Using Center Channel Speaker Left Right [Explained]

Using center channel speaker left right is possible, and significantly it improves the left and right speaker’s sound quality. However, while using your center channel speaker as an L & R speaker, you should place the center speaker vertically to get the best sound.

The main benefit of using the center speaker is it ensures clear vocals, dialogue, and sound’s other aspects.

In this article, we researched and gathered details on whether it’s possible to use center channel speakers as left & right and its benefits. We also discussed what you should consider in using this method and what issues you may face. So, let’s discuss the details:

Using Center Channel Speaker Left Right [Explained]

Arguably in the entire sound system, the most crucial speaker is the center speaker. If you want to use this center channel speaker as your right & left speaker, you need to know the following aspects. 

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Is it Possible to Use Center Channel Speaker as Left and Right?

Yes, it is possible to use the center channel speaker as left and right speakers. You can use center speakers for all three front speakers, including the Left-Center-Right. If you have three ideal front speakers, it will result in excellent sound.

When using the left and right speakers as the center channel speaker’s format, the other two speakers would behave exactly like the center one. Rotate the left and right speakers by 90 degrees, following your center channel speaker’s layout.

Usually, when you format the other two speakers following the center channel, these three channels together act as a passive soundbar.

How to Place Center Channel Speaker While Using It as Left Right

If you want to use your center speaker as the left & right front speaker, you should be careful about its placement. Placing the center channel speaker correctly is extremely important for combining the best sound with the two-channel stereo.

  • If you have big floor standers and limited space, you should vertically place the center speakers for using them as right and left front speakers. And in this setting, your speakers will produce good sound.
  • However, you can also place the center speaker horizontally and the Right and Left speakers vertically. Placing the speakers in this position will also work.
  • For facilitating the center speaker’s placement at an optimal level, you can consider its horizontal design. The horizontal design will allow you to place the speaker below or above the projection screen or TV.
  • Ensure that you place the center speaker equally at a specific distance between the Right and Left channel speakers.
  • Place your center channel speaker below or above the TV and directly point towards the lounge. Make sure that your center speaker is on the axis point.
  • Before using the center speaker as left and right, ensure that your speakers are designed in LCR (Left-Center-Right) style. For getting the best sound from your three center speakers, providing an appropriate LCR layout is essential.
  • Positions the speakers perfectly in standing format, and in this format, the front speakers work better.

Benefits of Using Center Channel Speaker As Left Right

Using the center channel speaker of your home as the left and right speaker significantly changes the entire sound system. The more specific benefits of this are:

  • The center channel speaker offers a particular anchor location for vocals, dialogs, and other sound aspects.
  • The center speakers and the left and right speaker system independently and automatically adjust the volume.
  • Identical sonic characteristics of left, right, and central speakers produce very high-quality sounds.
  • The left, center, and right speaker channels’ perfect tonal match results in transparent and robust sound without any disturbance. Tonal balance is the primary consideration in 3 center channel speakers, including R & L.

Using Center Channel Speaker As Left-Right: Issues You May Face

While running three center channel speakers (Left-Center-Right), may cause several issues, including the following:

  • Improper timing and tonal imbalance within the three center channel speakers could create comb filtering, distorted or additional sound.
  • If the center channel and right and left speakers are not sonically compatible, it will result in sound interference or sound distortion.
  • Sometimes the center speaker could damage due to the configuration mismatch between the three speakers.
  • For the center channel speaker’s side mounting applications, its midrange element can rotate and cause a sound disturbance.
  • Better speaker layout dramatically depends on the three speaker’s positioning options.


Does the center channel speaker have to match?

Matching the center channel speaker with the front right and left speakers is crucial to producing seamless sound. In addition, tonality matching is an essential criterion for getting high-quality sound from your speakers.

Can I use a regular speaker as a central channel?

Yes! You can use your regular or other speakers as a center channel speaker except for a subwoofer. Ideally, the horizontal speaker will generate more excellent sound than the square, vertical, or cabinet design.

Can I use two center-channel speakers?

Yes! You can use two center channel speakers, but sometimes running the two speakers at a time may result in lower-quality audio. In addition, due to the same sound signal’s distorted timing, the speakers will produce distorted audio or confusion effects.

Can I use a center channel speaker alone?

Yes! Definitely, you can use your center channel speaker alone. Using this speaker alone will ensure you outstanding and higher sound quality.

Should the center channel speaker be louder?

No! Compared to your front right and left speakers, the center channel speaker should be less loudly. Because the louder sound from the center speaker can cause sound distortion or low-quality audio.


So, now you know that using the center channel speaker left-right is possible. You are also aware of what you should consider and what you may face while using your center channel speaker as L & R speaker.

Hopefully, you would take care of these issues by yourself and use your center speaker as a three-channel speaker to enjoy great sound. Comment if you have any further queries. 

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