GPX TV Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

The most common GPX television problems are not turning on, keeps turning in and off, having pictures without any sound, or no picture but having sound. Also, the TV keeps flickering, image breaking, and not responding to the TV remote control are the common problems that GPX users usually face.

If you are struggling with any of the above issues, go through our exclusive GPX troubleshooting guide. Expectantly, you will get the best solutions.

GPX TV Problems [7 Easy Solutions]

Go through our assigned in-depth research on the 7 most happened problems on GPX TV:

1. GPX TV Won’t Turn On

Most commonly, most the TV run this problem several times. There have some significant factors that are highly responsible for occurring such issues. Note down those reasons before moving to the solution steps:

  • Power degradation or weak power supply
  • Faulty TV remote batteries
  • Defective TV power cord
  • Wrong input source
  • Faulty power outlet
  • Broken backlight
  • Defective motherboard
  • Bad capacitors


  • Start troubleshooting by doing a power reset on your TV. 
  • Unplug the power cord of the TV and let it rest for 60 seconds. 
  • Connect your tv to a different electrical outlet.
  • Now move to the remote and change the batteries of the TV’s remote control. 
  • Do a power reset on your remote control. The processes are quite easy. Just remove the batteries and hold the power button for a while. 
  • If still, the tv won’t turn on, remove the back panel of the TV and inspect the motherboard.
  • Make sure that all the capacitors are well. If needed, replace the defective motherboard.
  • Finally, if the problem is occurring from a broken backlight, replace it 

2. GPX TV No Picture

If you are wondering about the GPX TV black screen issue, this section is going to be effective enough for you. The blown-up fuse or defective electrical outlet is the source of this issue. Sometimes, the issue is persisting from the TV’s software malfunction.

Wrong input source, faulty HDMI cable, defective wiring or cable connection, voltage inverter failure, activated power saving mode, and broken backlight are responsible for this issue as well. Sometimes, only bad capacitors are reasonable.


  • First, do a power reset on your TV. 
  • Turn off your TV and reset the TV by unplugging all the TV connections.
  • Meanwhile, check out the power supply of the TV.
  • Verify all the wires and cables are quite good.
  • Especially, check out the HDMI cables. Don’t be late to replace it if you find any damage or cracks appearing over there. If possible, change the HDMI input port.
  • Plug back in the TV and connect the cables firmly.
  • Fix the broken backlight issue.
  • You may need to inspect the mainboard of the TV. Examine the component there, especially the capacitor. Replace the bad capacitor.

3. GPX TV No Sound

If your GPX TV has no sound but appearing a picture, go through this section sensibly. Before moving to the solution steps, let’s have a glimpse of the possible reason first:

  • Either your TV is muted, or the volume level is too low
  • Broken built-in TV speaker
  • Loose cable and wiring connection
  • Backdated TV firmware
  • Interrupts in the signal source
  • Defective power board


  • First, make sure your TV is not muted and turned up the volume level.
  • Now, do a factory reset to eliminate all the malfunctions.
  • Change the TV’s speaker output to the internal speaker.
  • Inspect the tv port and cable connections. Connect them firmly.
  • Update your GPX TV with the latest firmware
  • Contact a technician to replace the damaged built-in speaker.

4. GPX TV Keeps Flickering

Loose cable connections are the root cause behind the TV keeps flashing off and on. Also, server hardware failure inside the TV incorrect connection with the video source, faulty connection with the internet, excessive brightness settings defective wiring connection is also responsible. 

Follow the below-assigned solution procedure to fix the issue:


  • Before starting, make sure you have turned off your TV.
  • Then, unplug the TV from the power board.
  • Now, disconnect all the cables connected to your TV.
  • Wait for about 1 hour and leave the TV unplugged.
  • Now, place the TV on a secured surface. 
  • Verify that all the cable and wiring are free of any defects and cracks. 
  • After 1 hour, connect the cable firmly. Don’t have any loose connections.
  • Set the brightness level to minimal.
  • Update the firmware.
  • Contact an expert to resolve internal hardware damages. 

5. GPX TV Not Responding to Remote

In many cases, you may notice that your TV is not responding to your remote control. When the problem persists in your TV unit, you have to find out the responsive factors first. Look through the below possible reasons:

  • Low or drained remote batteries
  • Wrong installation of the batteries
  • Stuck remote button
  • Single interference in the path
  • Outdated TV firmware
  • TV remote sensor

Now go through the below solving procedures:


  • First of all, power reset your remote control.
  • For this, remove the batteries. 
  • Hold the power button on the remote for about 20-30 seconds.
  • Now, insert batteries.
  • If needed, change the batteries. 
  • Also, make sure proper install the batteries in the remote compartment.
  • If the problem persists from the stuck remote button, inspect the remote circuit board and rubber button. 
  • Update the TV’s firmware.
  • Remove all the hard objects between the TV and the remote control to avoid interference.
  • Sometimes, you will need to replace the bad remote control sensor of the TV.

6. GPX TV Image Breaking

If you are encountering with TV image-breaking issue, it is quite related to the image pixelation problem. There may have images cutting in and out or looking like a bunch of squares on the image screen.

Anyway, image pixelating, breaking, tiling, and snowing all are one type of image degradation that is caused by a weak signal. 

If multiple devices are connected to a single local network, the TV screens start flickering. Also, loose cable connections, backdated TV firmware, external interference by nearby appliances, or sometimes bad weather lead to the same issue.


  • First, disconnect all the unnecessary devices that are connected to the same internet where the TV is connected.
  • Then, make sure the snug connection of the TV with the wall outlet.
  • Now check out the cable box connection with your TV.
  • Remove such electric equipment from the nearby TV that is creating a low signal.
  • Update the TV with the latest firmware. 
  • In many cases, you will need to contact your satellite provider.    

7. GPX TV Keeps Turning Off

If your GPX TV turns on or off, the problem is likely caused by a bad mainboard from the inside of the TV. Sometimes, an activated power-saving mode or sleep timer causes the issue.

Other possible reasons are weak power supply, connecting the TV via a surge protector, and faulty capacitors. Don’t take it hard. Follow our below guidelines to fix it:


  • First of all, power reset your TV to prevent interrupting the flow of electricity.
  • Connect your TV to a sturdy electrical outlet instead of the surge protector.
  • Ensure a snug connection of all cables. 
  • Replace the faulty capacitors.
  • You may need to replace or repair the bad mainboard.

Wrapping Words:

Hopefully, now you can easily troubleshoot any problem occurring on the GPX TV by following our above exclusive guides. Share your thoughts about how our guide has reached you. Also, let us know if you face any problems in understanding any steps.

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