Westinghouse TV Black Screen [9 Easy Solutions]

Westinghouse TV’s black screen is one of the listed queries of Westinghouse TV users. Due to some reasons such as the degradation of the power supply or the HDMI cable connection mess, users face this upsetting difficulty.

The other reasons can be the wrong input source of the connected devices or it can be the activated sleep mode.

westinghouse tv black screen

There also can be the remote controls problem which is an uncomplicated reason anyway. Failed motherboard and the broken backlight are the last but not the least reasons. 

So, if you are curious to know more about this, just go through the comprehensive article.

Westinghouse TV Black Screen [9 Easy Solutions]

If you are wondering how to fix the black screen on Westinghouse TV, you hit the right webpage. Without going anywhere else, just be with us till the end.  

1. Restart Westinghouse TV

When there is any matter with the electrical devices, restarting is the first solution to every problem. A power reset will drain out all the extra power stored in the TV, and you’ll be free from the issue with such an easy fix, hopefully. 

How To Restart Westinghouse TV

  • Disconnect your TV from the wall outlet and leave it unplugged for about 60 seconds 
  • During this time, press and hold the Power Button of your TV for about 30 seconds. 
  • After a full minute, plug back your TV, and turn it on now. 

2. Malfunction In Power Supply

When you’re facing a Westinghouse Roku TV black screen issue, you can take the insufficient power supply as a culprit behind this.

Due to a damaged power adapter or a surge protector, you may be facing this issue. A dead power cord, short circuit in the power lines, blown-out fuse, or damaged wiring connection can also be the reasons causing this issue.


  • First, ensure your Westinghouse TV is getting enough power to function well.
  • Measure the power voltage using a voltmeter. If there is no 5VDC standby voltage being supplied from the power supply, be sure there is a fault with the power supply.
  • Check if there is any damage to the power lines.
  • Also, ensure that there is no short circuit. 
  • Look through all the wiring connected to your TV. Replace the damaged wiring if you locate any. 
  • Reset the surge protector and replace the fuse if it’s burnt out.

3. HDMI Cable Connection Mess

If there is any kind of mess with the HDMI cord connected to your TV, you face the Westinghouse TV screen dark issue. It’s highly possible that the cord is damaged or the connections are loose for your TV to get stable power.


  • Inspect for damages to the power cord. If there are any, replace the damaged as well as broken bones. 
  • Clean the dust on the power port 
  • For resolving fluctuations in the power supply, a tight cable connection is a must. So make sure that there is no loose wiring connected to your TV.
  • If the problem persists, plug your TV into a different wall outlet directly. See if the issue is solved now. 

4. Wrong Input Source

Sometimes just for incorrect connection of your cables or the external devices to the input source of your TV, you face the Westinghouse Roku TV dark screen issue. Your TV screen remains black as the TV fails to show or recognize inputs.


  • First, check all the input sources of your Westinghouse TV
  • Check if you have connected all the HDMI cables with the correct input ports 
  • Also, check that all the external devices are rightfully connected with the correct inputs. If possible, disconnect all the external devices 
  • If this solves the issue, double-check all the input settings of your Westinghouse TV to prevent further problems regarding this matter.

5. Malfunctioning From The Remote Control

At times there are malfunctions from the remote controls causing Westinghouse dw32h1g1 black screen problem.

Either the batteries are dead, or it is no more able to generate enough power to operate the TV. If the batteries leaked out acid, you have to clean the battery contact.


  • Replace the batteries with new ones if they are dead 
  • Before replacing it, clean the remote terminal with a cotton bud and rubbing alcohol.
  • Dip the cotton bud into the rubbing alcohol and clean the battery contacts also. It will remove the battery acid from the contacts inside the remote, and your battery will work again.

6. Sleep Mode Is Enabled

When the Westinghouse TV turns on but the screen is black, it is very possible that the sleep mode on your TV has been enabled by any chance. 

Sometimes, you enable sleep mode unintentionally on your Westinghouse TV or the TV does it automatically. This feature will turn off the screen when not in use or at a configured time. 


  • Get your surge protector/strip and plug your Westinghouse TV cord with the surge protector 
  • Then turn on your TV with the remote.
  • Now turn off the switch of power surge and turn it on again. Do it like 5 times. You have to do it with an interval of 3-5 seconds 
  • Repeat the steps and this process will override the sleep mode hopefully.

7. Factory Reset On Westinghouse TV

After trying all the troubleshooting methods, if you are still facing the Westinghouse Roku TV screen that keeps going black issue, a factory reset can be an efficient method.

Although it’ll reset all the settings of your Westinghouse TV, the factory reset will be an easy way for your Westinghouse TV black screen fix.

How To Do a Factory Reset On Westinghouse TV

  • Locate a small reset button on your Westinghouse TV
  • You can locate this button either on the right/left side or at the bottom of your TV. It depends on your TV model 
  • Now press the reset button using a ballpen 
  • Hold the button till you see your Westinghouse logo on your TV screen. It’ll take 5-10 seconds. 
  • This process will reset your TV back to factory defaults. 
  • Hopefully, the problem is solved now.

8. Failed Inverter Board Or Backlight

An inverter board usually powers the backlight, and the backlight is the main source of light on your Westinghouse TV. 

Failed inverter board or the backlight is one of the common reasons behind Westinghouse TV’s black screen with the sound issue.

Inverter board failure or broken backlight makes people think their TV monitor is dead, or replacement of the TV is the only option.


  • First, check your Westinghouse TV backlight if it is broken 
  • Use a flashlight to inspect it.
  • Take the flashlight very close to your TV screen and have a close look at the screen. 
  • If you can see an extremely dim picture on the screen, be sure your backlight is broken, and you have to replace it 
  • A dark screen or black screen and a “buzz” noise from the bottom of the screen are common signs of inverter failure.
  • Replace the inverter board with the expert’s assistance.

9. Fried Motherboard

Sometimes you face the Westinghouse TV black screen with no sound issue as the motherboard is damaged or it is burnt out.

Due to some reasons such as static electricity, and power surges, the motherboard fails to work. Once the motherboard is out of work, be sure you have to replace or repair the tv motherboard


  • Disconnect your Westinghouse TV from the power source
  • Open the back panel of your TV by unscrewing it.
  • You can locate the motherboard in the middle on the back of your TV
  • Look for the capacitors if they are swelled up or popped up or slightly bent out. These are the signs of dead capacitors. 
  • De-solder the damaged motherboard and re-solder it with a new one 
  • Now put back everything as it was before 
  • If you find this difficult, you should call for the assistance of the technicians. 


Why is my Westinghouse TV shutting off?

Certain settings may be activated unknowingly, causing this issue. Such as, if the Sleep Mode is on, the TV will shut off between 15 and 90 minutes after you initially turn it on.

How do I adjust the color on my Westinghouse TV?

Open the Menu of your TV. Select Picture and then Advanced option. Select Color Temperature for simple options.

How do I update the software on my Westinghouse TV?

To update the TV software, select Support from the Menu and then select Software Update. Now click Update Now.

Wrapping Up

After this short but efficient discussion, we believe that troubleshooting your Westinghouse TV black screen problem is no more a big issue for you now. We have explored the easiest fixes for you in a very understandable way.

 Nevertheless, if you find any sort of problem, just inform us without any second thought. We’ll try to help you ASAP.

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