Denon Receiver Bluetooth Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

Bluetooth settings not activated or it doesn’t support the AVRCP profile, transmitter set on, disabled Bluetooth function is mainly responsible for Denon receiver Bluetooth not working.

If you suddenly find that your Denon receiver Bluetooth stops working, be sure that the above factors create issues in your device.

Keep reading this article, and you will definitely get the guide to combat this unwanted problem by yourself.

Denon Receiver Bluetooth Not Working [7 Easy Solutions]

This troubleshooting guide contains all those factors and solutions that stop the Denon receiver Bluetooth’s working process. Let’s start:

1. Bluetooth Device Don’t Support The AVRCP Profile

Denon receiver Bluetooth can fail to work because the paired device doesn’t support the AVRCP profile. AVRCP profile is a vital Bluetooth part that controls the media playback on another device. AVRCP and A2DP work on Bluetooth as a couple.

Now, if your desired device with which you wish to pair fails to support the AVRCP profile, your Denon receiver Bluetooth will not work.


Enable the AVRCP profile on your mobile device. Make sure that your device supports the profile. To enable the AVRCP profile, you need to do the following:

  •  Search “AVRCP” on your device’s search box
  •  Select “Bluetooth AVRCP version.”
  •  Again, on the developer option’s subsequent screen, select the above same option
  •  Switch the version from 1.4 to 1.3

After following the above steps, hopefully, the AVRCP profile will enable on your device. And it will support the Bluetooth device.

2. Mobile Device’s Bluetooth Setting Not Activated

Again, your Denon receiver Bluetooth stops working if you forget to activate the Bluetooth setting of your mobile device.

Your phone and receiver will not pair up unless the ground is okay. As a result, your mobile device will fail to recognize the receiver’s Bluetooth.


Before playing your mobile device via Bluetooth make sure that you activate your phone’s settings. Keep the firmware up to date. Reset your phone and turn on and off the receiver. Then, conduct a factory reset to connect it properly.

Even if your device works fine, it will not pair up because of the setting issue. Unplug the mobile to get it to work again. Sometimes reconnecting with your Bluetooth device may take a very long time.

3. Fails To Connect Bluetooth Headphones

If your mobile device fails to connect the headphones, your Denon receiver Bluetooth will not work. However, this problem can happen because your Bluetooth headphone is already paired up with another device.

Your Denon receiver Bluetooth can connect only one set of headphones at a time. Thus, if it is already associated with others, it will not work.


To solve the issue, check your Bluetooth headphones. And see whether it is properly connected or not. When you find there is a problem with the headphones connection, do the following:

  •  Turn off and on the headphones to power
  •  Try again this on-and-off process
  •  Go to the device’s “General” option
  •  Select the “Bluetooth Transmitter” option
  •  Set “On” the transmitter

Again, ensure one more important thing your Bluetooth headphones are not connected to any other pairs.

4. Disabled Bluetooth Function

The disabled Bluetooth function is another reason why your Denon receiver Bluetooth stops working. Sometimes we forget to enable this function and worry about why the device is not working.

However, when the function itself is disabled, it’s evident that your Denon device will not work.


This problem has an easy solution. Turn on the Denon receiver’s Bluetooth and enable the function. Enable the Bluetooth function in the following way:

  •  Select the Bluetooth option using the quick select buttons or scrolling the wheel.
  •  Press this option after selecting it
  • The AVR will turn to pair mode

5. Transmitter Set To “ON”

When the Denon receiver’s Bluetooth Transmitter remains “ON”, it will not work. It will stop connecting with your Bluetooth device and Smartphone.


To connect your mobile device with Denon receiver Bluetooth, you need to switch to Bluetooth from the input source.

Again, to convert to this option, press the remote control’s Bluetooth option. Once it is set back to this option, then connect your mobile or other devices.

6. Device Failed To Find Denon Remote App

The Denon receiver app works in connection with or pairing with your Smartphone or other devices.

Now, if your devices don’t find this app, its Bluetooth will not work. While this happens, your device will show an error message. This problem could take place for the following reasons:

  •  Denon device’s firmware become out of date
  •  Installed this app’s previous version
  • Denon device Bluetooth and Apple hand-held device connected to different network


Whenever you see the error message on your device, be sure that it fails to connect with the remote app. Then do the following to solve the problem.

  • The smooth running of the Denon device requires a firmware update
  • Install the most recent and updated firmware
  • Ensure that both devices are connected to the same network
  • Several times refresh the page
  • Convert to the “Upgrade Notification” option

7. Bluetooth And Device Fails To Connect

It’s simple if your Denon receiver Bluetooth is not connecting to your Android or other devices, it will not work.

An improper connection between Android and Bluetooth can cause this problem. The leading cause behind this problem is that your Android has too much cache and other apps storage.


Make space for your Bluetooth app so that it can easily connect to your Android or other devices.

Clear the stored cache and other app data from your android device to make space for the Denon receiver Bluetooth app. The steps of this process are the following:

  • Go to your Android’s setting menu
  • Tap on “Storage and cache.”
  • Clear both of them from the menu
  • Reconnect the Denon receiver Bluetooth with your device
  • Check whether it is working or not


How do I connect my Bluetooth to my Denon receiver?

You can connect the Bluetooth to your Denon receiver using your Android menu setting. First, find the app’s menu and settings icon. First, select the connections and then Bluetooth. Now choose the paired Bluetooth accessory.

How do I reset my Denon receiver to factory settings?

To reset your factory setting, at first, turn off the power. Press TUNER PRESET CH – and TURNER PRESET CH + simultaneously. If your display shows “Initialized”, you can stop pressing it.

How do I connect my Denon AVR to my iPhone?

Go to the iOS device’s Wi-Fi menu. The menu’s list at the bottom consists of “Denon Home 250”, choose it. The next step is choosing the speaker’s network with which you want to connect. Then complete the connection steps following the screen’s instructions.

How do I connect my Denon receiver to Wi-Fi?

Press the remote’s setup option and choose the network option. Then select the Wi-Fi setup connection. Also, from the available options on your remote’s menu, you need to choose “Scan Network”. Now finally, select your desired network connection.

How do I play music from my iPhone on my Denon receiver? 

The iOS device screen’s bottom right consists of the AirPlay icon. Find it and choose the icon. After selecting it, you will get external devices list with which you want to connect. Check it and choose the network audio device or Denon AVR option to play music.


Now you know all those factors responsible for the Denon receiver Bluetooth not working. Optimistically, you will now be able to combat this issue by yourself.

Still, after trying, if you fail to solve your trouble on your own, don’t hesitate. Comment your problem in the comment box, and we will try to provide the solution.

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