Vizio Menu Keeps Popping Up [5 Easy Solutions]

Let me guess, you are having issues with Vizio Menu popping up and then going away after a few seconds. Contacting customer service may not offer you any solution.

However, in this article, you will learn to solve this issue. Here we will show you the reasons why the Vizio menu keeps popping up & the easy solution to this issue as well. Let’s get started…

Vizio Menu Keeps Popping Up [5 Easy Solutions]

Does the Vizio menu keep popping up? The reason can be dislocated PCB modules, damaged TV buttons, faulty remote buttons, broken LCD panels, and software issues. If you are interested in knowing more, then keep on reading,

1. Dislocated PCB Modules

PCB module is the part of your TV that holds the buttons in their place. Its purpose is not only to hold on to the controls but also to receive and transfer signals.

When these modules get misaligned, the system receives a wrong signal. If the module related to the menu button is damaged, then the TV thinks you are pressing the menu button. This is why it shows the menu every now and then for a few seconds.


Though many people would call professionals to solve this problem, you can get the job done all by yourself. Here’s how:

  • Turn off the power supply to your TV 
  • Take a screwdriver and remove all the nuts and bolts holding the front panel of the TV
  • Carefully remove the front panel of the TV
  • Look at the bottom right or the bottom left corner to locate the PCB modules
  • Adjust the PCB modules so that there is no stress on the buttons
  • Put everything back in their place

Now, as your TV’s PCB module is perfectly fine, the pop-up menu should also disappear. 

2. Damaged Buttons

This problem usually happens to old and worn-out TV. Basically, this issue occurs from constant pressure on the buttons. 

What I mean to say is, if you frequently press the button of the TV with pressure, the chances are that they are set in their slot and won’t come up. If this happens to the menu button, then the menu will keep popping up.


The previous solution and this solution is pretty much the same. Here how it goes,

  • Follow the previous point to open up the TV
  • Locate the button
  • Make sure to set the spring of the button properly
  • Replace the spring in case its broken or heavily damaged
  • Replace the plastic button if it’s cracked

Once all the modification is done, put everything back on, and your TV should get back to working normally.

3. Damaged Button On The Remote

Just like with the TV button, the button on the remote can get damaged as well. Similarly to that, if the menu button gets damaged, it will keep sending the wrong signal to your TV. This will keep the menu popping up.


Again, the solution is not unique here. The only difference is, you have to perform the modifications on the TV remote instead of the TV itself. Here’s how,

  • Remove the screws if any are holding the TV remote
  • Take a prayer and pry the edge of the TV remote 
  • Open the TV
  • Realign or readjust the “MENU” button
  • Put everything back on

Now, as your TV remote is fixed, the menu pop-up issue should be solved as well.

4. Broken LCD Panel

This problem is only applicable to the touch screen TV. So far, you have seen that in the case of the remote and buttons, the menu would pop up because the particular module was under pressure. The same can happen with a touch-screen TV. 

How? Well, if the LCD panel on the particular area of the menu button is damaged or under stress for some reason, it will keep the menu option under pressure as well. As a result, the menu will keep constantly popping up. 


As the issue with the LCD, you have to replace the LCD panel. I would recommend you take the TV to experts because dealing with the LCD panel is no child’s play.

It requires expertise to handle and modify this part. So leave this to the professionals. Contacting Vizio support is the best option in this situation.

5. Software Issues

Though it is very unlikely to happen, the software issues can be a pain in the neck. Among many software issues, menu pop-up is a major one. 


Regularly updating the TV software is one way to solve the problem. But if it doesn’t fix anything, you have to Contact Vizio support and share your problem. They will get your issue fixed in no time. 

And just like this, your Vizio Menu pop up the problem will be resolved right away


How do I get rid of the Vizio SmartCast display?

You can easily remove the SmartCast display by turning off the Viewing Data in the Reset & Admin option.

How do I turn off notifications on my Vizio TV?

To turn off the notification on your Vizio TV, you have to go to the settings menu on the Charms Bar. Here, under the Change PC settings, you will find ‘Notification’. If you select Notification here, you will get the option to turn it off.

Why does my Vizio Smart TV keep going to SmartCast? 

Vizio Smart TV going to SmartCast means there is an issue with the network connection.

How do I reboot my Vizio TV?

You can reboot your Vizio TV simply by unplugging the TV from the power outlet. If you want to reboot with the remote, you can do that as well by holding the power button for 3 – 5 seconds.

What to do if my Vizio Smart TV glitches?

If your Vizio Tv is glitching, try detaching all the cables from the TV and the TV device. Reconnect them after a while.

Concluding Words:

Vizio menu keeps popping up is a common issue. Tons of people go through this problem every day. But you are not like them because now you know how to fix the unwanted menu pop-up issue in Vizio TV.

So, apply these solutions and keep enjoying your favorite shows. If you have questions or queries, feel free to comment below.

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