Acer Monitor Blinking Blue Light [3 Easy Solutions]

If the Acer monitor blinking blue light, it identifies some major reasons. That includes a faulty power supply, bad capacitor, bad transistor, or the dead monitor itself. To fix the monitor power button blinking blue issue, you will require some effective steps.

Sometimes simply power rest will troubleshoot it. If the reset doesn’t work, then you should check the rest factors.

However, we are going to talk about all the above facts in detail. So, without getting delayed, let’s get started.

Acer Monitor Blinking Blue Light [3 Easy Solutions]

Wondering what a blinking blue light means on an Acer monitor? It is related to the video card of your monitor. When you set it to a higher refreshing rate or resolution and the monitor can’t handle it, it starts blinking lights. 

There are also some other reasons for causing such an issue. Scroll down to get all information in detail.

1. Power Reset Your Acer Monitor

When you are stuck in such a situation that the Acer monitor light blinks but no picture, power rest should be your first step. Before moving any other fixes, go through our below suggested steps sensibly. 

Hopefully, it will work, and you may not need any other troubleshooting. So let’s start:


  • First of all, turn off your monitor.
  • Disconnect the power cable from the monitor.
  • Also, disconnect all the cables from the monitor.
  • Now, press the monitor power button.
  • Keep pressing the button for 15 seconds.
  • Finally, reconnect the power cable with the monitor.
  • Also, make sure that DVI is connected securely.
  • Turn on the Monitor. We can expect the problem is solved. If not, follow the below steps without worrying.  

2. Faulty Power Supply

Now it’s come to keep your attention to the power supply of the problem is still annoying you. To operate any electronic device, it needs an adequate power supply and energy.

If there are any faults somehow, it starts malfunctioning. The leading reasons for faulty power supply are:

  • Defective power cable
  • Worn-out wires
  • Bad power supply board
  • Faulty circuit breaker
  • Bad or blown-out capacitor
  • Non-working transistor

Don’t get hassled. We include all the possible steps that will help you to fix this power issue.


  • First of all, turn off your monitor.
  • Then disconnect the power cable and start checking it.
  • If you find any defects, cracks, or brown stains, don’t be late to change them.
  • Then, look over all the connected wires carefully. Replace or repair all the worn-out wires.
  • Connect our monitor to a different outlet.
  • Now turn on your monitor. If still blinking, it is time to check the capacitor and transistor of the power-inverter board.
  • Unscrew the back panel of your monitor and check the capacitor and transistor.
  • If any of them are bad or defective, replace them with new and quality ones.
  • But before purchasing a capacitor replacement kit, check the height of it whether it will fit with your monitor or not.
  • Install all the parts and connect the back panel again.
  • Now turn on your monitor.

3. Dead Monitor

If all the above processes go in vain, be sure the main culprit is your monitor itself. The fact depends on how many years are you using this monitor. After long use, the monitor needs your attention. 

In many cases, the entire parts go damaged, and it will not be fixed by any means. This is the time when you have to replace your monitor.

Before purchasing any new monitor under this model, keep attention to some facts. Like:


  • Higher resolution
  • Screen size
  • Higher refreshing rate
  • Larger color gamut
  • High dynamic range
  • Check video inputs. Nowadays, DisplayPort is very trendy. HDMI, VGA, DVI will also go well.
  • Built-in speakers
  • Adjustable height


Why won’t my Acer monitor turn on?

The first reason is a faulty power supply. In some cases, it needs to power reset effectively. Also, there may have defective wires or some entire components which need to be replaced.

Does the Acer monitor have speakers?

In some models, you will get built-in speakers, which will simplify your setup. Also, there have audio jacks and HDMI ports in some models. It just needs external speakers for setting up.

Wrapping Words:

Throughout this article, we have assembled all the major factors with solving methods to break down the blinking blue light issue on the Acer monitor. 

Hopefully, now you are wondering about this problem. Still, if you have any queries related to this fact, don’t hesitate to let us know through comments.

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