Summer Baby Monitor Screen Shuts Off [5 Easy Solutions]

Summer baby monitor screen shuts off mainly because of lower sensitivity setting, baby monitor and parent unit’s loose connection, baby monitor don’t get the signal, defective power supply source and triggered shut down mode.

When the monitor screen shuts off, you may experience that the picture disappears, but the sound stays on. To know the baby monitor screen shut off exact causes and their simple solutions, you need to read this article sharply.

And certainly, you will learn to fix your baby monitor screen’s issues by yourself. 

Summer Baby Monitor Screen Shuts Off [5 Easy Solutions]

This troubleshooting guide contains all those reasons and solutions for which your Summer baby monitor times out or shuts off after a while.  Let’s discuss:

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1. Too Low Sensitivity Setting

Your summer baby monitor can keep shutting off because of its too-low sensitivity setting. Because of the lower sensitivity setting, the baby monitor starts making noise. However, the parent unit is not responsible for the baby unit’s noise.


Adjusting the baby monitor’s sensitivity setting is the only solution to this problem. Contact an expert technician to set the sensitivity at the appropriate level. Or you can quickly fix it by yourself by following the manual’s instructions.

2. Loose Connection Between Parent Unit And Baby Monitor

The parent unit is the power source of your summer baby monitor. When the baby monitor fails to connect properly with the parent unit and fails to get signals, its screen shuts off.

However, a loose connection between the parent unit and the baby monitor is another main reason why the screen turns off.


Usually, issues with the parent unit cause a loose connection with its baby monitor. Contact an electrician to check whether the open connection is the problem or not.

You need to reset your summer baby monitor’s parent unit if it is the culprit. To reset the Summer monitor’s parent unit, follow the steps below:

  • The parent unit’s back contains the reset key. Press it
  • Again, the parent unit’s back has a hole. Find it and use a pin for inserting into the hole
  • Then press the unit’s inside button, and the reset process will complete

3. Baby Monitor Keeps Losing Signal

The summer baby monitor continuously receives the parent unit’s signal and runs smoothly. When the baby monitor fails to receive the signal ideally or keeps losing it, it starts shutting off.

The signal band of a digital summer baby monitor is 2.4GHz. When the baby monitor fails to receive this appropriate signal because of interference or any other causes, it turns off.

Signal band interference can happen for various reasons. Such as another digital device that uses the same signal frequency channel and band. Another major cause of interference is radio frequencies.

However, the same frequency band used by mobile phones, stereo speakers, microwave and Wi-Fi routers, and other digital devices causes significant interference.


Contact a professional technician to check whether the dropping signal is the culprit or not. If it is the culprit, then ask the expert to fix it. Again avoid using digital devices which use the same frequency band in your baby monitor’s specific area. 

4. Plugging The Monitor’s Camera Into Defective Outlet

The baby monitor camera allows you to inspect your baby’s movement all the time. Thus it requires a continuous power supply.

Now, if the malfunctioning outlet fails to ensure adequate power supply to the monitor, it will shut off. The causes of the faulty outlet are the following:

  • Tripping circuit breakers
  • Tripped GFCI
  • Worn out, malfunctioning or sparking outlet


Contact an electrician to inspect the power supply outlet. If the worn-out or damaged outlet is the main culprit, you need to replace the outlet. Also, get help from an expert to repair or replace the tripping GFCI or circuit breakers.

5. Triggered Shut Down Mode

If you accidentally triggered the summer baby monitor’s shutdown mode by hitting specific buttons, the monitor screen will turn itself off.

Moreover, activating the shutdown mode also led to the monitor’s low power running issue.


Even if the shutdown mode turns on accidentally, it will cause you much suffering. And your baby monitor will stop producing sound for a specific period. Thus you need to fix it.

Contact a professional technician to solve this issue. Otherwise, you can also figure out the shutdown mode’s unsetting way by reading the manual instructions.


How do I fix my summer baby monitor?

To fix your summer baby monitor, at first turn it on. Then plug it into the AC adapters and ensure that the monitor’s power supply source is working correctly. Next, ensure the synced up of the camera and baby monitor. Re-sync both if required.

Why won’t my Summer baby monitor turn on?

Loose connection between the receiver units and the monitor’s transmitter, defective power supply source or outlet, low battery, and beeping receiver unit hinders the baby monitor’s turn on. Again, disconnection between the power adapter and monitor also creates the turning-on issue.

Where is the reset button on the Summer baby monitor?

The Summer baby monitor’s bottom contains the reset button. If you want to reset it, first connect the baby monitor to the power cord. Then press the reset button and hold it for a while. Hold it as long as the green LED light doesn’t flash.

Why do baby monitors beep?

The loss of connection between the camera and the baby monitor is the main reason for its alarming or beeping. Moreover, the loss of video feed, the baby monitor is the parent unit’s out of range, and the power supply issue also causes the monitor’s beeping.

How long do baby monitor batteries last?

13.5 hours is the expected average life expectancy of an audio monitor’s battery. Whereas for a video baby monitor, the expected life hour is 7. However, your baby monitor’s battery service hours may vary depending on how you use them.


Now you have discovered all the major causes for which the Summer baby monitor screen shuts off. Optimistically you will now fix your monitor’s turn-off issue by yourself if you face such a crisis.

If you fail to solve your monitor’s problem or experience any other trouble except the above, comment to let us know. Our expert technician will soon help you with the solution.

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