Toshiba TV Red Light Blinks 5 Times [5 Easy Solutions]

Toshiba TV red light blinks 5 times mainly due to the TV’s internal hardware malfunction, defective power supply, faulty main board, bad power board, and different power events. 

To solve these troubles, you need to replace the malfunctioning internal hardware components in the TV, bad power supply, lousy main board, and defective power board.

toshiba tv red light blinks 5 times

After doing in-depth research, we explained the detailed causes and solutions of each problem mentioned above in this article. So, thoroughly read it, and you will definitely learn what factors are causing the five times red light blinking issue in your Toshiba TV and how to fix it.

Suddenly your Toshiba TV red light starts blinking five times, and it won’t turn on either by using the remote or the TV’s power button. It’s really an annoying dispute.

The blinking red lights are called error codes or fault indications. The major factors that create this red light blinking difficulty in your Toshiba TV and their easy solutions are:

1. Internal Hardware Defects

Any issues with your TV’s internal hardware cause your Toshiba TV to blink red light no picture. Each internal component equally contributes to your TV’s proper functioning.

Thus if any of the internal parts become damaged, your Toshiba TV stops operating, fails to turn on, and starts blinking red lights. The causes of it are:

  • Faulty internal wiring
  • Broken, melted, defective, or burnt-out internal components
  • Physically damaged components
  • Bad internal capacitors
  • Short circuit in TV’s inside creates internal defects


If you experience 5 red lights blinking on your Toshiba TV, you should first reset it. If resetting your TV doesn’t solve the trouble, then ensure that the internal hardware failure is causing it. Then to fix this hitch, do the following:

  • Replace the defective internal wiring, physically damaged and broken, melted, or defective internal components
  • Also, check the capacitors and replace the blown-out or bad capacitors
  • During the electrical short circuit, turn off your TV and make sure your home’s electric line is stable enough

2. Faulty Power Supply

If the Power coming to your Toshiba TV becomes faulty, or the power supply source is bad, then you will experience your Toshiba TV blinking power light. The causes of power supply unit failure are:

  • Burnt out or blown fuse in the power supply board
  • A power surge or high-voltage spikes
  • Electricity frequency variation
  • Direct lighting strokes cause overvoltage
  • Broken MLCC components
  • Damaged FETs and ICS
  • Cracked PCBs


The power supply issue is one of the main culprits for which your Toshiba TV starts blinking red light 5 times.

If you experience this, immediately you need to check your TV’s power supply and fix its troubles by following the ways below:

  • Check your TV power supply board’s blown or burnt-out fuse and replace these
  • During the voltage fluctuations, turn off your TV. Also, ensure that your TV’s electric line is not going through these high-voltage spikes or power surge problems.
  • Avoid over-voltage and keep your TV off during lighting strokes or extreme weather.
  • Replace the broken MLCC components, cracked PCBs, and damaged FETs and ICS

3. Defective Main Board

Continuously flashing your Toshiba TV 5 times means your TV’s main power board is bad. After blinking 5 times, your Toshiba TV screen becomes black or doesn’t turn on due to the faulty main board. The cause of it is:

  • Overheating or using too many appliances and TV in one outlet
  • Worn-out hardware components within the main board
  • Short resistors or capacitors
  • Swollen, warped, or burned areas inboard due to power surge


Check your Toshiba TV’s motherboard and find out whether it is the culprit for the 5 times red light blinking or not. If so, immediately replace your Toshiba TV’s main board. The other fixing ways are:

  • Make sure your TV’s motherboard is not overheating, and avoid using too many electrical appliances in a single electric outlet at a time.
  • Replace the main board’s worn-out, broken, or damaged internal components, short resistor, and capacitors
  • Also, check the power surge issue and replace the swollen, warped, or burned board.

4. Bad Power Board

In your Toshiba TV, the heaviest and largest board is the power board. Any dispute with this board causes your Toshiba fire TV to red light to blink. The main factors that lead to this trouble are:

  • Blown fuse
  • Faulty electrolytic capacitors
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Disconnected or bad power cord
  • Bad or loose cable connection


To check whether your Toshiba TV’s power board is bad or not, first, you need to unplug your TV.

Then, open your TV’s back panel and find out the power board. And following your TV manual, check whether it is working or not. The other easy solutions are:

  • Replace the blown fuse, defective electrolytic capacitors, faulty power cord, and bad cables
  • Ensure your TV’s electricity line is stable and there are no voltage fluctuations in it
  • Tighten your TV’s loose cable connection

5. Power Event

A sudden power event such as a power surge, shock, or prolonged under/over voltage condition affects your Toshiba TV’s general functioning. As a result, you can experience the Toshiba TV flashing light codes. The major reasons behind it are:

  • TV’s Defective wiring
  • Electrical overload
  • Lightning strikes
  • Power restoration after a power black or power surge
  • Outdated electrical systems
  • Extreme weather condition


Power event is a major culprit that destroys your Toshiba TV’s smooth function and causes the red light blinking trouble. To get rid of it, you can follow the solutions below:

  • Check your TV’s wiring system and replace the faulty wiring.
  • Avoid using one outlet for running many appliances and avoid electrical overload.
  • Keep your Toshiba TV off during a lightning strike.
  • After power restoration, take some time to turn on your TV.
  • Turn off the TV or avoid running it in extreme weather conditions. Also, plug out your TV’s cable from the outlet during bad weather conditions.

How To Power Reset Your Toshiba TV

When your Toshiba TV power light blinks 5 times, you need to power reset your TV as a first step to fix it. Follow the steps below for resetting your Toshiba TV.

  • Disconnect your Toshiba TV’s Power or disconnect it from the outlet
  • Press the Power On button on your TV and hold it for 30 seconds
  • Release the On button after 30 seconds (If the push button is not available on your TV and it has a Power On switch, then for 30 seconds, keep the switch on and then release it)
  • Re-connect the TV’s plug to the outlet and gives Power to your Toshiba TV again.
  • Switch your Toshiba TV On and see the result

If resetting your Toshiba TV following the above steps, don’t fix the red light blinking hitch. Then you can follow another power resetting way. Reset your TV in the second method by following the steps below:

  • Unplug your TV’s power cord
  • Wait for at least 60 minutes (1 hour)
  • Press your TV’s power button (Not the remote’s button) and hold it for 60 seconds
  • While plugging back your TV into the outlet, keep holding the power button for another 60 seconds.
  • When re-plugging your Toshiba TV, directly go to the wall outlet, which will help bypass any surge protector or power strips.

Hopefully, after following the above reset process, your TV’s red light blinking problem will be solved. But if the hitch still exists, it means your Toshiba TV is suffering from serious hardware failure.


How do I get my TV out of standby mode?

Press your Toshiba TV’s power button and check the LED indicator whether it is turned off or not. The turned-off LED indicator means your TV is in standby mode. For exiting your TV’s standby mode, once again press its power button and turn it on.

How do you know if your TV is going bad?

Whether your Toshiba TV is going bad or not, you can know it by seeing the lines, bars, dead pixels, flickering lines, and other abnormalities on your TV’s screen. Also, when the TV becomes defective, its sound quality becomes bad, and the screen keeps blinking.

Can I use my phone as a remote for my Toshiba TV?

Yes! You can use your phone as a remote for your Toshiba TV. Using the efficient and reliable Android TV remote control app, you can control your Toshiba TV’s functioning just like a remote. Even using voice commands, you can control this app.

Can I use a universal remote for a Toshiba TV?

Yes! You can control your Toshiba TV using the universal remote control. For all Toshiba TVs, including LED, LCD, 4K, and Smart TV, you can use this universal remote, and it requires no special setup.

Does Toshiba TV have an HDMI port?

Through inputs or an HDMI port, your Toshiba TV enables you to connect cable, DVD, or other multiple external media devices. The HDMI port is located on your Toshiba TV’s rear.


All the major causes are known to you, for which your Toshiba TV red light blinks 5 times. Hopefully, if you experience it, you will detect and resolve the hitches yourself. If you have any other queries on this topic, comment in the comment section and let us know. We will answer ASAP.

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