Element TV Flickering [5 Easy Solutions]

Element TV flickering mainly due to the TV’s internal hardware failure, faulty mainboard, flawed T-con board, damaged cable connections, and video source malfunction. If suddenly you experience this flickering issue in your TV, be sure that any of the above factors is the culprit. 

We conducted in-depth research on each of the problems mentioned above and presented all their details.

Also, we discussed how to fix a flickering TV screen following step-by-step solutions. After going through this article surely, you will learn to fix your TV’s flickering trouble by yourself. 

Element TV Flickering [5 Easy Solutions]

Suddenly your Element TV may keep flickering and displaying no signal mainly because of the following major causes. Also, we discussed their solutions below. Let’s start the discussion: 

1. Defective T-Con Board

The t-con board generates vertical and horizontal timing panel signals in your TV. Also, it provides the TV enabling signals and panel bias signals.

The faulty T-con board itself is one of the main culprits for which your Elementor TV keeps flickering. The leading causes of it are: 

  • Flawed connection from T-con board to panel 
  • The T-con board becomes separated from the cable 
  • Bent or curled-up board 
  • Defective panel 
  • Faulty capacitors 


The T-con board failure causes your TV’s flickering, screen distortions, shifting video level and color level, and many more things. So, inspect the defective T-con board and replace it in no time. The other fixing ways are: 

  • Ensure the T-con board and panel’s perfect or flawless connection
  • Inspect the board’s cable connection and make sure they are correctly connected
  • Replace the curled-up or bent board, defective capacitors, and faulty panel 

2. TV’s Internal Hardware Failure

Internal hardware failure is one of the main reasons why your Element TV keeps flickering.

If you experience your TV flickering constantly, ensure that the damaged internal parts are creating the issue. The accountable factors for it are: 

  • TV’s internal components are wearing out 
  • Broken internal parts 
  • Failed capacitors 
  • Defective power supply board 
  • A high power surge damaged the TV’s internal component


For fixing the above troubles, follow the easy solutions below: 

  • Replace the wear out and broken internal components 
  • Inspect the failed capacitors and replace them 
  • Replace the faulty power supply board
  • Make sure there is no power surge or high voltage issue in your TV’s electricity line

Note: Fixing the TV’s internal hardware issue requires enough expertise. If you don’t have much experience in electrical work, you can contact an expert for help. 

3. Main Board Malfunction

A defective mainboard is another reason for which your Element Roku TV flickering. The mainboard supplies power to your TV screen.

Now, if any causes create issues or damage your TV’s main power supply board, you will experience this flickering problem. The concerning factors responsible for this crisis are: 

  • Sudden power surge 
  • Faulty electrolytic capacitors 
  • Defective power board itself 
  • The HDMI connection is sending the wrong or no signal 
  • Faulty power supply output 
  • Board’s defective or melted components 


If suddenly your Element TV flickers when turned on, check the TV’s main power board first. If it is the culprit, replace it immediately. The other solutions are: 

  • Ensure there is no power surge problem in your TV’s electrical line 
  • Replace the malfunctioning electrolytic capacitors and damaged power board 
  • Make sure your TV’s panel is receiving the correct signal from the HDMI connection 
  • Replace the defective power supply output 
  • Replace or repair the main board’s faulty, broken, or melted components. 

4. Damaged Cables

If your Element TV backlight flickers after using a specific input, it indicates that the damaged cable connection in your TV is the culprit.

The broken cables fail to transmit input and information to the TV’s mainboard. As a result, it is flickering. The causes of it are: 

  • Loose cable connections 
  • Bent wires 
  • Broken or flawed HDMI cords 
  • Cracked cables 
  • Voltage spike 
  • Broken cable connector 


Replacing the damaged cable connection of your Element TV is the prime solution to this issue. The other fixing ways are: 

  • Inspect your TV’s cable connection and tighten it 
  • Replace the broken HDMI cords, bent wires, cracked cables, and broken cable connector 
  • Ensure the voltage is stable enough

5. Video Source Malfunction

You are watching your Element TV, and suddenly your TV starts blinking. Then usually, you will think, “why has my TV started flickering?” Due to the malfunctioning video source, your Element TV may start flickering.

The broadcast is sending corrupted frames to the TV, and it is the main factor responsible for creating video source problems. 


You can reset your router or reboot your TV to solve the malfunctioning video source trouble. Also, ensure that your Element TV receives proper video frames from the broadcast. 


How do I reset my element TV?

To reset your Element TV, first press the remote control’s menu button while your Element TV is on. Next, go to the TV Settings. Then choose General and Restore Default. Now TV on its factory default settings will reset automatically. 

How do I get the HDMI to work on my Element TV?

Use the HDMI cable to connect your Element TV with PS4. Now press the TV’s power button and hold it. After holding it, the TV will beep once. After 10 seconds, it will create a beep sound 2 more times. Now, after hearing the beeping sound twice, release your TV’s power button. 

Why does Element TV keep turning off?

Your Element TV can keep turning off mainly because of the TV’s loose connection, old aged power supply cord, frayed wires, sudden power surge, and faulty circuit board. Also, defective mainboards, faulty capacitors or bad TV screens are responsible for this. 

How do I get the antenna to work on my Element TV?

Press your Element TV’s HOME button. Next, navigate the TV’s inputs section and choose CHANNELS. Now again, press the remote’s menu button and go to the TV options. Then select the last option, “SETTINGS.” Lastly, choose CABLE/AIR from the CHANNELS option and press ‘AUTO-SCAN”. 


Now you are aware of all those reasons why your Element TV flickering. Hopefully, following our above-mentioned easy solutions, you will now fix your Element TV’s flickering issue by yourself. Still, if you struggle to solve the problem, don’t hesitate to let us know. Comment on your trouble, and we will give you the solution. 

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