Skyrim Performance Monitor Not Working [7+ Easy Solutions] 

The Skyrim performance monitor not working due to background apps conflicting or mods malfunctioning. Other probabilities that can mess with your Skyrim performance are missing/corrupt game files, backdated Skyrim, or outdated GPU card drivers. Outside of all these reasons, Skyrim can also have issues. 

skyrim performance monitor not working

Restart your PC to see if it can resolve the issue. If not, don’t be worried. We’re going to highlight all the probable reasons with detailed solutions that are troublesome for your Skyrim. 

So, follow this know-how guide & see which solution can work out for you. 

Skyrim Performance Monitor Not Working [7+ Easy Solutions]

Before going ahead to the details, let’s take a glance at all probable reasons and suggested solutions. 

It’ll be a good assistance to have a quick idea of the matter, also for the times when you’re in a rush.

Probable Reasons Suggested Solutions 
Minor Device Glitch > Restart your PC & run Skyrim as administrator.
Background apps conflicting > Shut down unnecessary running apps 
Mods malfunctioning > Check for the problematic mode
> Uninstall the new one 
> Use ENB with injector 
Missing/corrupt game files > Verify the integrity of the files 
Backdated Skyrim > Update the latest version of Skyrim
Outdated GPU card drivers > Update the GPU card drivers 
Skyrim issue > Re-install the Skyrim 

Now it’s time to have a detailed discussion. If you’ve any confusion or want to get the detailed process of each probable reason, keep reading thoroughly till the end. 

Note: You can also read how to fix the MSI monitor menu button not working problem.

1. Restart Your PC & Run Skyrim As Administrator

Whenever there are any unwanted issues on your PC or computer, a restart is always an efficient method. 

A restart helps to resolve many technical glitches. Same for the problems like Skyrim performance monitor. 

In the case of Skyrim not working, you should restart your PC and run Skyrim as an administrator at least to see if it can resolve the issue. Who knows you got the luck! 

Step 1: Restart Your PC

  • On your PC, go to select ‘Start’ & then ‘Power Button.’
  • Now select ‘Restart’ to reboot your PC.

Step 2: Run Skyrim As An Administrator

  • From the startup, menu search for the Steam application.
  • Right-click on the Steam icon. Choose ‘Run as administrator.’ Now your desktop will ask for your confirmation. Select ‘Yes’ to run the program in administrator. 
run skyrim as an administrator 

2. Background Apps Conflicting

When your Skyrim performance monitor can’t work on your PC, chances are that the background running apps can conflict with your game letting Skyrim not work trouble-free. 

So, to sort out the issue, you have to shut down all the unnecessary running apps or programs to see whether it’s the reason or not. Check the process out. 


Step 1: Press the Windows logo + R on your keyboard at the same time. The “Run” dialogue box will appear. There type ‘taskmgr’ & select ‘Enter.’ 

type ‘taskmgr’ & select ‘Enter

Step 2: Now from the ‘Process’ tab, right-click on the program that needs to be shut down. Select ‘Enter’ to stop the program from running in the background. 

process’ tab, right-click on the program

Step 3: In the same method, you can close all other running background apps that may conflict creating the issue. 

Note: If you don’t know which app you should shut down, just ‘End task’ those programs that are running in the background. 

You mustn’t end any program that is not familiar to you in case you may shut down some important process unknowingly. 

3. Mods Malfunctioning

For a better gaming experience, gamers install many mods in Skyrim. But instead of enhancing games, some mods start malfunctioning and crashing with Skyrim. Mostly this happens after installing one or more of those mods. 

Same for the incompatible mods. When ENB mode is incompatible with Skyrim, the Skyrim performance can’t work out. 

So, to settle down the issue, sorting out the mods’ conflict is necessary.


  • Actually, it’s hard to find out which mode is creating an issue. So, to find out the crashed mod you can disable one mod and check whether the Skyrim problem is solved or not. 
  • Do the same with every mod, disable and check. At least through this, you can find out if the mods are related to the issue. 
  • Instead of it, you can also disable all the installed mods. 
  • As for the ENB mod, you can use an ENB injector when the wrapping mod can’t function properly on the Skyrim performance monitor.

4. Missing/Corrupt Game File

Whenever there is a missing or corrupt game file Skyrim can’t help you with working out.

If this is the case, you have to verify the integrity of the game file using the built-in tool of Steam. Follow the below process to validate the game file. 


First Launch Steam & select the ‘Library.’ Then search for ‘Skyrim’ and right-click on it. From the pop-up box select ‘Properties.’ Choose ‘Local Files’ and then the ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files.

choose ‘local files’ and then the ‘verify integrity of game files

All done! Now just wait for the validating process to be done. Once the validation is complete select ‘Close.’ Look if Skyrim is working or not. If not, try the other fix that we have described next.

5. Backdated Skyrim

As for the Skyrim busted, backdated Skyrim is a countable enough reason. Backdated games contain many bugs or glitches that can make your Skyrim remain unfunctional. 

So always ensure to keep your Skyrim up to date. Same for this situation. An updated Skyrim may help you by functioning well without any trouble. 

How Do I Update Skyrim

The update process is very easy to do. You just need to follow the steps that we’ve highlighted below. 

  • To update your Skyrim, launch ‘Steam’. 
  • Go to the ‘Library’ tab & then right-click on ‘Skyrim’. Select the ‘Properties’ option, and next choose the ‘Update’ tab. 
  • Select ‘Always Keep This Game Up to Date.’ That’s all for the update process!

Once the update process is done, you’ll be provided with the latest version of Skyrim software on your PC or computer. Hopefully, it’ll also resolve the matter.  

6. Outdated GPU Card Drivers

Times when your Skyrim performance monitor doesn’t function well you can get it into its normal functioning status by updating the device drivers. 

What happens is if there are corrupted drivers, the possibility can’t be negligible that the corrupted drivers make your Skyrim out of function. 

So, time to check for the drivers’ update to eliminate the chance of this probable reason. To do so, follow the how-to guide right below. 

How To Update GPU Card Drivers

Search for the device manager in your search bar and select “Device Manager.” Now expand ‘Display Adapters.’ Right-click on the device which driver should be updated and then select ‘Update Driver. 

search the device manager in your search bar

Choose from the ‘Search Automatically for The Updated Driver.’ Your device will automatically search for the best drivers. 

search automatically for the updated driver

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the task. Once finished, see if the process works out or not. 

Note: You can also update your drivers by using the Driver updater tools like Driver Fix, Drivers Cloud, and Drivers Easy. These tools will help you to update all the drivers without manual updating. 

7. Skyrim Game Issue

The very last possible reason that let Skyrim not work properly is the Skyrim itself. 

When all the above troubleshooting methods failed to work out for you, consider that the Skyrim performance monitor has some sort of issue and you need to uninstall it. 

After the uninstallation, reinstall and set up your Skyrim for hassle-free performance. 

How To Uninstall Skyrim Performance Monitor

From your Control Panel, search for the ‘Uninstall a Program option and select it. Now select the ‘Programs & Feature’ Option. Check for the Skyrim performance monitor, click on it and press ‘uninstall’. Follow the onscreen instruction to uninstall Skyrim. 

uninstall skyrim performance monitor

After uninstalling the program, open the folder where you have downloaded Skyrim and delete everything from the app there. Also, clear the recycle bin. Once done, time to re-download & reinstall the game. 

How To Install The Skyrim Performance Monitor

To install the Skyrim performance monitor on your device, just follow the steps of downloading & installing the program. 

i). Download The Skyrim

Navigate to ‘Nexus mods comm/Skyrim/mods/ 6491’ Open Files, and locate the most recent ‘Main Files’ version. Select the ‘Download Manually’ hyperlink by default.

locate the most recent ‘main files’

Now click on ‘Continue with my download.’ Your PC will download the Skyrim performance monitor to your downloads folder.

ii). Install The Skyrim Performance Monitor

Unpack the contents of the Skyrim performance modeler archive.

skyrim performance modeler archive.

Double-click on slim DX runtime net 2.0. On the user account warning window, select ‘Yes.’ At the main setup window, select the License agreement checkbox, and select ‘Install’. 

select the license agreement checkbox, and select ‘install

Again, you’ll receive a user account control warning window, there select ‘Yes.’ Select ‘Finish’ when slim DX is installed. Double-click the ‘Setup.exe’ that came with the archive. At the main InstallShield wizard window, select ‘Next.’

main InstallShield wizard window, select ‘next

At the ‘Destination Folder’ window, select the ‘Change’ button and install SPM anywhere that you like.

destination folder’

For purposes of keeping the Skyrim utilities together, navigate to Steam> Steamapps> Common> Skyrim. Create a new folder ‘Skyrim performance modeler’ and install SPM here. When you have chosen the destination select ‘Next’ & then select ‘Install.’

chosen the destination select ‘next’ & then select ‘install

If you again find a warning, select ‘Yes’, allow the Skyrim performance monitor to be installed, and then select ‘Finish.’ After installation, a shortcut will automatically be placed on your desktop.

Hopefully, you’ve successfully re-installed the Skyrim performance monitor on your desktop. Now you can enjoy a hassle-free Skyrim program. 


How can you make Skyrim run smoother?

To run your Skyrim smoothly or faster, use the mods that can help with enhancing the Skyrim performance. Also, shut down the apps that are running unnecessarily in the background. 

How do you increase the FPS in Skyrim Legendary Edition?

When you are getting low FPS in Skyrim legendary edition, you can try to reduce the resolutions. Anti-analyzing the resolution will help to make the game smoother and increase the FPS.

Why is the Skyrim FPS so low?

When you use a power saver on your Skyrim or balanced power plans, the FPS can become low on the Skyrim program. To increase the FPS, you should change the power plans and set it to the High-Performance Option.

Wrapping Up

That’s all for the article. In this article, we’ve tried our utmost to cover all the aspects of the Skyrim Performance Monitor not working issue highlighting all the possible solving methods.

Expect that you’ve sorted out the matter successfully following our guide. If you still have any queries or ideas let us know through your comments. We’ll try to get to you ASAP. 

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