

Where is the reset button on the summer baby monitor?

The summer baby monitor’s bottom contains the reset button. Press and hold the button for resetting and ensure that the monitor’s power cord is connected.

Why won’t my summer infant monitor turn on?

Your summer infant monitor may fail to turn on mainly because of a low battery, the monitor’s power cord is not plugged into the outlet, the monitor is not getting charged, or the monitor’s power is off.

How far does the summer baby monitor’s range reach?

The Summer baby monitor range outside is up to 180 meters or 600 feet as it uses the wireless 2.4 GHz signal.

Why is the night vision on my summer baby monitor not working?

The night vision on your summer baby monitor may stop working due to the low or damaged battery, monitor settings, or power supply issue.


Hopefully, the above-detailed discussion was quite informative, and now you know why your Summer monitors are out of range. So, if you experience your baby monitor displaying the “Out of Range” message, don’t worry.

Instead, be patient and find out the exact reasons. And you will definitely fix the problem by yourself by following the aforementioned solutions. Comment and let us know whether you succeed or not.

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