Marantz TV Audio Not Working [3 Easy Solutions]

Is your Marantz TV audio not working? Don’t freak out, I can tell you what has happened. Marantz TV audio can stop working mainly due to a faulty HDMI connection, eARC settings, and bad speakers. There can be many other reasons as well but these are prominent.

But what are the other reasons? And how can you deal with all these issues to fix the audio system? You will know everything about it in this article. So let’s start.

How Do You Set Up Marantz TV Audio

You can’t certainly know whether your TV audio is broken or if the audio is not correctly set up in the first place. So before looking for the reasons why your Marantz TV audio is not working, examine the audio connection. The proper way of setting up Marantz TV audio is given below:

  • Connect one end of the audio cable to HDMI 1
  • Connect the other end to the receiver monitor port
  • Connect the optical cable to the back of the TV 
  • Connect the other end of the optical cable to the receivers TV audio optical

Is your TV audio set up in this way, and it’s still not working? Then keep on reading.

Marantz TV Audio Not Working [3 Reasons To Fix]

There can be a few reasons why Marantz TV audio doesn’t work. Knowing these reasons will help you to reach a solution. This is how you will be able to fix your TV without needing any professional help. 

Here are the most common reasons why Marantz TV audio doesn’t work and what can be done to fix it.

1. Faulty HDMI Connection

As you have already seen, Marantz TV audio is directly connected to the HDMI port. If the cable leading from this slot to the TV is faulty, or if the port is damaged itself, the audio system will not work. 

Similarly, if there is a faulty HDMI control setting or it’s not accurate on the TV system, you will not get the perfect audio.


All you can do here is some manual checkups. And if you detect any problem, you have to handle it appropriately. Here’s how,

  • Make sure the HDMI connectors are in fine condition
  • See if the audio output is set to the AV amplifier on the TV
  • If you are using speakers, go to the HDMI setting on the TV menu and set “HDMI Audio Out” to the “AVR” setting. In case you want the output from the TV, select “TV” instead of “AVR”.

Now there shouldn’t be the issue of faulty HDMI anymore.

2. eARC Is Required

eARC-compatible television audio may not give output from the connected speaker. This usually happens if the eARC setting is not accurate. Apart from this, there are no software issues involved.


You can easily fix the problem with eARC in the following way,

  • Adjust the eARC setting according to your Marantz TV user manual
  • Set the input source to “TV Audio”   
  • Remove the HDMI cable, and restart the TV before plugging it in again.

Now, this should get your TV audio back to work.

3. Bad Speaker

The most simple yet the most irritating reason behind zero audio can be a broken speaker. 

Your TV audio system can be damaged due to several causes. It can be bad wiring or the accumulation of excessive dust. Whatever the reason may be, you need to take immediate action. 


Here you have to make sure the speaker is securely placed, and totally clean. You can ensure this in the following way,

  • Unscrew the front panel of your Marantz TV
  • Remove the panels
  • Locate the speaker
  • Closely observe if the wiring is broken
  • In case of faulty wiring, replace the wire
  • Take a hand-held vacuum cleaner and set it on a low setting before applying on the speaker
  • Put everything back in its place

This whole process may sound simple but in reality, this can be quite complicated. For this reason, it is recommended you take professional help for this problem. 

A Few Quick Check-Ups

There are a few insignificant points that may not come to your mind yet be a big reason why Marantz TV audio is not working. So, if none of the methods works, do the followings:

  • Closely examine all the connections of all the devices related to your TV
  • Make sure the input and output connections are not set the other way around
  • See if the cables are damaged
  • Make sure the speakers are securely connected
  • Make sure the proper input source is selected
  • See if the volume is set to low or if it’s mute
  • Make sure the audio input connector setting is accurate
  • See if a headphone is plugged into the system

These are the most common mistakes you are likely to miss. So do go through all of them.


Why is my surround sound not working with my TV?

Your cable is probably damaged. Try using a different set of cables

What is ARC for HDMI?

ARC is the ‘Audio Return Channel” that connects TV to an audio system.

Which is better HDMI or HDMI ARC?

HDMI ARC is much better compared to HDMI because with ARC you can get a greater bandwidth.

Do all HDMI cables support ARC?

Anything compatible with HDMI 1.4 should work with ARC.

Can you split HDMI ARC?

No, you can’t split HDMI ARC.

Final Words

If your Marantz TV is not working, our methods will surely get it fixed. As you can see, you don’t need skills to get the job done.

Just follow our instructions and you will have your TV audio good as new. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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