Westinghouse TV Won’t Turn On [9 Easy Solutions]

Westinghouse TV won’t turn on is the most common problem the users face. The root reasons behind this issue include a faulty power supply.

Either there may have been degradation in the electrical lines or may have been a defective power cable and port connection. 

A damaged antenna, defective remote control, incorrect input source, or a fried motherboard also can be the culprit behind this issue.

Whatever the reason is, a quick power reset can resolve the problem for the most part. However, if you are confused about why won’t my Westinghouse TV turn on and about the corresponding solutions, you hit the right webpage. So just keep scrolling to get the comprehensive solution guide. 

Westinghouse TV Won’t Turn On [9 Easy Solutions]

If you are eager to know, how do I fix my Westinghouse TV that won’t turn on, here you can get every single approach. So read thoroughly without missing any.

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1. Perform A Power Reset

Power reset is one of the efficient methods to solve the Westinghouse TV not turning on issue. In most cases, a power reset helps frozen Westinghouse TV to function again and assists the TV to turn on. So, before doing anything else, perform a power reset.

How To Perform Power Reset On Westinghouse TV

  • Disconnect your TV from the power source and wait for about 60 seconds
  • Now press the power button and hold it for 30 seconds
  • After a full 60 seconds, plug your TV back 
  • It should work and your TV will turn on 

2. Glitches In Power Connections

If you are still thinking, why is my Westinghouse TV not turning on, another possible reason can be glitches in power connections.

Damaged or defective power cords or ports and loose cable connections are the common reasons behind this issue. Sometimes the wall outlet is damaged and we fail to identify it.


  • Unplug your TV from the wall outlet and check the cables of your Westinghouse TV. 
  • Check out if there is any damage or burnt out in the cables. Change the defective and old ones.
  • Also, look through the power ports. Clean the dust or debris on the port if there have any.
  • Ensure a tight cable connection. Push the cable into the port as far as it can go after wriggling it. Connect the cable to the port firmly.
  • Plug your TV into a different wall outlet.
  • Also, check out if the power board of your TV is in good condition.

3. Faulty Broadcast Cord Or Antenna

For streaming the desired channel in Westinghouse TV, broadcasting cable or antenna connections is a must.

Incorrect or defective cable or antenna is highly likely to be the reason behind Westinghouse TV won’t show picture issues.


  • Check out the broadcasting cable or antenna, whether it is connected correctly or if there is any damage.
  • If your Westinghouse TV is the old version, the power will go down as soon as it loses the broadcasting connections. Furthermore, if you have smart Westinghouse TV, it will show ‘No Signal’ and remains black.
  • Now you have nothing but to ask for help from the experts.

4. Defective Remote Control

A defective remote control is a highly possible reason behind Westinghouse LD 4655vx won’t turn on the problem. Either the batteries are dead, or the power button of your Westinghouse tv remote not working to turn on your TV.


  • First, take out both batteries of your remote 
  • Hold the power button of your remote for 30 seconds after removing the batteries.
  • Now put the batteries back into your remote and turn on your TV
  • If your TV still doesn’t turn on, consider batteries are dead. Change the batteries with new ones. Also, insert the batteries in the correct direction.
  • You can also use a universal remote to get the TV back working. Just enter the appropriate code of your Westinghouse TV for the remote.

5. Incorrect Input Source

Sometimes streaming devices like DVD players and cable boxes become an obstacle in the way to your TV well-functioning. The problem starts when the TV is set to an incorrect input source.

 So, changing the incorrect input source of your devices can be one solution how to fix a Westinghouse TV that won’t turn on.


  • Turn on your TV
  • Choose the correct input source for your devices 
  • To enable the input source of your TV, press the ‘Source’ button on your remote and select the desired input mode. 
  • You can also do it without a remote. For this, press the ‘Menu’ button on your TV.
  • Navigate to the ‘Source’ option by the ‘Volume’ button 
  • Now select the desired option
  • It is better to disconnect all the external devices connected to your TV. Hope this will solve your problem. 

6. Unmatched Software Version

To keep your Westinghouse TV well-functioning, updated software is a must. But sometimes, even after updating software, TV shows malfunction and won’t turn on. 

There may be a problem with the outdated or unpatched software version. So, if you want to know how to fix a Westinghouse TV with no picture software issue, follow the below steps.


  • First, check out if your TV software is up to date.
  • When you update a new version of the software, make sure it goes with your TV.
  • If your Westinghouse TV is too old, the TV won’t turn on even after updating to the newest version. There may be your TV doesn’t support it. 
  • It can only be solved by the technicians who can log in to your TV and applies the older software version.

7. Factory Reset The Westinghouse TV

If you have tried all the methods mentioned above, but still have no luck, factory reset your TV.

Factory reset will kick out all the glitches that are causing malfunctioning. But you have reset all the settings on your Westinghouse TV after a factory reset.

How To Factory Reset When Westinghouse TV Temporarily Turning On

  • If your TV turns on temporarily after a soft reset, press the ‘Home’ button on your remote
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ option
  • Now select the ‘System’ option and from there, select ‘Advanced System Setting’
  • Choose the ‘Factory Reset’ option and confirm it

How to Factory Reset When Westinghouse TV is Totally Turned Off

  • Locate the small Reset button on your TV. The button can be on the back, left or right side, or on the bottom depending on your model 
  • Take a ballpen and press the button for 10-15 seconds
  • You can release the button when you see the Westinghouse logo on the screen. 

8. Damaged Motherboard

Sometimes Westinghouse TV won’t turn on when the motherboard is damaged or burnt out. The motherboard gets damaged due to several reasons like static electricity, and power surges, motherboard got damaged. Once it is detected damaged, you have to replace it.


  • Unscrew the back panel of your TV 
  • Locate the motherboard in the middle of the Westinghouse TV 
  • Now look for the capacitor’s visible damage to the motherboard like popped up or swelled up or slightly bent out 
  • If there are any damages, resolder the bad capacitors with new ones
  • Now reassemble your TV into reverse order
  • If you find it difficult, call for the expert’s assistance.

9. Backlight Issue

Backlight is an essential element of Westinghouse TV as it is the main source of light for the TV and provides pictures.

If you are wondering why is my Westinghouse TV screen black, highly possible that the backlight of your TV is broken. 


  • First, check if your TV backlight is broken or not 
  • To check out, take a flashlight as an example, a small torchlight 
  • Now, keep the flashlight very close to the screen 
  • Take a close look at the screen and see if there is even any dim picture.
  • If you see an extremely dim picture on the screen, be sure your TV backlight is broken. 
  • Replace the backlight with the help of a technician. 


How do I stop my TV from turning off automatically?

First, check the ECO mode. Also, look through the Sleep Timer Settings and OS updates.

How do I fix my LED TV from flickering?

This problem can simply be solved by turning off your TV and turning it back on. Also, ensure proper power connections to your TV.

What to do when your TV turns on but the screen is blue?

The most common reason of TV screen is blue after turning on, is the source device’s incorrect mode. Ensure cable or satellite set up is turned on and is in active mode.

It’s A Wrap

Hopefully, no more queries about the Westinghouse TV not turning on issue is left behind after reading the whole article. In this complete article, we tried our best to make you understand every single prospectus easily. 

Now you can troubleshoot your TV without any effort. If still there is any problem, please be hurry to inform us through comments.

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