Vizio TV Won’t Turn On Unless I Unplug It [3 Easy Fixes]

Whenever you ask, “Why my Vizio TV won’t turn on unless I unplug it”, we recommend you check the following factors. Due to one of the following causes, you can face this trouble: 

  • Faulty power supply board.
  • Power cord problem.
  • Electrical outlet malfunction.
vizio tv won't turn on unless i unplug it

When you want your Vizio TV to turn on normally again, you must fix the above troubles. And this guide will surely help you to do that. So sharply read it to learn the reasons and resolving ways.

Vizio TV Won’t Turn On Unless I Unplug It [3 Easy Solutions]

Throughout this article, we will take you through different options. And you will surely get the answer to your question, “Why do I have to unplug my TV to turn it on”. So, let’s start:

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1. Power Supply Board Malfunction

You can experience that frequently your Vizio TV stops turning on. And it turns on only after unplugging and plugging it back. It’s quite frustrating. 

vizio tv power supply board malfunction

However, your TV can act this weird when it fails to get a proper power supply.  So the first culprit to be blamed for this issue is the faulty power supply board in your TV. 

Capacitors, diodes, and transistors are the most common components to fail on a power supply board. Also, this board can get damaged due to power surges, voltage fluctuations, or overheating TV.

How To Fix:

If the power supply board becomes defective, there will be no power continuity within your TV. Therefore start by inspecting the power board first. Individually check its diodes, capacitors, and transistors. 

When any individual component is lousy, replacing that faulty part is enough to fix the board. But when the entire power board is not responding, you must replace it fully. 

2. Power Cord Issues

Your TV is connected to the power source through the power cable. Therefore, any trouble with the power cord hinders the electricity flow in your TV. 

More specifically, a loose or bad power cord causes the power supply interruption in your Vizio TV. A slight loose connection in your TV or outlet end can prevent your TV from turning on. 

power cord issues

Or when this cord itself becomes damaged, it’s obvious that the unit won’t receive any power. Also, the improperly inserted power cable or kinks cable can sometimes interrupt the power supply. Ultimately your Vizio TV won’t come on unless you unplug it.

How To Fix:

Begin with checking the connection or damage in the cable. Inspect the cord connected to both ends, including your TV and electrical outlet. And make sure the cord is properly plugged into the wall outlet. 

Unplug the cable and plug it back to ensure a more secure connection. In case of a loose connection, you must tighten it. But when the cord is damaged, you must replace it and use a new one.

3. Malfunctioning Power Outlet

You have checked and fixed the power supply board and power cable-related issues. But still, your TV is not turning on correctly. And still, you need to unplug it and plug it back in whenever you turn it on.

malfunctioning power outlet

In this case, everything on your TV may be Ok. But the power outlet is lousy, that is why it is not correctly supplying power to your Vizio TV. The power supply problem directly affects your TV performance.

It’s another culprit, and there is no chance to overlook it. The potential causes of wall outlet malfunction are power surges, tripping circuit breakers, overloaded circuits, etc.

How To Fix:

First off, inspect the electrical outlet and ensure there is power in it. To test the outlet, we recommend you plug the power cord of your Vizio TV into a functioning power outlet. 

If your TV starts normally in another outlet, that means the previous one is lousy. So, to solve this trouble, the recommendation is you must replace it.

Install a new power outlet to ensure an ideal electricity supply in your TV. In case you are mechanically inclined, verify all the wire connections within the outlet. 

But to check the wire connections professionally, it’s better to call a certified electrician. After installing a new electrical outlet, we recommend you follow some more preventive options. It will help to prevent further damage to the outlet. Those are:

  • Install a dynamic voltage stabilizer in your home to prevent sudden power surge
  • From time to time, inspect the circuit breaker. Whenever you see the breaker is tripping, immediately take steps to fix it.
  • Avoid using too many electrical appliances on one outlet.

What To Do If Vizio TV Won’t Turn On Even After Unplugging It

You unplug your Vizio TV and plug it back again. After that, you press your TV power button or remote control. But your Vizio TV won’t turn on. So, it’s another new hitch that you can encounter. 

When you face this, the recommendation is don’t panic. Your Vizio TV can often take time to initialize its internal system. So, wait for 10-20 seconds. And then we suggest you try again. Hopefully, your TV will start normally.

What If Everything Fails

When the above-suggested ways don’t work, and your Vizio TV refuses to start unless you unplug it, you must follow another way. 

We recommend you contact the Vizio Support Center for help. In case your Vizio TV still has a warranty, you can file a warranty claim, also.


Is there a reset button on a Vizio TV?

No! There is no reset button on your Vizio TV. But by using the TV power button, you can reset the unit without a remote.

What are the common problems with Vizio TVs?

The common troubles with your Vizio TV are the black screen, blinking screen, non-functioning remote, TV won’t turn on, no audio on TV, horizontal lines on the TV screen, etc.

What do I do if my Vizio TV is unresponsive?

To fix your unresponsive TV, power cycle it. From the back of your Vizio TV, disconnect the power cord. Wait for 3-5 seconds. Then re-plug the cord and turn on your TV.

Wrap Up:

After going through the above article, optimistically, you get the answer to your question, “why my Vizio TV won’t turn on unless I unplug it”. Hopefully, following one of the above solutions, you will fix your Vizio TV hitch.

You can always comment in the comment section if you are still struggling with the same hitch. Soon our expert will reply to you.

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