Summer Infant Monitor Screen Not Working [5 Easy Solutions]

The summer infant monitor screen not working mainly because of a power source malfunction, the baby monitor’s damaged cables, enabled screen saver options, brightness turned down, and a faulty infant video monitor.

If suddenly your summer infant monitor screen goes black or stops working, be sure that any of the above factors are responsible for it. 

In this troubleshooting guide, we researched and presented the detailed causes of each of the above factors and their easy solutions. So, start going through this guide and learn how to fix your monitor screen’s problems by yourself. 

Summer Infant Monitor Screen Not Working [5 Easy Solutions]

The major reasons which hinder the summer infant monitor screen’s smooth working process and their fixing ways are the following:

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1. Defective Power Source

Incorrectly plugging the power cable into the electrical outlet or a faulty power source is one of the main reasons why your summer baby monitor screen goes black. The defective power source fails to supply enough power to the infant video monitor.

As a result, the display light turns off. However, sometimes the monitor can also fail to receive proper power because of its defect. Improper power supply hinders the monitor’s easy operating process, and its screen stops working.


Check the baby monitor’s power supply source and ensure that its power cable is correctly plugged into the electrical outlet. Ensure that the infant monitor’s display indicator light is on.

Also, check the monitor whether it stops receiving power properly for its own fault or not. If so, replace the faulty monitor.

Ensure that the outlet supplies enough power to your infant monitor and that the monitor’s power input is precisely the same as the power output.

2. Baby Unit’s Damaged Cables

The baby monitor’s screen goes black because of faulty or loose cables. The monitor’s back is connected to the video cable, and if the line goes wrong, the unit’s screen will stop working.

The damaged or loose cable causes the video function’s intermittent disruptions, and the monitor goes black. The most probable reasons behind it are:

  • Malfunctioning cables
  • The video card’s cables plugged into the faulty or wrong port
  • Cable sheath’s degradation
  • Electrical overloading


To fix the above issues, check the video unit’s damaged cables and replace them. Other solutions are:

  • Ensure that the video card’s cable is plugged into the correct outlet
  • Replace the wires with degraded sheath
  • Don’t use different electrical appliances and your baby video monitor in the same outlet to avoid electrical overloading

3. Enabled Screen Saver Option

The enabled screen saver option in the infant monitor is another reason why it stops working. The screen saver option may accidentally enable, and it will stop the infant monitor’s general working process.


Check your infant monitor’s screen saver option while it goes black. Inspect whether this option is enabled or not. If so, then disable the screen saver option.

4. Brightness Turned Down

Your summer baby monitor screen goes black due to the sudden turning down of its brightness.

Accidentally you may increase your screen’s brightness instead of increasing the volume or other settings. Your infant monitor’s brightness can change by pressing the button accidentally.


If suddenly the infant monitor’s screen goes black, you should first check the monitor’s brightness. If it becomes low or turned down, increase it.

To increase the infant monitor’s brightness, press the left button. Then, adjust the brightness by using the up and down volume buttons. 

You can change the parent unit’s brightness from levels 1 to 5. Setting the brightness at level 3 is perfect for operating.

5. Defective Infant Video Monitor

Your summer infant monitor screen may stop working because the infant video monitor itself is defective.

Reportedly overheating or other issues may cause the faulty monitor. The malfunctioning baby monitor subsequently led to a black screen, and the screen stopped working.


The faulty infant video monitor causes a black screen and can cause severe injury and suffering for your baby also. Thus if you find a defective monitor is a culprit, you should replace it ASAP. You should replace it both for fixing this problem and ensuring your baby’s safety.


How do you fix a summer baby monitor?

To fix your summer baby monitor, first, turn it on. Then ensure that the monitor’s AC adapters are perfectly plugged into the outlet. Now check the outlet and ensure it is working perfectly. Next, ensure that both the camera and monitor are synced up properly.

Why does my baby monitor keep going on and off?

Your baby monitor may keep going on and off mainly because of the monitor’s overheating, vent blockage, old monitor, dust accumulation, circuity disruption, and excessive heat failing to escape.

Why does my baby monitor keep going black?

Your summer baby monitor can keep going black because of damaged cables, outdated video card drivers, power management issues, lower brightness levels, etc.

How does the summer baby monitor work?

First, charge up the monitor correctly and place the camera properly in your baby’s room. Now turn on the camera to start working, and then turn your summer infant monitor on. Now the entire set-up includes it perfectly ready to work.

Why won’t my summer infant monitor turn on?

Your summer infant monitor may fail to turn on mainly because of a low battery, wrongly plugged power adapter, low charge in the monitor, plugging the monitor’s adapter in the faulty outlet, and many more reasons.


Now all the major factors are known to you for which your Summer infant monitor screen not working. Hopefully, following the above informative guide, you will now fix your infant monitor screen issues by yourself.

Still, if you face any other problem except the above and need help, don’t hesitate to comment. We will instantly help you with the solution.

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