Air Conditioner Blowing Directly On TV [3 Methods To Save]

Did you set up your TV and Air conditioner near each other? Even if you didn’t, you should. Why? You will know all about it in this article.

Here we will discuss what happens if your air conditioner blowing directly on TV. You will also know how you can avoid potential damages your TV can get from AC. Let’s start.

Is It Good If Air Conditioner Blowing Directly On TV

If you have determined to set your TV far away from your Air Conditioner, then stop! There are a few things you probably don’t know. Yes, installing your TV under an air conditioner can be beneficial. Here’s how:

1. The cold air from AC prevents your TV from getting warm. If your device gets hot, it can get easily damaged. But with an AC nearby, it is not a problem.

2. AC allows clean air circulation in your TV system. An AC produces not only cool but the purest air. If this air enters your TV box, the internal machinery will surely stay healthy for longer. 

3. Surprisingly, installing AC and TV close to each other can dramatically reduce electricity bills. If the TV gets hot, it is mainly due to excessive electricity consumption. When this happens, the system turns up the internal fan speed by a lot. 

A significant amount of electricity goes to power this fan. But if the TV stays cool due to the AC, The TV won’t get hot, reducing the electricity supply in the process. So yes, you can consider installing an AC near your TV. It will be beneficial let alone damage your device.

3 Methods To Ensure Air Conditioner Doesn’t Affect Your TV

AC is not always good for your TV. It can damage your precious television in many ways. Fortunately, you can easily avoid these potential accidents. How? Take a look.

1. Keep The Air Conditioner Clean

You have to clean your air conditioner regularly to make sure it doesn’t produce dusty or contaminated air. You can do it easily. Just maintain the following instructions:

  • Remove the AC filter panel
  • Use a brush to clean the filter inch by inch
  • Take a can of air and apply it on the filter
  • Wipe the filter clean
  • Put the frame back on

Repeat this process at least every three months and your AC won’t be able to damage your TV

2. Use Different Outlets

Both your TV and your AC require their own power supply. But if this power supply comes from the same point, it can put pressure on the outlet. This can damage your AC and your TV as well. 

This is why always try to use a different outlet for your TV and your AC. But try to keep these devices in the same room because you don’t want to miss out on the benefits.

3. Make Sure The AC Don’t Drip

It is common for AC to drip water. But even an insignificant amount of liquid can heavily damage your TV. This is the only point that makes AC’s placement near the TV problematic. But you can easily handle this issue. Here’s how:

  • Put a big drip tray under the AC
  • Make your TV waterproof by installing shields
  • Clean the AC filter regularly
  • Replace old AC filter
  • Clean the vents regularly
  • Make sure the drain pan is regularly cleaned

Maintaining these steps will make sure your AC doesn’t drip water on your TV. As a result, your TV will be saved from potential damage.

Besides you can use an air conditioner windshield kit that won’t allow the AC to blow directly on your TV. You can watch the video to learn how to install the windshield.


Can an air conditioner damage electronics?

Air conditioners can damage electronics if they are placed close to each other. Excessive cool air can result in condensation in the system.

How do I divert my air conditioner?

If you don’t want air to directly affect your TV, you can always adjust the vents to redirect air to different directions.

Where should an air conditioner be placed in a room?

The ideal position for an air conditioner is on the left/right side of the bed.

Why do computer labs need AC?

Having AC in the computer lab can increase the computer’s health. The cool and clean air produced by AC is very helpful in prolonging the AC’s life.

How much electricity does an AC consume?

An AC on average consumes 3,500 W of electricity. In other words, it’s 12,000 BTUs per hour.

How cold the air coming out of AC is?

In general, the air coming out of AC is around 15-20 degrees. But this amount is surely adjustable.  

Final Words

An air conditioner blowing directly on TV is a good thing, and now you know why. But you have to take appropriate measures to make sure your TV is not negatively affected.

While it’s not hard to do, it demands concentration. So just be a bit aware, and your device will always give your pleasure and comfort.

If you have any confusion or query, let us know in the comment below. 

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