Westinghouse TV Remote Not Working [9 Easy Solutions]

Westinghouse TV remote not working is the most common issue that TV users frequently face. The major responsive factors are dead batteries, damaged power buttons, and defective IR sensors. 

Another main reason is a defective remote control pad. Sometimes the TV remote fails to detect the Westinghouse TV and remains inoperative. Resolving the issue is not a hard task as long as you reset your remote or re-sync it with the TV. 

westinghouse tv remote not working

However, if you are wondering why Westinghouse TV remote not working, go through the below comprehensive article to acknowledge every possible reason and to get a better solution. 

Westinghouse TV Remote Not Working [9 Easy Solutions]

When you are facing the mentioned difficulties and looking for how do I get my Westinghouse remote to work back, here you can find every approach to resolve this issue. So just scroll down…

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1. Reset Westinghouse TV Remote

When Westinghouse smart TV remote not working, performing a hard reset on your remote should be your first step.

It is so efficient that it drains out all unresponsive factors from your remote and gets the Westinghouse TV remote functioning again.

How To Reset Westinghouse TV Remote

  • Open the back cover of your Westinghouse TV remote 
  • Remove the batteries from it 
  • Press the Power button of your remote and hold it for 60 seconds immediately after removing the batteries 
  • Now put the batteries back into your remote in the correct direction.
  • Power reset your TV also by unplugging and replugging the power cord. 
  • Try to turn on your TV with the remote now. Hopefully, it’ll work.

2. Faulty Remote Batteries

Sometimes Westinghouse TV remotes quit working due to faulty remote batteries. Either the batteries are dead, or it can’t generate enough power to send the command to the Westinghouse TV anymore. Specks of dust or grime can also be an obstacle to battery functioning.


  • First, inspect the batteries if they are dead. Change the dead batteries with high-quality ones.
  • Before replacing the new batteries, clean the battery terminal properly with a cotton bud. You can use 50% of water and 50% white vinegar solution for cleaning.
  • Insert the batteries correctly to the positive and negative ends.

3. Re-Sync Westinghouse TV Remote

When your Westinghouse smart TV remote doesn’t work, you should re-sync your remote with the TV. Re-syncing the remote with your Westinghouse TV will help you to resolve this issue hopefully.


  • Firstly, turn on the Westinghouse TV 
  • Press the Mute button. Also, press the Select button at the same time.
  • Now wait for 2 blinks while pressing both buttons at a time
  • Enter the code 991, and wait to see 2 blinks.
  • After that, enter 1, and press the Volume Up key. 
  • Press the Channel Up button and point the remote to the TV while pressing the button 
  • Now press the Select option and set the Mode of the TV. 

4. Power Scan The Westinghouse TV Remote

Power scan can effectively assist you while experiencing the Westinghouse TV buttons not working issue.

It is such an efficient method, especially when the few buttons of your Westinghouse TV remote are malfunctioning.


  • Press the Clear TV button 
  • Now, wait for the light blinks on the remote indicator 
  • Click the Red TV Power Button on the remote once the light blinks 
  • Press the Up Arrow key of the remote. Press the key intermittently until your Westinghouse TV shuts off
  • When your TV turns off, click the # key and turn on your TV back 
  • Check if this process works now or not.

5. Inoperative Remote Control Sensor On TV

If the Westinghouse Roku TV remote not working, there can be an issue with the TV sensor instead of the remote.

Sometimes grimes on the TV IR sensor become an obstacle to receiving the IR signal. At times, replacing the sensor remains the only option. 

So, this time, we have to concentrate on checking the remote sensor of the TV. Follow the below instructions:


  • Unplug your Westinghouse TV and open the back panel of it 
  • Locate the motherboard of your TV 
  • Here you will see a small, black, square, or rectangle topped with a shiny black dome IR sensor.
  • Before thinking about buying a new one, wipe down the IR sensor to ensure it’s not grimy.
  • You can use alcohol and a cotton swab for this cleaning purpose 
  • Now see if the IR sensor is working now 
  • If it still not working, de-solder the damaged IR sensor, and re-solder the new one 
  • Call for an expert’s assistance in doing this. 

6. Malfunction of Remote Sensor

The Westinghouse remote sensor produces an IR signal which your Westinghouse TV sensor receives and functions as the remote command. 

Anyhow if the remote sensor can’t be able to produce the infrared signal, you can’t operate your Westinghouse TV normally and face the issue. 


  • Turn off the power of your Westinghouse TV for about 30 seconds 
  • Hold the power button of your remote also for 30 seconds and release it after that
  • Now power back your Westinghouse TV and see if the remote is working now
  • You can also check if the remote is sending an infrared signal by using a camera or mobile phone
  • To check it out, turn on your camera 
  • Point out your remote on the camera screen and press any button on the remote 
  • Now, look for any infrared signal on the camera screen. 
  • If you can’t determine any signal, be sure this is the reason why the remote is no longer functioning.

7. Detection Problem From the Westinghouse TV Remote

If your Westinghouse TV remote not connecting with your TV, it’s highly possible that your remote can’t detect the Westinghouse TV.

When you don’t pair your remote with your TV properly, it can’t operate the TV. The steps mentioned below can easily fix the problem. 


  • Take your Westinghouse TV remote 
  • Aim the remote directly at your TV
  • Now press the Rewind button along with the Fast Forward button
  • As you press both buttons together, it’ll automatically show a message confirming the pairing. 
  • You can also do it by pressing the Mode and the Enter button together for 1 second
  • After that, release the buttons, and this time all the mode buttons of your remote will flash two times
  • This indicates that you are pairing your Westinghouse TV remote with the Westinghouse TV

8. Faulty Remote Control Pad

When you are thinking about how to fix the Westinghouse TV remote, cleaning the control pad can be an effective option. 

Sometimes there are glitches on the remote control pad that lead your remote to malfunction. 


  • Remove the batteries of your remote 
  • Now find the screws that are holding the remote. Unscrew them 
  • Open the remote using a butter knife or another dull tool
  • Disconnect the rubber buttons and wash them with soap and water 
  • Rinse the buttons and the plastic case with water and let it try 
  • Clean the circuit board also with rubbing alcohol 
  • Reassemble the remote and test if it works now. 

9. Signal Interference

When the Westinghouse wireless remote system not working, it is very possible that some unwanted signals are interfering between the remote and the Westinghouse TV sensor.

Signal interference prevents your TV from responding to the remote. This occurs when the RF transmitter devices are nearby or there is too much sunlight inserted into the room.


  • Ensure wireless computers, tablets, and smartphones are not interrupting your remote.
  • Keep the devices away from your TV and your remote 
  • Make sure there is no other thing that can block infrared signals and also prevent too much light from pointing to the TV. 


What remotes work with Westinghouse TV?

AT&T has its brands of universal remotes that go according to the TV provider services. For Westinghouse TV, these remotes use 000, 109, 119, 112

Can I use my android phone as a remote for my Westinghouse TV?

You can use your android phone or tablet as a remote for Westinghouse TV. You just need to have a built-in IR (infrared) Blaster.

How do I find the TV code on my TV?

Open the YouTube app on your TV or the streaming device. Now go to Settings and scroll to the Link With The TV Code. A blue code will show on your tv screen. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up everything, we believe you can surely troubleshoot your Westinghouse TV remote after reading this efficient article.

Nevertheless, if you face any sort of problem while troubleshooting, be quick to inform us through comments. We are looking forward to your reviews.

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