Levana Monitor Keeps Turning Off [5 Easy Solutions]

The Levana monitor keeps turning off issue indicates the depleted battery of the monitor. Sometimes, the power adapter gets defects, and there is no fluent power supply. Also too low sensitivity level and activated power saving mode turn off the monitor randomly. 

To troubleshoot this issue, you will need some effective steps. Today we are here bringing those essential guides that will assist you in fixing this problem. So let’s start.

Levana Monitor Keeps Turning Off [5 Easy Solutions]

Below you will get the complete procedure that is highly effective and quickly understandable. We can assure you that it will undoubtedly free your monitor from such an issue.

1. Low Battery or Faulty Power Adapter

The first and root cause of continuously turning off the monitor is a low or drained battery. When the battery power depletes, or if there is too low a charge, the monitor automatically turns off constantly.

So before moving through further troubleshooting steps, checking the battery might be worth a shot. 

In some other cases, the power adapter may not be connected to the wall outlet properly. This leads to the same issue as well.


Check out the battery status. The LED ring on the front of the monitor will indicate the power status. If you are seeing flashing blue quickly, be sure the battery is too low, and it needs to connect the adapter right now. 

So, without any delay, connect the power adapter to the right DC input on the monitor side panel and then connect the other end to an available wall outlet.

When you notice solid blue in the LED light, it will identify that the charge is full. This time, your monitor should be stopped and shut down. 

2. Reset the Monitor

After confirming the full battery status, it is time to reset your monitor. It will assist in turning the monitor into factory default settings.

The best part is that it will erase all the unresponsive factors that prevent the monitor from functioning well. 

If you are wondering about the right procedures for how to reset the monitor, follow our below suggested steps. Also, you may check out the manual of your Levana model for a better understanding. 

How to Reset the Levana Baby Monitor?

  • First of all, power off your monitor
  • Then disconnect the power adapter from the DC input on the side of the monitor.
  • This time, remove the battery as well.
  • Now reinsert the power to the port firmly.
  • Turn on the monitor by pressing the power button.
  • Leave the monitor for about 30 seconds.
  • After that while, reinsert the battery, and your monitor is reset.

3. Change the Sensitivity Level

The low sensitivity level is another major reason for occurring turning off the device randomly. It is configured to detect the motion of the baby and allow it to adjust the sound sensitivity level that the camera picks up. 

When it fails to detect any motion for some while differs, your monitor will turn off automatically. Thus it is needed to set the sensitivity level at an appropriate level. For that, follow the below steps to reset the level. 


  • First of all, press the Menu button to appear in the sensitivity option.
  • Press the navigational arrow button to highlight the icon.
  • Now, adjust the sensitivity level to the right level.
  • Finally, confirm your desired level by selecting the confirmation button. 

4. Disable the Peep Mode

PEEP or Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture is a special mode of Levana baby monitor. This mode is configured to conserve the battery power of the monitor.

It works on the activation of your baby. When your baby is quiet, sounds off, and doesn’t make any noise, the peep mode enables after 1 minute. 

At that time, your monitor enters the standby/sleep mode and turns off the monitor right after then. When it detects any activation of the baby, it automatically turns on the monitor, and the screen turns to live view.

All these processes help your monitor save valuable battery life and assist in extending it up to 72 hours. 

So, if your monitor is continuously turning off, you can stop by disabling this power-saving mode. Go through the below processes to disable this mode:

  • First of all, press the MENU button.
  • Then locate the PEEP Mode icon by the navigational arrows.
  • When the icon is highlighted, set the level as your preferences or select ‘off’ to disable it,
  • Now press the MENU button again to return to the live view screen. Hopefully, your monitor will not turn off randomly.

5. Control the Brightness

In most cases, excessive brightness lessens the battery life. It leads to the keeps turning off issue. Brightness mode helps to set the screen’s brightness. So, it is needed to control the brightness level to a medium level.

If you have already checked out all the above steps and still there is the same issue, it is time to control the brightness.


  • Press the menu button to set the brightness mode.
  • Now, find out the brightness icon by using the navigational arrows.
  • Finally, set the level and press elect to confirm it.


How do I get my Levana monitor to stay on?

If you are wondering about staying the monitor on longer, you have to disable the power-saving mode. Power saving mode enables by the baby’s inactivity and turns off your monitor.

How do I pair my Levana Lila baby monitor?

To pair the monitor with the baby unit, press the menu button. Highlight the PAIRING icon by using navigational arrows. Press the Menu button to confirm the pairing action. 

 Wrapping Words

Throughout this troubleshooting guide, we have discussed the detailed causes behind the monitor’s continuously turning off issue. Also, we have represented all the well-researched steps to fix this issue. 

Hopefully, all of those help you a lot. If still there are any questions regarding this article, just leave a comment describing the fact. We will reply to you ASAP.

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